Clarification of teams for 2010

How many teams, what leagues etc.

No of teams to remain as in 2009-2010 i.e. 3 ladies’ and 1 men’s team.  Ladies structure to be a first, second and third team instead of the current first team, Suffolk second team and Cambs second team.


Men – East (as last season)

Ladies 1st – East

Ladies 2nd – Suffolk Division 1 (were Cambs Div 1 last season)

Ladies 3rd – Cambs Division 1 (were Suffolk Div 1 last season)

The reason for swapping the 2nd and 3rd teams is to allow maximum movement of players between the 3 teams, to encourage player progression and ensure that all players can get a game where possible at a appropriate level to their skill. It’s likely to be a difficult season for all three teams, but we believe it’ll be more beneficial in the longer term.