Coaches for 2010-2011

Who will coach which teams, what is expected of the coaches re attendance, buying in coaching time etc.

Chris Evans will coach the men, Colin the ladies 1st team, Chris Evans the ladies 2nd team and Twm the ladies 3rd team.

To make this work changes will also be made to training times, discussed later.

As for expectations for coaches, all teams need a coach not only on Tuesdays, but on Saturdays too. All coaches have agreed to be present on Tuesdays and Saturdays as much as possible. 95% of the time was suggested at the meeting and coaches agreed. In the event of a coach being unable to attend a game, the other coaches will shift up to fill in the gaps (this applies mostly to the ladies). So, if Colin can’t make a game, Chris would take his place and Twm would fill in for Chris. One of the more experienced players or other coaches would fill in for Twm to prevent the 3rd team from losing out too much.