Movement of players between teams/subs

Agreement on how this is expected to work so all players are treated equally

The final decision on who plays, who subs and when, is down to the coaches, BUT they must be consistent and players must be kept well informed at all times.

Captains and coaches must be informed if players are unable to make a training session. Consistent absence from training without a good reason (e.g. work, family commitments, out of town etc are good reasons, “I don’t enjoy training” is not…) will not be tolerated. If the reasons are deemed not good enough by the coaches, that player will either be a sub, or asked to play for a lower team. If the player in question is a starred player, they simply won’t get a game and will eventually be dropped from the team altogether. This may seem harsh, but as mentioned it is going to be a difficult season for all teams, and the club really needs all players to attend training wherever possible.

Coaches and captains will have a quick get together at training (while the final games are being played for example) to discuss team selection for the next match, taking into account absent players.