Local Derby Produces Familiar Outcome

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Ely City 1’s: 6-0 win to Ely

Newmarket ladies 1st team played Ely for the second time this season, and the away leg produced exactly the same score and game play as the first meeting between the two sides.

Within the opening minute of the game Ely stole possession and managed to squeeze a reverse stick shot into goal. Newmarket shocked at this were ready to fight and from the next push back took the ball to the Ely goal but were pinned out of scoring range and the ball trickled out for an opposition free hit.

Ely gaining in confidence and looking to match their previous score against Town. They manoeuvred the ball effortlessly; the next goal being slammed in at the far post. With good channelling in the midfield by Louise Downs and Jenny Richards Town were able to predict their opposition’s game but inevitably gaps were formed leaving Ely free to roam untackled into the Newmarket defending D. They put away a further 3 goals before half time leaving Town with a lot of work to claw any life back into the game.

With a position re-shuffle and renewed spirits provided by their travelling supporters; Town took light of the situation in order to produce a dignified second half performance. Immediately there was a difference in the way Newmarket worked as a team – both wing players of Tracy Cockerill and Zoe Bailey were able to drive the ball and find forward players and it was Town who were looking the stronger and more determined.

Gail McDonnell and Hayley Stoneman developed a good partnership in the centre releasing the ball to Di Thomas who was keen to test the Ely defence. Georgie Kerr also found plenty of space to get the ball on target but unfortunately had to leave the pitch due to injury. With this pause in play the momentum altered slightly and Ely again regained dominance. Sue Bullimore had to look sharp in goal as shots were fired at her from all directions and eventually a ball just crept in making the score 6-0 to Ely.

A ball was released by Jazz Wombwell in defence and then began a final phase of Newmarket possession. It looked like the team were set to score but a consolation goal never came and Newmarket faced another week at the bottom of the table – albeit only by one point and they still have their sights firmly set on their closest rivals.