Ladies Launched Out Of Relagation Zone

Cambridge Nomads 1’s v’s Newmarket Ladies 1’s: 3-0 win to Newmarket

A strong and stunning performance against Cambridge Nomads catapulted the Newmarket Ladies 1st team from the bottom of the table to 8th position out of 12 teams this weekend. Showing outstanding grit and determination the Newmarket ladies outplayed their opposition to seal a much needed 3-0 victory.
Nomads; given the opportunity to open the game, started at a frantic pace and looked to force Newmarket on to the back foot. Realising their opposition’s tactics Town were sharp with their marking and Sue Bullimore was called straight into action and demonstrated exemplary goal keeping – deterring Nomad’s efforts.
Calm play from the back line of Gail McDonnell, Jazz Wombwell and Isabel Hooley meant that the possession battle was beginning to edge Newmarket’s way and with great link ups through Clodie Rolph and Louise Downs Town now had the space to launch counter attacks against Nomads. Claire McDonnell used her driving force to spread the play right to Zoe Bailey; with swift distribution she found Jenny Richards. Meeting her teammate’s pass – Tracy Cockerill fought hard to beat her marker and scrambled a ball goal wards. This caught the keeper flat footed and despite going at a snail’s pace – the ball trickled over the line for Town’s most comical goal of the season so far. With just 10 minutes of the half remaining Town clung on to keep their slim lead.
Keen to fight back –Nomads were ready and waiting for Town to get back into position for the second half of the clash. Hayley Stoneman had an immediate impact for Newmarket and constantly hassled the opposition – forcing errors and giving her side every chance to increase their lead. This was inevitable and after 13 minutes the ball was released centrally to Richard’s; flanked by her fellow forwards who drew the opposition wide she looked unstoppable as she tore up the midfield. With just the keeper left to beat Richards plunged the ball effortlessly home.
Newmarket showed no sign of letting Nomads back into the game from this point and Beth Wombwell came on to strengthen the forward line and used her one touch passing ability to feed devilish balls into the path of goal hungry Newmarket players. Lydia Evans used her pace and vision well on the left wing to seek out Stoneman. Claire McDonnell took on the attack and drilled the ball goal wards. Richards was on hand to deflect into the net, getting her second of the game and scoring for the third match in a row for Town.
Sustained effort meant that Newmarket ended the game in total control. For her domination of the defending goal – Sue Bullimore received Player of the Match.