Six Goal Thriller Gives Town Three Points!

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Lincoln Roses 1’s: 5-1 win to Newmarket.
Facing a Lincoln Roses side who are also struggling to find points this season the Newmarket Ladies 1st team looked to take up the opportunity of earning 3 points; the game did not disappoint as it turned out to be a 6 goal thriller.

From the off Newmarket gained control of the game and spent the majority of the time camped in their opposition’s defending zone. Tracy Cockerill opened the scoring by pouncing on a loose ball in the D; cracking it passed the keeper. Lincoln could offer little in reply and left Newmarket to drift through midfield and take countless chances at goal. Hayley Stoneman and Zoe Bailey found acres of space to drive the ball high up the pitch and Claire McDonnell was next to hit the target after she linked well with Di Thomas; her shot deflected passed the outstretched keeper. On form Cockerill hit home again in the 32nd minute in similar style as her first – she out-witted the keeper on the left post.

Many more chances fell for Town but rushed played meant they were unable to complete final connections of promising moves. Half time allowed the team to calm and re-group and Newmarket again dominated the possession. McDonnell soon got her second from a direct strike at top D from a short corner.

Newmarket switched off momentarily leaving Lincoln free to work their way goal-wards and a sneaky shot hit the backboards as a consolation goal for the visitors.

In Newmarket’s defending half Jazz Wombwell, Gail McDonnell and Clodie Rolph worked well together to manoeuvre any loose balls back up the pitch. Now free flowing again, Town were on song for more goals. An initial boot out from goal by Sue Bullimore gave Newmarket the momentum to drive onto the Lincoln defencive line. Louise Downs broke free from her marker to pass into the D creating a short corner. Jenny Richards found the end of a short corner strike to score for the second week in a row.

Despite gaining 3 points Town still sit bottom of the table due to unexpected results from their closest rivals but they will continue to fight for points in all remaining games.