Six of the best

Newmarket started their thirteenth league game of the season unbeaten at home to Cambridge South, and were determined to keep it that way. With a full squad of 16 players, coach Chris Evans was kept busy on the sidelines managing the rolling substitutions.

The first time these teams met this season Newmarket found that Cambridge South defended deep and protected their D, and this game started in the same fashion. Chris Leggett and Ben Gotfredsen were dominating midfield but all too often Newmarket played the ball through the middle where Cambridge South were strong. On the few times that Cambridge South broke they found Jordan Newnes in solid form at the back.

Newmarket opened the scoring from a penalty corner, William Wilson pushed the ball to the far post, where Josh Dawson’s deflection was blocked by the keeper but Chris Leggett forced the rebound home.

This seemed to relax Newmarket who started to find Ollie Wade and Josh Dawson out wide, who combined well with Mark Pears and Lee Blades up front, Newmarket created countless opportunities and it seemed only a matter of time until Newmarket scored more goals.

Cambridge South however had different ideas, Newmarket’s defence didn’t react quickly enough to a decision and allowed the centre midfielder to beat three men and slot the ball past Chris Warren in goal. Cambridge South were back in the Newmarket D a minute later, when Chris Leggett put in a goal saving tackle, giving away a penalty corner in the process and receiving a stick in the face for his troubles. Play was suspended for a few minutes as he was helped from the pitch, where a doctor from each team patched him up on the sidelines.

Once the game had re-started Newmarket were determined to win for their injured team mate, from another great break Lee Blades fired just over the bar, a few minutes later he swept in from another great cross. The half time whistle went with Newmarket two one ahead.

In the second half Newmarket continued to cause problems for the Cambridge defence, resulting in many penalty corners. The third goal came from a No 4 routine, when Wilson Slipped the ball to Blades who slapped to the far post for Ben Shepperson to deflect in. The fourth goal came from another short corner with the same routine, this time the injector Ollie Wade was on hand to slot the ball home.

The fifth goal soon followed from Lee Blades after a couple of one two’s with William Wilson. The game then became stretched with both teams tiring and giving the ball away all too frequently. Ben Shepperson however still had plenty of running left in him, picking the ball up near half way he played a one two with Mark Pears before scoring the sixth.

 Josh Dawson was able to beat the left back easily, Ben Gotfredsen used the ball intelligently, but man of the match was Jordan Newnes. Next week Newmarket will be away for an 11:30 start against Wisbech. The team will need to make sure they do not squander possession, play the easy pass as soon as possible and use both flanks.

Newmarket goal scorers in order: Chris Leggett, Lee Blades, Ben Shepperson, Ollie Wade, Lee Blades & Ben Shepperson.