The 2’s Rock (and that’s official)

Newmarket Ladies II’s entertained Carlton Park on Saturday in a game that they had to win, a win would mean promotion into the Suffolk Premier League, as the 2 top teams go up and just rewards for a team that has played its heart out all season, a loss would mean that the champagne sitting in the boot of Skipper, Nikki Boyle’s car, was a waste of money.
In their last meeting, Newmarket won 3 – 2 in a very evenly matched game, this game was made even tougher by the fact that if Carlton Park won, they would go up instead of Newmarket.
Newmarket won the toss and elected to push back, any nerves that they showed prior to the start was not evident at all once the match began. From the start, Newmarket applied pressure and played outstanding hockey. With all three Newmarket Ladies Teams playing at home, the sideline was packed with support and it wasn’t long before they had something to cheer about. A short corner was awarded to Newmarket, Beth Wombwell injected and Lydia Evans drove home the opener. For the rest of the 1st half, Newmarket dominated and soon added a 2nd goal, when Angel Fayers, who had an outstanding game, carved through the Carlton defence to win another short corner. Beth injected, Lydia shot and Rebecca Swift, pounced on the rebound. Just before the end of the 1st half, Newmarket were denied a 3rd goal when it was disallowed for an illegal substitution during the taking of a short corner.
The second half saw Newmarket’s forwards tear apart the Carlton defence, with Cassie Ayms and Beth Wombwell netting 2 each with some great passages of play that had the crowd in continuous applause mode. It was however with 10 minutes to go that saw the icing on the cake and the champagne brought to pitch side, Newmarket won a short corner and with Lydia off the pitch, a voice from the crowd (Sue Bullimore, first team goalkeeper) suggested Skipper, Nikki Boyle (centre back) should ” ‘ave a go”. Directions were sent and Nikki found her way into the oppositions half and in prime position at the top of the “D” in preparation for Beth’s injection. The crowd fell silent as Nikki set herself, an excellent injection, an even better stop and a shot that would have made any forward proud, saw Nikki score her first goal for the club in competitive hockey, a goal that topped off a tremendous season for her in her first season as 2nd team captain. A fitting end to a superb season. The cheers echoed around the ground as the final whistle blew and Newmarket Ladies II’s were now officially a Premier League team.
“I am so proud of my girls” said coach Chris Evans, “they have grown from strength to strength and have never let me down and it would be an honour to coach them next season”