Ladies Battle Hard For Three Points

Newmarket Ladies 1st v’s St Ives 2’s: 1-0 win to Newmarket

Newmarket travelled to St Ives for their third league clash of the season.
St Ives were quick to get into stride putting Newmarket on to the back foot. Jess Boyle stood strong in goal with some early shots creeping through to her.
Newmarket were gaining confidence in new position sand began to distribute more evenly allowing Gail McDonnell and Jazz Wombwell opportunity to push forward. Chances were falling for Town, Hayley Stoneman and Claire McDonnell only being denied goals by the agile keeper.
A switch around in positions seemed to settle Town. Angel Fayers worked well on the left, interlinking with Jenny Richards; both driving forward and putting pressure on the defence. The first half remained goalless. Newmarket opening the second were keen to dominate the play and with a mixture of skill and determination Newmarket kept the ball out of their defending half for a good 10 minutes.
A ball found it’s way through via Isabel Hooley to Stoneman. She released to Di Thomas who passed forward to Becca Swift on the wing. Swift dummied the ball leaving it for Claire McDonnell who drove to the line and crossed sweetly to Lucy Brown who met the ball superbly, deflecting the ball into goal. With renewed passion, Town were playing at their strongest but despite this St Ives did not give up and a goal-line save from Zoe Bailey kept Newmarket in front. The play moved from end to end and fitness began to show with all players wilting. Neither side could hit the target and Newmarket came away with a hard fought 3 points.