Ladies 1’s Back To Winning Ways

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Rutland 1’s: 2-1 win to Newmarket
After a two week break of match play Newmarket were apprehensive about facing an on form Rutland side. This certainly showed as Town were on the back foot and failing to find each other. As momentum built, so did their confidence in new positionings. Despite this Rutland scored first from a strong right side maneouver. Again Newmarket had the task of playing catch up as in other recent games. The team showed commendable resilience as they fought right from the defence to the forward line. Finally they were rewarded with an equaliser; Hayley Stoneman drilling a ball along the back line for Di Thomas who shadowed the keeper to flick into the bottom left corner of goal.
The half time whistle left the game on an even keel and Newmarket welcomed the opportunity to re-start the game and looked ultra confident. This continued with the back line looking fearless and the midfielders tracking their players. Stoneman took control in the centre, drove to the D and weaved her way past 3 players to shoot past the stranded keeper. At the other end Jess Boyle had to make some top class saves which earned her Player of the Match. There was a break in Newmarket’s dominance of possession which produced some heart stopping moments but Jazz Wombwell, Isi Hooley, Gail McDonnell and Tania Fisher shred out the defensives duties to stop any shots.
The last play of the game was a short corner to Rutland, they had a clear shot at goal but they did not hit the target and was parried off the back line to end the game.
Newmarket face the same team in the cup competition next week and hope for the same outcome.