League Week 1 Round Up

Peterborough v Newmarket men’s 2’s: 5-4 win to Newmarket
With Newmarket travelling away to Peterborough for their first game of the season, for what is a notoriously difficult fixture, skipper Pete Boyle knew his team would have to be on top form. A delayed start meant that the pre match warm-up was cut short which only added to the tension, but at the first whistle Newmarket came out battling. And this battling spirit led to an early domination of the game, with midfield pairing of Will Hosegood and Adam Gallop making inroads into the Peterborough defence allowing the strike force of Mark Pears and Lee Blades to cause early problems for Peterborough. However, despite the early domination, Peterborough where able to break away and force a penalty flick, which was dispatched despite the best efforts of keeper Jon-Luke Pegram. The goal only served to spur Newmarket on and within a few minutes they had equalised through Will Hosegood, who would go on to score twice in the game.
After this first goal, the flood gates opened and three more followed in quick succession, one from Hosegood, one from Peter Reed and one from Mark Pears from an almost impossible angle. Newmarket went into the break 4-1 up, despite some inconsistent umpiring decisions.
The second half began much as the first ended with Newmarket dominating, with another goal coming shortly after the restart following a mazey run by Reed and slotted home by young James Atkinson. But after a few minutes Peterborough had a resurgence and they scored three quick goals and put the defence of Pete Boyle, Adrian Atkinson, Harry Bell and Will Balding under enormous pressure. Newmarket held fast however, and with another sterling performance from Pegram in goal and a defence shored up by Atkinson and Bell, coupled with some fine performances from Rob Green and Jordan Walker coming off the bench a victory was gained 5-4 to Newmarket at the final whistle. A special mention must be made to Newmarkets travelling umpire, Sue Bullimore, who went straight to Peterborough from playing for Newmarket Ladies, and delivered an assured performance, despite some dreadful abuse by the Peterborough supporters.

Ladies 3s Match report, 5 Oct, Cambridge City 4s, lose 1-0

Newmarket ladies 3s start the season with a bang.

This was a game which City looked to set the pace from the off-set, but found Newmarket were ready for them. The first 2 minutes saw a break-away opportunity for forward Hannah Kelly, which was not converted. Shortly afterwards, City replied with their own break-away which did they just managed to slip past keeper Jade Aktinson.
At this point, play settled down, and by now Newmarket was wise to City’s strategy of playing the ball to the top of the D. Sweeper Lindsey Biebuyck foiled many an attempt as she skilfully tracked and blocked play.
Keeper Jade Atkinson had quite a bit of action, as city made a concerted effort to increase their lead. Equally, Newmarkets back 4 were working very hard.
Newmarket had some lovely joined up play from Hayley Burton, Rachel Allen and Holly Woods. New comers Francesca Dudon and Brooke LeMaire made a great first impression on the team. It was just unfortunate that they missed an opportunity to equalize or put a winner past City.
Megan Rule took home player of the day, for her committed non-stop hard work.
Captain Mel Podd was extremely happy with the teams first outing of the season, as with a few familiar faces missing, and a few new ones to settle in, it was a great start to the season.

Newmarket Ladies 2s v’s Cambridge City Ladies 3’s

The ladies 2’s travelled to Cambridge for their first match of the season on Saturday. The squad saw the return of last season’s captain Zoe Bailey and also Rebecca Swift and Donna Keates. The game was a tough one for Newmarket from the onset with the play mostly in the control of the Cambridge City team, keeping Newmarket goalkeeper Sue Bullimore and the defence very busy! Newmarket defenders Anna Parker, Sam Brooke and captain Sarah Ganiford worked tirelessly but Cambridge got 2 goals past them in the first half, leaving Newmarket trailing going into the second half. When Newmarket forced the play wide in the second half, pulling some of the Cambridge players back, Cambridge didn’t find it so easy but it wasn’t too long before they soon took the majority of the possession again and found the goal. The new recruits Olivia and Anna who have really made their mark showed some great skill and although the final score was 4-0 to Cambridge City in the end after Cambridge found the goal almost before the whistle blew, Newmarket are ready to come back fighting next week in a home game against the Newmarket Ladies 1’s in what should be an good game.