No Points For Newmarket As All Sides Taste Defeat

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Cambridge University Ladies 3’s – 2-1 win to Uni

The Ladies 1’s tasted defeat for the first time this season due to being out paced by Cambridge University in the second half of the match. However this defeat does still leave Newmarket at the top of the league table by 2 points.

The first half Newmarket completely dominated with countless chances at goal and the team looked sharp and set to produce plenty of goals. It took just 5 minutes for Town to get off the mark-Kerry Alderson placing the ball past the keeper on the right side after a beautiful counter attack from the home side.

Newmarket were brimming with confidence – utilising back and round passing and making classy interceptions when needed. They were however unable to get strong shots at goal which is something that would haunt them for the rest of the game.

The University side were fully rejuvenated after half time – it was like someone had turned on the ‘wake up’ switch. They were the ones making clever runs and calling for the ball. Newmarket perhaps starting to lack reaction speed due to their earlier efforts.

Newmarket were struggling to find each other across the field and Cambridge were left un-tracked to goal. The possession battle was being commanded by Cambridge. Town were still working hard but not able to access the D to get promising shots away.

Finally Uni were rewarded for their determination – a quick goal after an interception at the half way mark. Newmarket were shocked into action as they found themselves having to cling on to a point. Looking more spritely Town were working hard once more and creating short corners. Sadly none were to find the back of the net.

Cambridge were in full flow and passing strongly. A short corner took the lead for the away side. A hard push out by the injector saw the top of D player slip right, after a moment for control the ball nestled in the back of goal followed by absolute elation from the Uni side.

Town again regained composure and enjoyed a passage of promising play but they were unable to level the score again, feeling as though they had gifted the University side the 3 points due to early missed chances and lack of fitness in the second half.

Next week Newmarket play St Ives who are also one of their toughest rivals in the league.

Ladies 2’s v’s Cambridge South 1

Saturday 23rd November 2013

Score – 0-7

Newmarket Ladies 2’s played Cambridge South on a first very cold Saturday of the season.  Cambridge South had a very strong team however Newmarket managed to hold them off from scoring until the first short corner.  Newmarket lost this and two more in quick succession to end the first half 3-0 down.  Newmarket again in the 2nd half played very well with very little chances actually reaching the defenders, however a few of basic mistakes allowed Cambridge through and resulted in a final score line of 7-0.