Ladies 1’s & 2’s Get Super Wins Whilst 3’s Foxed By Ely

Cambridge Nomads 0 – Newmarket ladies I. 4

Newmarket piled on the pressure from the word go. Grace Evans varying her runs and being hit with amazingly accurate long balls by her sister. She was able to stop the balls and only narrowly missed screaming one home.  With good expansive play from the whole team and good use of Kerry Alderson on the left and Abbie on the right. It wasn’t long before some fine form for Claire McDonnell led to a well worked first goal. Combining with Beth Wombwell and providing her with a sensational final pass leaving her only the Keeper to beat. The second came as another individual effort from Clare McDonnell. Her text book dribble past Several players and into the corner of the goal leaving the nomads keeper wrong footed. The newmarket defence were tested by an overloading quick break but Zoe Bailey thwarted the attempt in her usual cool fashion. The second half saw Newmarket creating lots of goal scoring opportunities. Lydia Evans was next to score converting a short corner with her familiar booming hit into the left corner. Cambridge Nomads fought hard but superior passing and excellent support play from Gail Mcdonnell and Jazz Wombwell Kept them out of the game. The forth goal was built up by several members of the team and culminated in some excellent support play from Kerry Alderson putting Claire McDonnell in for a second brilliant goal. Claire was called upon to deal with the cambridge sides only threat of the second half making a brilliant diving tackle in the d. Newmarket are looking hungry for promotion and will certainly threaten if they continue to play such expansive hockey. They are at home to Cambridge South on Saturday.


Newmarket Ladies 2’s V Haverhill 2’s

Newmarket ladies 2’s not fielding a full team due to injuries, availability went out to prove a point they deserve to stay in the league and get the three points they needed to help their campaign to stay up after previous games had not always gone their way. Staying with the new formation brought in after the Christmas break and players feeling confident they could get a win started the stronger side putting early pressure on Haverhill who was also in the relegation zone also needing the points. Haverhill defence held to the mighty pressure Newmarket pilled on them only for them to make a break against Newmarket pushing for a goal, A long ball through was picked up by a Haverhill forward who had a one on one with goalie Sue Bullimore who came off her line make a superb sliding tackle to clear the ball onto the attackers foot and get the free hit. This gave Newmarket the chance to rebuild the attack’s from the defence with superb tackling and passing from Tania Fisher who was not having the best games with the umpires but still linked well with Rachel Allen and Mel Podd both brought up from the 3’s as last minute replacements worked the ball well down the right hand side on Haverhill’s weaker side, Donna Keates tirelessly worked in midfield to create more chances for Newmarket’s forwards who didn’t punish Haverhill only the first half to end in a draw.  With a strong positive half time talk Newmarket knew the game was theirs for the taking and they took the lead eight minutes in to the second half with Sam Brooke making a excellent tackle and releasing the ball to Donna Keates who with Olivia Haste made a great passing attack up the wing leaving Olivia Haste in a great position to receive the ball from Donna Keates and Olivia Haste to take a shot a goal only for the keeper to save but Olivia was alert enough to get the rebound and take a super second strike to score Newmarket’s only goal with a goal celebration from the whole team and the growing sideline of supporters showed how much they wanted to win.   Haverhill thought back pilling on the pressure but Newmarket solid back four of Anna Parker, Holly Woods, Sam Brooke and Anna Cole all stood hard and fast and wasn’t going to let Haverhill get their own way and saw of any chances of the opposition scoring.  Newmarket defence took all the punishment Haverhill could throw at them and even after numerous short corners they wasn’t seeing the back of the net.  This gave the defence the chance to release the ball well to the midfield and they pushed for another goal.  Haverhill’s only way out of this was to try and hit the ball up the pitch but Newmarket was up to the challenge and was cutting out all the long passes to Haverhill’s annoyance.   Newmarket ended the game the stronger team and deserved the victory over local rivals Haverhill.  Newmarket Ladies 2’s now more positive will carry this forward to future games knowing they are not roll over team all the oppositions think they are and will fight to end to stay in the league they deserve to be in. Club Chairman Chris Routs said, “Fantastic result, you all dug in deep and worked really well together! Great team effort and you should all be really proud of yourselves! Well done.   Captain Sue Bullimore said, it was a great team effort, everyone played a part in this win and we deserved to win and all the smiles proved at the end of the game proved that.  We have the team spirit and determination to stay in this league. Player of the match went to our youngest member of the squad who played well above her age against a tough team and for her great goal to secure victory.  Tania Fisher got the teddy for exaggerated movement of the ball on free hits much to amusement of the crowd Newmarket Ladies 2’s face Cambridge Uni 3’s away next week but look forward to the tough challenge and trying for more points.

Newmarket Ladies 3’s played Ely 3’s away. Newmarket missing their regular back line were coping well but as Ely took hold of the game and goals started to go in their heads went down. Captain Mel Podd said her side was growing in strength each week and was unlucky not to do better against a unusually strong Ely side.