M1’s Flying the Flag As Points Drought For Other Teams

Newmarket Mens 1’s vs IES 2’s 4-2 win to Newmarket

The team finally all arrived in Ipswich after claims of sat nav’s being more corrupt than an alley in Westminster!

IES have installed a new pitch which was inspiring to the team who arrived with their referendum clear in their minds….. 3 points

The team started brightly like a partisan group putting pressure on the opposition immediately creating half chances and finding gaps In The opposition. There is a saying of lies, damn lies and statistics and those who have been following the 1’s would know that their short corner conversion has been more disappointing then the outcome of the Scottish independence vote 😉

However; hard work pays off and Newmarket pressure turned into a short corner. First one of the game and Will Wilson’s strike left his stick like a dig about expenses from the back bench to smash the back board before the IES keeper had hit the ground.

Newmarket continued to apply the pressure and against the run of play IES put in a cross that took a mean bobble evading Worrall’s stick to find an IES forward unmarked at the back unmarked with the simplest of finishes.

Newmarket are made of stern stuff and after a quick reform continued to play their game and the persistence paid off when Harry Bell converted another short corner with a mean flick that was a blur to all on the pitch.

Newmarket had momentum here and continued to apply the pressure when Mike Skelton skilfully directed a over enthusiastic cross form Matt Holden into the far corner to make it 3-1.

The team continued to move the ball well and up stepped Harry bell for his 2nd and Newmarket’s 4th when another flick from a short corner evaded the IES keeper like an MP evades the tax man.

Half time came and the team discussed on where to improve and more importantly to not lose their direction and work rate.

All the team played well moving the ball and creating space for each other and if not for the IES Gk the team could’ve had another 6 in the 2nd half.

Newmarket were caught out applying the pressure which once again allowed IES another goal against the run of play but the team never looked in trouble and again the 3 points was theirs!

It was another top performance from the team who continue to go from strength to strength all playing as a unit and will need to carry this philosophy on for next week when they face UEA. However; the team were grateful of how well umpired the game was and the spirit the game was played in and wish IES all the best for the season ahead (except the return leg)

DOTD was awarded to Worrall for the scandal he caused in the showers with his disney apparel and MOTM was awarded to Wilson for his party leader performance in the middle and distribution which has been a big factor in the teams performances this season.

Half time 0: 1 Full time 0:1

Newmarket Ladies 3 vs City of Peterborough Ladies 4
The Newmarket Ladies 3s started with a really determined mindset being awarded 3 short corners inside the first 5 minutes.  We managed to keep most of the possession throughout the first half, but sadly the opposition took the lead through a goal that hit the far corner of the backboard.
The second half was a lot of the same with possession heavily coming from Peterborough but they struggled to penetrate the defence for a second time.
Overall the Newmarket ladies 3 played a well fought game and had many chances to score but sadly never found the back of the net.
Teddy – Bronnie King for falling over during the game but miraculously still retaining possession of the ball.
MoM – Rachael Pegg
Team – Claire Spiers (GK), Vicky Benedikz, Rachael Pegg, George Gray, Jane Dryland, Janie Harrington, Bea Jones, Lydia Wilmott, Helen Hansgate, Bronnie King, Hannah Kelly, Hannah Fox and Charlotte Abbersteen.
Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Norwich City Ladies 1’s: 0 – 6 win to Norwich.
The Ladies 1st team checked in for their third defeat in 3 matches last Saturday as they faced Norwich City 1’s who had been demoted from Division 1.
Analyzing their unbeaten opposition – Skipper Faye Andreou reshuffled the formation to a more defensive layout leaving Calli Cannon tirelessly running as a lone striker up front for Town.
Initially this was working for Newmarket and they were able to stunt Norwich’s runs with early tackles and players were working as a unit using small passes to make some headway up field. The away side were getting frustrated at not being able to run through Newmarket and started venting their feelings towards the umpires. Town sadly began to loose their shape and a few substitutions caused uncertainty with who was marking who and Norwich’s determination got them their goal…albeit it was challenged that a foot had kicked the ball over the line, but they claimed this had occurred after the ball had crossed. However the goal stood on the 11th minute and they were able to waltz through the middle of the field scoring from and first time shot, sweep from the left, short corner and close range scramble about every two minutes until the half time whistle, leaving it 5 – 0.
Not wanting a cricket score against them Newmarket spoke frankly at Half Time and again settled into a defensive formation. It certainly made a difference and Newmarket were looking much stronger and played as if the game was still level. Superb work from player of the match Denise Wagner, also Gail Parkins and Cassie Edgar-Ayms meant the ball was moving quickly towards forward players. Newmarket were even able to break on a few occasions. There was a passage of free flowing play for what seemed about 5 minutes where the umpires did not blow a whistle – this is when it could expose the less fit team. Newmarket were surprisingly looking the better of the 2 sides and some good tracking back from Angel Fayers and Di Thomas gave the opportunity for shots at goal.
Their efforts showed zero on the score sheet however and Norwich were again able to hit the target after some positive up front interlinking.
Again Newmarket were left baffled as to the difference in their playing display one half of the match to the next. There were suggestions that their playing was reactional as a-posed to making an early stamp on the game. However this does give hope that they can compete with the tops sides in the league and they need to remedy this issue as soon as possible to get some vital points on the board.
Next week the team face Norwich City 2’s away with a late afternoon push back.