3 Wins 2 Loses For NHC

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v University of East Anglia Ladies 2’s: 4-0 win to UEA
Knowing the match would be fasted paced against the UEA students; Newmarket came prepared with 3 subs to roll on and off but sadly this was not enough to keep up with the visitors. UEA worked incredibly hard and looked impressive as they swung the ball left to right finding plenty of goal scoring opportunities. Jade Atkinson in goal was thankfully kicking at her best and diverted an array of scoring chances. The Newmarket defence too were being pummeled and this was drawing Town very far back and isolating the up field players. Player of the match April Atkinson was the key link for Town as she continually won the ball and provided attacking chances for her team mates.
UEA scored around the 7 minute mark and sadly this opened the flood gates for some hard hitting shots before half time resulting in the score 3-0.
Newmarket were not without opportunity-the second half was a lot more even leaving Captain Faye Andreou to ask why her team cannot find that strength of play from the off. The visitors were only able to score once more in the second half through a short corner and Town had to be slightly satisfied that the score was not higher against a team who sit fourth in the table.
Next week the ladies first team play Framlingham away-opposition that they surely must win points against as they are below them in the league standings.
Newmarket Ladies 3’s v Bourne Deeping Ladies 1’s: 2-1 win to BD.
Saturdays turn out for the 3’s was as impressive as ever and we faced the Bourne Deeping ladies. Judging by their scores, they presented as a tough side to play.
A lack of umpires and an obvious matching kit situation meant that Deeping were to improvise with socks and bibs.

Finally we were off and with Deeping’s scores in mind, we fought our way throughout, giving a very equal game for them. This showed, when Mel Podd managed to score the goal for us early on.

Claire showed her pads again this week and by half time had kept the score at 1-0. Defence saw Janie, Georgia, Ela, Phoebe and Rachael who dealt with short after short after un-thought through clearances by Georgia- redeemed however with a save on the line during one.

Mids were Bronnie, Sophie, Mel, Rachel, Rebecca and Charlotte and forwards were Lydia, Bea and Hannah all of which played an impressive game as always.

Although we conceded 2 goals in the second half, we kept our fight up well and played a strong game.
‘MOM’ went to Ela and ‘Teddy/DOTD’ went to Georgia

Team – Rachael Pegg (C), Claire Spiers, Janie Harrington, Phoebe Peacock, Ela Mackiewicz, Georgia Atherton, Mel Podd, Rachel Hogg, Sophie Bell, Bronnie King, Lydia Wilmott, Bea Jones, Hannah Fox, Charlotte Abbersteen and Rebecca Barnes.
By Georgia Atherton

Newmarket Mens 2’s v Norwich City 5’s: 4-3 win to Newmarket

Newmarket hosted the pride of Norfolk in a game which will live long in the memory. They should have known it would be a day of firsts when Mungo turned up looking like he had bathed recently but that was only the start of things to come. Atkinson outpaced somebody, Andreou smiled and Town played well during the second half.

Peter Reed’s good form earned him a call up to the 1st XI  and with Matt Holden still missing Town were light in midfield. City started much the brighter with everything going their talented ginger centre half. For once it is not the East Leagues social media policy which stops me making perhaps obvious jokes at his expense but instead hard earned respect for an opponent who gave everything in a keenly contested match enjoyed by all.

Town found themselves 3 down within 20 minutes. The first was sloppy, the second unlucky and the 3rd a cracking finish.

At times like this Town turn to Alex Andreou and yet again the aging midfield star dug them out of hole. If he carries on like this the writer will need to invest in a thesaurus as I am running out of superlatives for the man known to his friend as AA.

Andreau decided that enough was enough; City had played long enough and AA wanted his ball back.

With half time approaching Blades smashed his 1st of the season to pull one back before Bailey pulled off a wonderful diving save with his stick when a 4th may well have killed off any hopes of a comeback.  

At half time Drew Wood’s words were almost Churchillian. It was those words which rang in the ears as Town gave everything in a second half in which they were totally dominant. Wood snuffed out the threat of the City half with an excellent display and Hoosegood and Blades began to look like 30 goal a season pairing they are. But it was not Wood, Blades or Hoosegood who got the goals that bagged the points; it was Big John Benedikz. Not known for his eye for goal the big centre back came good when it mattered. Harrington smashed a short corner just wide which BJB deflected home before Andreou found him at the back post to tap home an equaliser.

With their tails up there was only one winner; and Town saved the best till last. Andreou picked the ball up on the right hand side of the 25. The crowd knew what was on the cards.  Their screams and cheers fell away; breath was held all round the ground. He beat one, beat two then a third. Would he? Could he? Of course he could. Finding himself free at the top of the D one final wiggle of those infamous snake hips found him the half yard he needed to send a rocket of a shot in off the angle of post and bar.*

This was an excellent game played in an excellent spirit and another great advert for Division 4.

Man of the Match was BJB for a faultless defensive display as much as his 2 goals. The writer also singles Adrian Atkinson for praise. The Town full back rolled back the years with a master class of attacking full back play to prove he is still the best player in his family.

*poetic license used as I cant actually remember the 4th goal. Sorry