L1’s Unlucky Not To Get Points & L2’s Reach 100 Goals

Norwich City 1’s v Newmarket Ladies 1’s: 4-0 to Norwich.

The Newmarket Ladies 1’s played a tough game against Norwich on Saturday. In the first half, Norwich dominated the pitch by earning three goals. Newmarket’s Kerry Alderson was injured the first half when she blocked a corner shot with her ankle.
​With 0 substitutes on the side line, Newmarket held their own throughout the second half. The Ladies were using smooth passing and great off-ball movement. Newmarket were down in Norwich’s defensive end most of the second half. This caught Norwich off guard causing them to play a panicked defence, earning Newmarket many free hits. Di Thomas, Calli Cannon, Donna Keates and Lydia Evans had many great shots on goal, however Newmarket was unable to score.
Norwich earned their 4th and final goal by the end of the second half, ending the game in a 4-0 Norwich victory.
​Although the score did not reflect it, Newmarket played an outstanding game against a side who have only conceded 1 goal this season. Goalkeeper Jade Atkinson, had many amazing saves. The ladies worked as a team and although exhausted they pushed through to the last second. Player of match: Tania Fisher. DOD: Kerry Alderson.

Newmarket Ladies 2’s 11-0 victory tips goal tally over 100Newmarket opened the game feeling strong and confident, this was shown in the passing between players keeping Huntingdon 2’s on the back foot from the start, it didn’t take long for the team to score the first goal which was from a short corner, Becca Bunning injected to Cassie Ayms who slipped it to Tracy Cockeril which allowed Olivia Haste to be left unmarked on the back post to tap home the first goal within the first 4 minutes.

Great movement and crosses from both Wingers Abbi Pass and Mel Podd allowed a flurry of shots on goal resulting in another short corner where Angel Fayers fired home the ball.

With Newmarket having most of the play Huntingdon tried to break through but Newmarkets defence Becca Bunning, Sarah Ganiford & Holly Woods stayed strong and regained possion allowing the midfield to push forward to start another attack.  More goals from Tracy Cockeril, Cassie Ayms saw the score line 5-0 when a fantastic cross from Hannah Kelly to Mel Podd pulled the Keeper off her line to leave an open goal for Mel Podd to hit it over the goal line.  Seconds before the end of the half time a short corner was awarded to Newmarket, Cassie Ayms slipped the ball to Beth Wombwell who fired the ball into the bottom of the goal which hit the keeps foot but deflected into the top corner of the goal.  A great comeback game for Wombwell saw her as a key link up front.

During half time it was pointed out that Newmarket were on 98 goals this season, the drive for the team to go out and reach the milestone of 100 goals was clearly visible.  It took just a few minutes for the next goal to be scored from some linked play from Cassie Ayms and Tracy Cockeril saw Cockeril tap over a deflection from Ayms.

Tracy Cockeril scored the 100th goal from open play again being on the back post to deflect the ball into the back of the net.  Not happy with 100 goals the team kept pushing for more, a lovely cross into the D from Clodie Rolph saw the keeper put under pressure from Fayers who then passed the ball to Hannah Kelly who tricked the keeper into diving the wrong way allowing her to score.

Huntingdon were determined to have a come back with a breakthrough but Newmarket’s keeper Sue Bullimore who had yet to touch the ball came out with confidence to clear the ball directly to defender Holly Woods who passed up the wing to Mel Podd who drove the ball up the pitch to pass to the Tracy Cockeril who fired the ball into the D for Cassie Ayms to pick it up and smash the ball into the back of the net making the final score line 11-0.

Hannah Kelly was awarded Player of the Match and Tracy Cockeril won Nelly for missing an open goal whilst sitting on the floor.