Week 8 Results – Battling Away Win for Ladies’ 1s

Newmarket Men’s 1s: 2-3 loss vs Norwich City Men’s 3s (Away)
(Holden, Skelton)

This game saw Town’s Men’s 1s play away at Taverham against Norwich city 3rd XI on a day that looked to be raining heavily, but luckily the gods held back and the game was set to be a classic (cough).  The game start with Town on the back with Norwich pushing high the pitch but with good defending from Harrington, Newnes, Jenkins and Wilson, Norwich found it hard to get the clear chances. Newmarket managed to absorb the pressure and playing on the counter attacks through the good work in midfield from Leggett and Smith who moved the ball quickly to Bell and Dawson. The first half progressed with a number opportunities from both teams but it was Newmarket who found the net through some good passing from Smith and Wilson to find Skelton who played a one-two with Holden to slot home the ball. 0-1
At Half time skipper Holden talked about the positive play in which Newmarket won the goal and wanted to see more of the same kind of play. (Oranges at half time sponsored by Skelton Caravans)
The second half started with Newmarket looking the better team and it wasn’t long before Skelton repaid Holden on the top of the ‘D’ who slotted the ball home to the bottom corner. 0-2. Newmarket were very unlucky not to go 3-0 up but failed to capitalise on opportunities from a few Penalty corners and chances in the ‘D’. This was not going to be Newmarket’s day, as like the previous 2 weeks in which fallen short of the points they feel they deserved. Norwich scored through the lapsed in concertation through the team from the front line to the back, which Norwich capitalised on to get themselves off the mark (1-2). City’s second goal was a little un deserve and felt an umpiring decision that change Newmarket’s mentality towards the game and ultimately cause the fall of the team who looked the better for 50 mins before. (2-2) Norwich’s 3rd goal was on a run of play where Newmarket consecration was of the previous goal and Norwich’s high confidence allowed them to score. (3-2)
Newmarket should not beat themselves down as they played some Hockey for the first 50 – 55 mins but will have to learn that when we go down, to never give up and keep head strong.
Next Week’s game is against Pelican 2’s 15:30 at Home, Please feel free to come along and show your support.
MOM: McCourt
DOTD: Wilson

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 0-6 loss vs UEA Men’s 2s (Home)

On a mild but very blustery day, Newmarket’s M2s welcomed the Men’s 2s from the UEA who made the trip from Norwich. No doubt they were glad to get away from the University today as their home ground was in the middle of its own devastating micro climate. Despite several other games going ahead in other parts of Norwich, the University suffered the most dreadful of weather conditions, resembling a Malaysian typhoon that forced the UEA 1s to postpone their game. It’s rumoured that most of the team are studying meteorology and no doubt hope to follow in the footsteps of the great Michael Fish.
And so it was like a scene from Lord of The Rings as the hordes of UEA players arrived at the Leisure Centre. Rampant from their recent 2 match suspension imposed by the Union of Students for “contravention of the union’s equal opportunities policies” and no doubt fresh from their equality and diversity workshops, their little peckers were up and they were ready to rumble. But before the match, both teams observed a minutes silence as a mark of respect for Remembrance Sunday.
From the push back, UEA were dominant. Fitter and stronger in most areas of the pitch, this was to be Newmarkets biggest test of the season and UEA signaled their intent with a shot that hit the post in the first few minutes. But Newmarket did create chances and shortly after, Drew Wood drove the ball into the ‘D’ feeding into Lee ‘Budda’ Blades but his shot went left of goal. Ten minutes in and UEA earned a penalty corner which was well executed but initially blocked by Andy Baker. The resulting loose ball was, however, picked up by a UEA player and slotted home. Newmarket’s keeper Seth Bailey was kept busy and made some great saves but his defence were struggling to deal with the speed and agility of the UEA forwards who were often present in numbers. UEA used their 5 subs (yes that was five subs!) to good effect and soon increased their lead to 2-0. Despite being in a comfortable position, one of the UEA players demonstrated that he needed an anger management workshop on top of his equality and diversity workshop as he struck out at Marc ‘Mungo’ Prentice, but it was missed by the umpires and no action was taken. Mungo was in the thick of it again a few minutes later when in characteristic style, he threw himself in front of a flicked shot at goal and managed to stop the ball with his right cheek. The ensuing ‘claret’ was a sight to behold but the umpires had no choice other than to award a penalty flick that was dispatched while Mungo was patched up thanks to Mel Podd and Trevor Bailey. Given a choice of heading to A&E to get the stitches he needed or going back to the game there was only ever going to be one option for Mungo. UEA continued to apply pressure and their fourth goal was scored from a penalty corner struck from the edge of the ‘D’ but heading wide, it was skillfully deflected with an overhead stick that put the ball into the net. Newmarket did create goal scoring chances, with Budda coming closest to breaking the duck. Jonny Bunker and Drew Wood also created near chances but nothing was going right for them. Goal five was a well worked move from the centre of the park where UEA moved the ball very quickly with a neat exchange of passes taking the ball into the left of the ‘D’ and a well taken reverse stick shot found the net. In the closing minutes Newmarket created a chance when Budda found Drew in the ‘D’ who tried to get a shot off on the fly but it went wide of the target. UEA completed their days work with a sixth goal just before time leaving Newmarket with their biggest loss of the season. Louis Hrebeniak making his first appearance for the M2’s this season was a workhorse in the midfield and earned himself Man of the Match. During the post-match interview with this correspondent, it became clear that Hrebeniak had perhaps also taken a bump to the head as he repeatedly spelled out his name, implying that it had been a problem in another place. (But hey, at least I didn’t get sent off -L) Next week M2’s play away at bottom of the table Pelicans where they will be hoping to pick up some points.

Above: Midfielder Louis Hrebeniak is unsuccessful in his attempts to dribble off into the sunset.

Click here to view photographs of the match by Peter Booth.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 1-0 win vs City of Peterborough Ladies’ 2s (Away)

This Saturday saw Newmarket Ladies 1 away to City of Peterborough 2s. The previous match ran over, giving Newmarket little time to warm up and then when the game did start, later than the expected push back time of 1pm, the heavens opened making for a very wet start.
Newmarket won the first push back and immediately put the pressure on the CoP defence, and with this pressure firmly held, managed to score the first goal within 15 minutes of the game, with Donna Keates tucking it into the far corner of the goal. Despite being in control of the first half, Newmarket could not manage another goal. Peterborough managed a few breaks towards goal, however Claire Spiers was debuting for the 1s and managed to clear away any of the shots they had.
During the second half Peterborough came back hard and fast, getting to Newmarket’s D and earning themselves a short corner. Rebecca Swift, playing centre back, controlled the defensive line of Kerry Alderson, and 1st team debutants Jess Felton-Page and Steph Howard. The first ball from the penalty was lifted and deflected by Swift into the goal but was disallowed as it was too high, meaning Newmarket were able to keep their lead. Claire Spiers had a great game defending the goal and earned herself Man of The Match.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 1-1 draw vs Huntingdon Ladies’ 1s (Home)

With the return of captain Holly Woods and vice-captain/goalkeeper Jess Boyle this week, Newmarket welcomed Huntingdon 1s to the gloomy looking Leisure Centre. With the rain playing tricks on them, Newmarket started the first half with pace and power (everyone had clearly had their weetabix {other brands of cardboard flavour breakfast cereal are available -L} for breakfast!) and looked a completely different team to that which had been seen in previous weeks! With some spectacular play between midfield and defence, the ball was swiftly played up to Grace Evans and Hannah Kelly in the attacking 23 and a short corner was given in Newmarket favour. A quick push in from Kelly to Evans at the top of the D saw Town with a chance at scoring, only for their reward to be another short. Unfortunately Town’s efforts were not rewarded and play soon turned on the defensive. Huntingdon gained the advantage and maneuvered their way in to the Town defence with shots on goal only to be saved by keeper Boyle who was adamant nothing was going in to her goal this week! Great play between the defensive line of skipper Woods, Jasmine Freed, Sarah Ganiford and Phoebe Peacock saw the ball make its way in to midfield again and between Vikki Waspe, Zoe Bailey and Bea Jones saw the ball once again make its way up to awaiting Evans for another attempt at getting it past the Huntingdon keeper. As the half time whistle blew the score was a superb 0-0, shocking not only Town players at how well they were playing, but also shocking the opposition who thought they had come for an easy ride.
With nothing but praise from coach Chris Evans at half time, Town entered the second half knowing that with just that extra little push they could get a goal past the Huntingdon keeper and potentially win the game. Huntingdon fought against the midfield and defensive lines of Town from the whistle and managed to get again a couple of shots on goal with the ball eventually being booted up to the half way line by Boyle. Some great passing between Bailey, Becca Barnes and Clodie Rolph in the midfield saw Evans with another chance at a shot on goal. Slipping it sneakily to Kelly on the far post, and an open goal as the keeper had gone towards Evans, Kelly managed to finally score against Huntingdon… with her foot! Owning up to the mistake, Newmarket turned on to the defensive to stop Huntingdon getting their way up to the Town defending 23. With a short corner awarded to Huntingdon, and only 7 minutes of the game left, Town knew they needed to work hard to stop the ball going in. Unfortunately, the ball managed to sneak through the feet of Boyle and in to the goal. As the final whistle loomed, Town were not going down without a fight! As Evans made her way from the push back into the attacking 23 and a pass to Bailey on the width who sent it to an awaiting Jones just outside the attacking D, Town were eager for a goal to equalise the score. And that is exactly what happened! A quick pass from Jones to top D saw the ball being eagerly hit towards the post for an awaiting Kelly who managed to slot it past the Huntingdon keeper. Final score 1-1.
Man of the Match this week went to Bea Jones for some phenomenal play. DOTD went to Hannah Kelly for a number of different reasons which included writing ‘myself’ on the voting sheet.

Click here to view photographs of the match by Peter Booth.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 1-3 loss vs Cambridge City Ladies’ 5s (Away)    (Benedikz)