Week 11 Results – Goal Glut for NHC

Newmarket Men’s 1s: 7-1 win vs Lowestoft Railway Men’s 1s (Home)
(Smith 2, de Burgh, Harrington, Holden, Skelton, Wilson)

Newmarket’s opposition Lowestoft Railway were 2 places above them in the league this season and had won against both the top two sides, so another hard opposition.

Newmarket were missing a few players and Bell, Worrall and keeper McCourt (Scotland Over-50 international squad training) were unavailable for selection, but despite this skipper Holden was able to bring in GK Seth Bailey & Oscar Kenny from the Newmarket youth system.

Newmarket wanted to get stuck into the game from the off and push the opposition on the back foot, this is what happened for the first 15 mins of the game but without a goal to show. The midfield of Smith and Leggett moving the ball into space for Wilson on the wide position to drive along the back line, he struck a swift ball to Skelton who, with a deflection, placed the ball into the goal. 1-0. The second goal came shortly after some good movement from Dawson who played to Smith in the centre of the pitch, he drove into the D and smashed the ball past Lowestoft’s keeper. 2-0. The half was mainly in the away team’s half and it wasn’t long before Newmarket claimed another goal, this time it came from a Penalty corner won by McTaggart; Town injected out, it was stopped by Skelton, and then Wilson smashed the ball home about 2 inches below the backboard and to the left of the goalkeeper. 3-0. Lowestoft now were to have their five minutes of pressure and managed get a goal from a counter-play. 3-1. Newmarket were a little annoyed and went straight back on the attack, starting with the back line of Harrington, Wilson, Hrebeniak and Jenkins, and playing the ball from left to right and forcing the ball trough to Smith who tapped it past the keeper for his second of the game. 4-1. In the dying minutes Newmarket made use of the 3 extra players on the side and rotated the team with the likes of Kenny and de Burgh coming on to keep the team fresh.

The half time team talk was all about keeping the momentum going and keep playing the way Newmarket had done for 93.22% of the first half. Holden made a couple of changes to the team, keeping the squad fresh and helping to throw the opposition off.

The second half started a little slower than the first but it was Newmarket still having the better of the possession and making the game play to their hands. The midfield trio who now this season started to get a better understanding of each other were controlling the centre of the pitch, while centre-half Jordan Newnes was soon reintroduced following a first half knee injury. Newmarket’s 5th goal was a move involving quick counter-play with Skelton finding Skipper Holden near the back post, who controled awkwardly but still managed to find the net. 5-1. Newmarket were now in the driving seat and looked confident, but were caught with Lowestoft on the attack with a quick shot to the bottom corner, but only to find Bailey sliding to the post and palming the ball safely. Town were still on the rise despite the odd attempt on goal by Lowestoft and soon manged to produce a goal from De Burgh, who slotted home nicely. 6-1. The dying minutes saw Dawson on the right hand side managing to make some good runs into the ‘D’ and win a penalty corner, from which Harrington converted the goal into the bottom right corner. A satisfying 7-1 win to Newmarket.

Newmarket players have shown in the last few weeks that, with faith in their own ability, they can destroy teams. Town have one last game going into Christmas and should be looking for all 3 points against a team who they beat away in the first game of the season. Again, all 14 players this week played well and should feel confident after winning the last 3 games.

Next week Newmarket Men’s 1st XI play Sudbury 2nd XI 15:30 at home, everyone is welcome to come and watch as we are hoping for another win.

DOTD Harrington
MOM Bailey

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 1-3 loss vs I-ES Men’s 4s (Away)

A squad of 14 made the trip East on an overcast day that left little doubt winter had arrived. The last time the M2’s played on a blue pitch in Ipswich, they came away empty handed, singing the Blues. As the team returned to Ipswich, this time to play I-ES 4’s on a blue pitch, the omens were not good. Tracksuits, hoodies, hats and gloves were the order of the day and the pre-match huddle was closer than usual as the players tried to keep out the cold while waiting for one of the umpires. And waiting, and waiting…….. Time moves a little slower in Ipswich, but once he arrived he certainly made his mark on the game.
By push back, the whole Newmarket team seemed to be in the midst of a cryogenics experiment; deep frozen and rooted to the pitch. The first signs of life came when a loud thud was heard and the M2’s looked at each other, confused and dazed as IES celebrated what may have been their fastest goal of the season. Now 1:0 down in the first minute, the team sprang into life and started to play, although it soon became apparent that a club the size of IES were able to field players from a higher level. Newmarket worked hard and created chances but struggled to make an impact on the game. Some questionable umpiring decisions lead to plenty of friction between the teams. A few green cards could have dealt with that, but they chose not to fully control the game which made for a less than enjoyable afternoon. Mid-way through the first half, IES earned themselves a penalty corner which was valiantly defended and for the second time this season, Marc ‘Mungo’ Prentice took a ball to the face. Fortunately, his injury was less severe and he was able to continue without medical attention, but face masks may be a sensible investment. The resultant penalty flick was converted but keeper Seth Bailey, who had a good game throughout, managed to get a good glove on it but not quite enough to keep the ball out. Newmarket were reduced to 10 men as Adrian Atkinson was awarded a 10 minute yellow card after an altercation with the umpire and this later resulted in him receiving DotD. The whole team were frustrated and this impacted their game although there were flashes of inspiration. One of these came as the first half neared completion when Mark ‘Arsenal’ Pears smashed the ball into the ‘D’ from the 23m, looking for Lee ‘Budda’ Blades. The ball was deflected from a defenders stick and crept under the keeper finally finding its way to Budda for a simple tap in. Newmarket were 2:1 down at half time and it was anyone’s game.
The second half continued in a similar vein as the first, the umpires having too much impact and Newmarket not playing the hockey they are capable of. Youngsters Rory Podd and Ollie Trent continue to develop as they get more pitch time. Seth Bailey thwarted the IES attack on several occasions but they scored a third goal to secure the points from this fractious game, sending Newmarket home empty handed and again, singing the blues.
MotM was Mungo who played solidly and again put everything on the line for the team.
Next week M2’s travel to Harleston Magpies where they will be hoping to collect a further 3 points to add to their home win on the seasons opener.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 3-3 draw vs Pelicans Ladies’ 1s (Home)
(G. Evans, McDonnell, Stoneman)

Newmarket Ladies 1s played at home with a push back time of 2pm, playing against Pelicans. In the first 10 minutes Newmarket played strongly, but by the 15th minute, Pelicans scored the first goal of the game. Newmarket managed to fight back and scored not too long after, making it 1-1 by half-time.

The second half went Newmarket’s way and they scored two more goals, sending them 3–1 up. Pelicans played strongly too, their heads didn’t go down and by full time managed to score two goals, making the final score 3–3.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 1-0 win vs Spalding Ladies’ 3s (Home)

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 2-0 win vs Ely City Ladies’ 3s (Away)
(Atherton, Dryland)

On a rather cold and wintery morning, Newmarket Ladies 3s made their way to Ely hoping to secure a vital 3 points.
Having been put through their paces at recent training sessions by coach Colin Seakins, the yellow and blue machine started strong and pressed Ely into their own half, a trend that ensued for most of the game. It was great to see some of the younger players, Abbie and Jess Farrow, Rachel Hogg, Emily Fairweather, Sophie Bell and Charlotte Abbersteen really shine and show-off their developing skills, linking up nicely with playmakers PoM Helen Hansgate, Sam Brooke, Janie Harrington and Captain Rachael Pegg through the middle.
Jane Dryland secured Newmarket’s opening goal, giving them a 1-0 lead midway through the first half, with Georgia Atherton capitalising on a rebound shortly into the second half to secure Newmarket’s 2-0 victory. Newmarket played with confidence and conviction, so much so that keeper Claire Spiers’ pads remained untouched and not-needed for the majority of the match. With 7 players up for PoM, it just goes to show the strength that is developing into a relatively young 3’s squad and the ever-prominent team spirit carrying them through to gain a convincing 3 points.

Above: Georgia Atherton expresses her disbelief at a shot passing clean through the opposition’s goal net.

Click here to view photographs of the match by Michael Bennett.