Week 19 Results – Comeback for Men’s 2s as M1 Impress on Sunday


Men’s 1s: 2-2 draw vs Bury St Edmunds 2 (Home)
(Blades, Green)

Newmarket Men’s 1s battled to a 2-2 draw at home to Bury St Edmunds 2s on Saturday. Often a fiery affair, this derby clash did not disappoint as Town went behind early before clawing back level through Lee Blades to send both teams into the break at 1-1.

It was the home side that struck first come the second period, a swift and devastating counter attack following a short corner clinically dispatched by the excellent Rob Green. However, Bury bit back with not long to go, as a probing attack down the Newmarket left was bundled home, ensuring both teams went home with a point apiece.

Men’s 2s: 3-2 win vs UEA 3 (Away)
(Wood 2, Harrington)

Champions are hailed in the spotlight of a final act of triumph. But champions are fashioned far from the spotlight’s gaze, when no one is watching, and players have none but themselves to turn to.
When the story, nay legend, of this season (this club) is told, this game, fought in a corner of Norwich, in the cold and the wet, will whisper triumph like few others.
0-2 down at half time, and Newmarket faced a 2nd half against a student team full of youthful energy and pace; but lion hearts, oh lion hearts – hungry hearts and composed to boot.
And do not underestimate the impact of this win. Watton – smashing all before them – come to Newmarket next weekend, and they will now know that no matter the result, top of the table remains in Newmarket’s hands.
And so remember these names, for they are the true champions, the men where the rest are boys, the lions who stood when the chips were down (and no ketchup), and if champions is to be the cry, it is they who will the greatest credit claim: Wood, Baker, Harrington, Trent, Atkinson (Ben), Atkinson (James GK), Prentice, Podd, Landshoff, Frost, Sargeant, and Atkinson (Grey Beard)
UEA 2 – Newmarket 3 (Wood 2, Harrington 1); and hear the whispers…. this bunch could win the league.
M2s march on.

Men’s 3s: 0-7 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 5 (Away)

Ladies’ 1s: 2-2 draw vs Wisbech Town 1 (Home)
(Andreou, McDonnell)

Ladies’ 2s: 1-2 loss vs Cambridge South 2 (Home)
(L. Evans)

Ladies’ 3s: 1-1 draw vs St Neots 4 (Away)

Ladies’ 4s: 0-4 loss vs Cambridge South 4 (Home)


Men’s 1s: 3-0 win vs Norwich City 3 (Home)
(Green, Skelton, Wilson)

Ladies’ 3s: 6-2 win vs Newmarket 4 (Home)
(Excell 3, Hansgate, Atkinson, Kelly)

Ladies’ 4s: 2-6 loss vs Newmarket 3 (Away)
(Benedikz, Jones)