Youthful L3’s Notch Up 3rd Win!

Score: 2-0 

Half Time: 1-0 

Goal Scorers: Jazz Westley and Emily Graves 

3 games 3 wins, 9 points, top of the league. 

A very youthful team took on Ely at for a 10.30 pushback. With a front line of Natalie Rice, Jazz Westley and Emily Graves attacking from the pushback Ely spent much of their time defending their circle. With the midfield of Maisy Swann, Emily Sargeant, Olivia Clarke and Murron McCulloch helping pick the ball back up and chasing down any rogue balls that came their way.  

Newmarket had lots of attacks and Ely main defensive tactic was to hit the ball hard attempting to release their attackers. The back line of Amy Bradford (GK), Jane Dryland, Jo Graham- Thompson and Vicky Benedikz (C) ensuring Ely’s attackers had to work hard to retain the ball. Ely had chances but Bradford and her defence were more than a match.  

The first goal came two minutes before half time, when Westley reacted fastest to a rebound, she angled her shot and was rewarded as the ball flew into bottom corner of the goal.  

At half time we discussed switching the play from centre, going around key players as a team and not hitting the ball straight at the GK.  

From the start the team attacked together trying to link up, switch the play, attack first time and there were lots of opportunities to shoot at the GK.  

The second goal came from a strike that was deflected at the left post into the goal – great positioning from Graves.  

As captain I am very heartened by the very spirited and attacking nature of the game played and things we need to work on will come with more practice.  

Man of the Match was hard to decide who to give it to so it was given to Bradford for covering our back line and keeping active.  

Next week we take on Haverhill L2 at home.