I hope this finds you and all your loved ones safe and well in what for many are very difficult times.

It is a real shame that I find myself writing to you a matter of weeks after we have entered yet another lockdown, which has resulted in all club hockey being suspended. 

We currently have very little information with regards to what the likely implications are for the remainder of the league season, suffice to say that it would seem highly unlikely that we will get an opportunity to play much hockey between now and the end.

We will of course cling on to the hope that if, and when the lockdown lifts at some point in early March that we might be allowed back to play at least some hockey but that does feel very optimistic.

With this prospect in mind, I appreciate that some of you may be wondering what the club’s intentions are in respect of membership fees for this season and whether there is any thought to refund or roll over fees paid.  The committee have agreed that we will review the situation once we understand what the final implications are for this current season.  We will look to consult with as many of you as possible to gauge your thoughts as to the most appropriate course of action and subsequently put forward a proposal by the end of March.

If you have specific concerns or views on this, please do contact your Rep or captain to raise them.

In the meantime, can I ask that if you have any outstanding payments owing to the club that you settle these as soon as possible, we will shortly be reminding those that do.

As soon as we have any information regarding a possible return to hockey and what form it may take, we will of course be in touch.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and try and stay or get fit!!

Peter Sargeant