Summer League Hockey


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your summer hockey coordinators have been working hard over the past 24 hours and can officially announce that teams have been drawn up and selected for the 2021 Newmarket HC Summer Hockey League. The teams have been carefully put together to ensure fairness amongst each team with a mixture of skills and capability. The teams are as follows:

Simon DonaldMatt HoldenJames AtkinsonJordan NewnesOllie WadeAlex/Faye Andreou
Tim SaleChris/Stef HeslopAdrian AtkinsonPeter TerrettMatt LewisAlex Clarke
Simon HirstPeter SargeantJohn/Vicky BenedikzToby GouldSam GeorgeSimon Everitt
Ollie BrownAlex AitkenDavid ChuaPete BoyleHugh GriffithsPeter Hammer
Ellie ChapmanLucie SwannSarah McGowanTania FisherTim WatersonChris Hammer
Dani Kilsby-SteeleMolly BrownCharlotte ReddenJersey BennettLydia EvansGeorgia Atherton
Jess BoyleLivvy ClarkeJane DrylandLaura GearyEmily SargeantBecca Alexander
Izzy LangleySue RowePeggy ClaydonMaisy SwannLou MilnerNatalie Rice
Jess LoganHannah Kelly (July Only)Murron McCullochSandra CoppingBecca BarnesGrace Evans
 Ollie Trent  Kane Astin 

Now for the all-important part… The Rules!

  • Please turn up at 7:00 ready to start at 7:15.
  • Matches will be 20 minutes one way with each team playing twice in an evening. We will be playing 5 weeks of “fixtures” with the last week made up of “play-offs” so each team will play each other twice during the course of summer league.
  • Teams will be 7-a-side with a MINIMUM of THREE ladies on the pitch at any one time.
  • If you are short of a player at any given time, this player MUST be replaced with another player from the same team (for example, a mens 1’s player can only be replaced with another mens 1’s player, ladies 1’s replaced with another ladies 1’s player etc.). We have nothing against players helping teams out (we are one club after all) but this is to ensure that every team remains fair each week and that there is no overloading of strong players on a single team.
  • WE DO NOT HAVE GOALKEEPERS! This means that there will be no direct strikes on goal allowed and no short corners. This is to ensure the safety of all players. Any goals scored from hard hits will unfortunately be disallowed and a 16-yard hit will be awarded to the defending team. Any infringements within the SMALL BLUE CIRCLE will have a long corner awarded, which will be taken just outside the larger blue circle. Goals will only be awarded if the ball was touched within the smaller of the two blue circles.
  • Without trying to sound like a broken record, the safety of players is paramount! We have some young players coming up, some new members giving hockey a go for the first time and some players who are not necessarily that confident in playing mixed hockey. Umpires will not be afraid to send people off the pitch for 2 minutes should they feel the safety of all players on the pitch is compromised. Persistent compromising will result in that player being asked to leave the pitch for the remainder of the evening. 
  • UMPIRES – anyone who wants to give umpiring a go, this is your chance! Each team will need to supply one umpire when they are not playing. Details of which team is required to umpire will be released by Simon Donald on the day when the fixtures are announced. If you do not feel comfortable umpiring alone, we do have plenty of skilled and qualified umpires who can stand along side you to give you support! 😊 you will also be supplied with your very own whistle! (oooh fancy). Please respect your umpires and do not give them an ear bashing if a decision doesn’t go your way – at least they stood up and volunteered to give it a go!

 We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 😊

Jess and Simon.