The Club opposes all forms of discrimination and will actively encourage, promote and develop hockey amongst all sections of the community it serves. The Club undertakes to ensure that 2Sports Equity (i.e. fairness) is practised. This includes providing opportunities for young people, black and ethnic groups, women and people with disabilities at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations.

The Club’s colours are yellow & blue shirts (white shirts if kit is similar to the host team’s), navy blue shorts/skirts, yellow socks.

The Club will comply to the rules of their Association and will be affiliated to the Cambridgeshire Hockey Association and Cambridgeshire Women’s Hockey Association.

Club management will be entrusted to the General Committee consisting of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Men’s Rep , Ladies Rep, Junior Coordinator, Membership officer, Volunteer Coordinator and Development Coordinator.

The General Committee will have the power to conduct all club business other than those mentioned in these Rules, and will establish such committees or sub-committees as it sees fit, co-opting members and/or advisers to ensure the Club’s growth and prosperity.

The date of the Annual General Meeting will be held between 1st May and 31st July in each year. The Committee shall determine the agenda of this meeting, including what officers are required on the Committee for the following year. Written notice of the meeting and the agenda will be delivered to members 10 days before the meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of 7 members. Written notice of the meeting, and the agenda will be delivered to members 10 days before the meeting.

A member is a person who has paid their subscription. Annual subscriptions shall become due on 31st August in each year.

Members will be able to vote at General Meetings, to play hockey with the benefits of club insurance, and to participate in all club activities.

The Committee have authority to fix subscriptions and match fees, and to make rules for the proper running of the Club. The Committee may discipline members as it thinks fit. (See Code of Conduct)

The quorum for a Committee Meeting will be 5 and for a General Meeting shall be 11. The Chairperson of any meeting will have a casting vote only.

Appended to these rules (which are taken from the Constitution) shall be:

  • A list of Life Honorary Members (LHM)
  • The Rules of the Club
  • The rate of subscriptions and match fees


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England Hockey Documents

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Code of Ethics & Behaviour Documents

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Code of Conduct

It is a requirement of Newmarket Hockey Club that all members are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining the good name of the Club.

Club Members are required to:

  • not bring the good name of the Club into disrepute;
  • adhere to Hockey Association and League rules;
  • observe discipline and acceptance of umpires decisions on the field of play;
  • apologise to the umpire after the game for any dissent or carded offence;
  • pay monies owed to the Club by the date due.

Club Captains are required to:

  • maintain the discipline and good behaviour of team members;
  • report both verbally and in writing to the Club Chairman within 48 hours any significant disciplinary offence that has occurred. This to include: red cards; significant yellow card offences; any significant offence not reported by the umpires; indiscipline off the field of play.

The Club Chairman will refer any report of indiscipline to a Disciplinary Committee set up by the General Committee. The Disciplinary Committee will decide on any disciplinary action required and this will be communicated by the Club Chairman to the player(s) involved. The player has a right of appeal to the General Committee.

The Code of Conduct forms part of the Club Rules.

Pitch Side Conduct

It is the responsibility of the the Club to ensure that good manners and courtesy prevail towards the opposition, umpires and other officials before, during and after the game.

Once the pitch is available, the home Captain shall assume authority for the pitch and its surrounding area.

Clubs are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover and that they are aware of local health and safety legislation regarding the pitch and their facilities.

Captains and Umpires should:

  • Agree the location of managers, coaches, substitutes and suspended players during their suspension and from where substitutions will take place.
  • Satisfy themselves as to the quality and safety of the pitch and its facilities and ensure that other pitch side furniture is removed to the safest location.
  • Check the availability and location of an emergency telephone and first aid.
  • Agree with the home team officials the location and allowed proximity of spectators.
  • Substitutes should warm up in clothing in a colour other than the participating teams in the agreed area of the pitch side.
  • Coaches and managers must remain in their designated area.
  • Vocal communication by team officials and players on the bench must not, in any way, be directed at the umpires or players of the opposing team.
  • Players not taking part in the game, or those in subsequent or previous marches, must not knock up or cool down on or near the pitch whilst the match is in progress.
  • Post match inquests should be held away from the pitch.
  • Spectators should be advised, if necessary, of matters relating to their conduct and particularly in so far as this affects the game in hand.
  • Small children should not be allowed to wander freely around the perimeter of the pitch whilst games are in progress. Children should remain under the control of the parent / guardian at all times.
  • Babies in push chairs should not be left parked on the side of the pitch.
  • Captains, coaches and managers should be responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their players at all times.

Contravention of the Guidance Notes of Pitch Side Conduct should be included in any report. Umpires should advise County / League Officials of any abuse of these Guidance Notes.