Week 4 Results – Men’s 1s Stun Ipswich as Ladies Outclass Spalding

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 3-2 win vs Ipswich 2 (Home)
(Skelton 2, Shepperson)

Newmarket inflicted Ipswich’s first defeat of the season as they moved up to third in the table, and within three points off the top, with a scintillating 3-2 victory on Saturday.
Newmarket looked very confident in the opening 15 minutes, exchange some simple but effective passes, rolling back the years to the famous Revolution. They continued to harass and hound the Ipswich defence and they got their rewards shortly after as Michael Skelton reverse hit from short distance to put the hosts in front. The home side utilised both full backs Louis Hrebeniak and Darren Jenkins well, opening up spaces and finding the wingers with ease. They were pressing for a second goal but it was proving difficult to find another breakthrough.
Darren Jenkins unfortunately got himself green carded for a silly stick tackle and for arguing the decision with the Umpire. Ipswich managed to capitalise with the extra man and squeezed an equaliser past Martin McCourt, who for large parts of the game had been a spectator, by forcing themselves past the midfielders and through to the top of the D, unmarked, and striking powerfully into the roof of the net.
Newmarket started the second period intent on not letting an Ipswich side, who were yet to loose a game in Division 3NE, back into the contest. Matthew Holden ensured the opposition goalkeeper was alert by hitting a rasping shot just wide, but the visitors remained a threat also and saw an effort hit the side netting. Stand-in centre back William Wilson found man of the match Hrebeniak on the wing, who drove the ball just outside the D and found Skelton with pinpoint accuracy to deflect the ball into left hand corner. 2-1 to the home side.
The defence looked well organised, with Wilson and Jordan Newnes spreading the ball confidently to midfielders Josh Dawson, Chris Leggett and forwards James Atkinson, Ben Shepperson and Holden. However, on the rare occasion, they were breached once more as a mistimed tackle allowed an Ipswich striker to slot home and level for a second time.
With minutes left on the clock, Newmarket got the short corner they needed to put the game to bed. Mr Happy – Chris Leggett pushed the ball out to striker Shepperson, who brilliantly drag flicked the ball into the bottom right hand corner to seal all three points for the hosts.
Next week sees Newmarket travel to Kings Lynn for a 1pm push back, looking to tighten the gap for top spot in the league.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-3 loss vs Felixstowe 2 (Away)
(Pears 2)

This week NHC Men’s 2s ventured to face Felixstowe HC Men’s 2s side who have just been relegated from the division above and are currently sitting at the top of the DIV4 NE table. In the pre-match team talk Captain Drew Wood mentioned to the faithful 10 before him how they were an unbeaten side with multiple goals to their name, with only a couple being scored against them. Un-phased by this information Newmarket started the game pushing out hard against the opposition; Simon Harrington however found the time to fondle with his crystal ball and make sure that his predictions for the game were staying true. When Harrington received the ball with which the game was being played he lifted it into the air, letting it soar over the heads of the amazed opposition straight onto the receiving end of the one and only Mark ‘Arsenal’ Pears’ stick. With a relaxed dribble into Felixstowe’s area he let fly a casual strike which was placed with such carefree precision into the top left corner of the goal that it left the opposition’s keeper in a state of bewilderment and disbelief as the score went to 1-0 for Newmarket within the first 5 minutes.  As Newmarket reset themselves for the game to restart a smug grin was found to appear on Harrington’s face for his predictions had come true, perhaps he would predict himself chips for tea tonight.  After the incredible first goal from Arsenal, Felixstowe retaliated making a break into Newmarket’s half only to face a triple threat of Newmarket’s heavyweight defenders consisting of the infamous Andrew Baker, Adrian Atkinson and Harrington along with the new addition of Matt Smith forming a backline that greeted Felixstowe’s attacks with aura similar to that of an aggressive brick wall. The first half of the game consisted of some of the best hockey that the Men’s 2s had played all season, owning the phrase “the best form of offense is a good defence” and Newmarket’s defence was the piece de resistance of defence backlines, only occasionally exhibiting the skills of their goalkeeper. With great balls being played through to Simon Donald from behind, he found his key place in the midfield, creating space and forwarding balls through to Ollie Trent and Jonny ‘Smokey’ Bunker who made some impressive runs down the right channel. Donald, although not new to Newmarket hockey club, was making a return after a long time at another less important club and gained himself man of the match for his work in the middle of the pitch. Newmarket’s great team work and sportsmanship started to irritate the opposition and attacks became more frequent but yielding few results. Felixstowe eventually claimed their first attacking short corner which required a second attempt before a ball was finally scrapped into the top corner of Newmarket’s goal bringing the score to 1-1 close to the end of the first half. The last couple of minutes of the first half remained 50/50 in possession and skill level with both teams holding strong till the half time whistle blew. The halftime talk consisted of little criticism of one of the best first half’s of hockey Newmarket Men’s 2s had played all season. Leaving them wondering what all the fuss was about and with a little insight into why Felixstowe may have been relegated.
In the second half Felixstowe went all out and continued to attack hard in an attempt to show Newmarket what all the fuss was indeed about, but Newmarket’s defensive tactics held strong, as trying to run through a brick wall can only end one way. However Felixstowe persisted and eventually managed to weasel their way behind the defence and score through a one-on-one with the keeper bringing the score to 2-1. The shouts of relieved accomplishment of the opposition told Newmarket all they needed to know about the way they had played so far against the leading team. Thus ensued some incredibly intense hockey as the full time whistle approached on the horizon with Newmarket aggressively attacking Felixstowe’s half and earned themselves a short corner in the last 5 minutes of the game. Tensions were similar to that of a Stephen King film as Newmarket set up their attacking short; the ball was injected to the top of the area to meet Harry Bell who tactically fired the ball at the opposition’s keeper allowing it to rebound onto quick thinking top goal scorer Arsenal’s stick, who placed it just inside of an unmarked post evening out the score to make it 2-2. Newmarket’s attackers jogged back with a skip in their step knowing they had just levelled the top of table team with only a couple hundred seconds remaining on the clock. In the last minutes of the game both teams frantically contested the ball with attacks and counter attacks from both sides. As the clock dwindled down, Newmarket held their collective breath in an effort to not curse their draw with the highest team in the table. But someone must have let theirs go in the final 30 seconds when Felixstowe made their final attacking run into Newmarket’s area and managed to clip a foot, gaining them a short corner.  The furious 5 arranged themselves on the line, with the thought of the multiple short corners they had kept out throughout the game present in their minds, right next to the hint of doubt and uncertainty for Felixstowe’s final attack. The ball was released to the top of the area and Andy Baker charged out to meet it at the top, but the ball was slipped out to the right and after what felt like an eternity, was painfully tipped into the bottom right hand corner. 3-2 to Felixstowe in the last 30 seconds. Newmarket shuffled off the pitch feeling the full weight of the unfortunate defeat, wondering how Felixstowe were perched at the top of the division table when table underdogs game such a great fight.

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 1-4 loss vs Norfolk Nomads 2 (Away)

Newmarket travelled to Norwich off the back of an unbeaten pre-season, with high hopes and fine weather. There were however a couple of small clouds on the horizon; 1) in all our previous games we had a regular goalkeeper and 2) in our previous games we had 11 players rather than 9. Still with the talent in the 3s hopes were high of obtaining something from the game.
With Captain John Benedikz donning the keeper’s pads Newmarket took to the field in the much under used 3-4-1 formation, Will Frost, Simon Everitt, Rory Podd formed the back line, Henry Frost, Peter Booth, Oscar Kenny and Jack Rossiter the midfield and Ben Atkinson providing the fire power upfront.
A tricky start saw Newmarket go quickly 2 behind and the formation change to 4-4-0 as we looked to gain some control on the experienced Nomads attacks. Gradually Newmarket found their way into the game and the pace of the youngsters in midfield clearly frightened their opposite numbers, even then chances were still hard to come by for Newmarket.
Half time: 2v0 to Nomads
Newmarket’s control of the game in the run up to half time encouraged Benedikz to shake off the keeper’s pads and step on to the pitch for the second half as a kicking back, allowing Newmarket to play  4-4-1 with Ben Atkinson back to providing the focal point for the attacks.
10 minutes into the second half Newmarket got what their courage so far had deserved. Rory Podd counter-attacked down the right wing outpacing the Nomads defence and getting around the back, pulling the ball back to Atkinson who dinked the ball home from close range for his first for the club. This led to one of the more acrobatic goal celebrations of recent years as he dropped his stick and produced some gymnastic tumbling worthy of Max Whitlock.
At 2v1 Nomads were rattled. There was still ebb and flow but Newmarket pushed forward with a real edge to their game. Their best chance to equalise came after an hour when the Nomads keeper pulled off three top class saves from a Newmarket short corner in the space of 15 seconds.
As the game drew to a close, legs inevitably grew tired amongst the Newmarket players and gaps appeared at the back, 2 late goals for Nomads gave the score line a gloss they barely deserved.
Final Score: Nomads 2s 4 v 1 Newmarket 3s
Man of match: The whole team.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 2-0 win vs Spalding 1 (Home)
(G. Evans, McDonnell)

A tense game playing top of the table, Spalding… the game started well however Spalding had the upper hand wining several short corners in succession. Spalding could not break the defense of Bullimore, Andreou, Parkins, Barnes and Bunning. The tension build, both sides pushing forward creating chances but to no avail. Cracks appeared and arguments with the umpire began… Thankfully the halftime whistle went allowing Newmarket to calm the game down and start to take control. Newmarket pushed Spalding back in their own half with great work from the midfield and forwards, however they could not convert their chances. Spalding had a few breaks, putting pressure on Newmarket’s defence, but they held strong. In the last 10 minutes Newmarket pushed, switching play and working up the pitch. McDonnell got her first goal of the season, breaking the stalemate. It was followed minutes later by a great goal from Grace Evans, after her sister (Lydia) put a fantastic ball through. Newmarket held strong to win 2-0 at fulltime.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-7 loss vs City of Peterborough 3 (Away)

Newmarket L2s went to Peterborough for dinner: a 4pm pushback at Bretton Gate usually heralds the need to don skins and leggings but unusually warm as it has been, few gloves or extra layers were needed.
Everyone was aware how hard they could work knowing the one and only SuperSub, Angel Fayers, would give 5 minute rolling substitutions for all positions.
Newmarket were put straight into defensive mode by Peterborough’s young very keen team, 50:50 balls were initially met by red shirts not yellow and all players were pulled to mark a very communicative opposition. However, Newmarket held strong and when Peterborough did break through the 10, GK Jersey Bennett showed her mettle, blocking various strikes gymnastically throughout the first half. Only 2 shots got past her. Shortly before the end of the first half, one of Newmarket’s classic fast breaks got them into Peterborough’s D, earning a short corner. We suspect Peterborough had not expected this, as time had to be stopped to collect masks. Newmarket were not able to capitalise on this opportunity but shortly after, Angel sent a fast pass to Zoe Bailey in the D. Just a matter of shoulder angle and the ball would have sunk the right side of the goal post by the inches it went wide but this gave Newmarket hope.
This week’s half time sweet talk resulted in better attacking hockey, Lydia Willmott combining well with Hannah Kelly, Hannah Fox on the right to create passes to beat Peterborough’s midfield. Jess Logan was solid in defence and attack on the Left, seemingly passing to herself in cartoon style, speed streaks behind her. Somehow, and without the wisdom of coach Chris Evans, we are unsure how, Peterborough scored another 5 times.
With the proximity of A & E, and a track record at that pitch of broken feet, cheek bones and foreheads, the team yesterday were chuffed to escape with one elbow-bashed nose, a ball-brace fat lip situation and less goal difference than last week. Peterborough 3s and umpires were good natured, the bar staff provided ice and Zoe Bailey looks forward to the return match being more first half than 2nd.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-2 loss vs Huntingdon 2 (Away)

Despite the long drive and the rain, Newmarket’s 3rd ladies team arrived in Sharnbrook in high spirits.  The game got off to a good start, with plenty of good strong play, and possession in the midfield.  Early breaks for Newmarket including good team play between Sophie Bell, Laura Excell and Georgia Rolls.  While the girls had plenty of time in the opposition’s D, half time saw the teams even at 0-0.

The second half started off pretty much the same as the first half, although tensions seem to increase, as it was clear that neither team was inclined to come away with anything less than a win for the day.  The ladies were disappointed to be awarded a short corner, which was subsequently over-ruled.   Newmarket’s eagerness to end the goal drought saw them pushing forward, leading to being caught out of play by a run-away Hunts play, who took the ball into the D and converted for Hunts.  Newmarket’s disappointment and frustration was evident as barely 2 minutes later, another hunts player similarly broke away.  As she kicked the ball, Newmarket were sure that this would be awarded their way, how-ever, it wasn’t and the second goal went in.

Although the score line was of great disappointment to the team, captain and coach, it was one of the better outings for the side, with lots of positives to work on going forward.

Man of the Match was Gabi Asker for her fantastic performance on the right hand side.  Jane Dryland picked up the teddy award for falling over twice during the game.

Next week sees the ladies take on St Ives 3s at home at 11am.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: Game Conceded – 5-0 win vs Haverhill Ladies 2 (Away)

In other news this week, a huge well done from everyone at the club to our very own David Worrall and Jordan Newnes for passing their Level 1 Assessment in umpiring.

Week 4 Fixtures – League Debut for Men’s 3s

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Newmarket Men’s 1s:  Home to Ipswich 2 (15:00)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: Away to Felixstowe 2 (14:30)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: Away to Norfolk Nomads 2 (15:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: Home to Spalding 1 (13:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: Away to City of Peterborough 3 (16:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: Away to Huntingdon 2 (11:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: Home to Haverhill Ladies 2 (11:00)

Week 3 Results – Shepperson Hat-trick Sees M1s Victorious

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 3-2 win vs Bury St Edmunds 2 (Away)
(Shepperson 3)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-5 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 3 (Home)
(Hosegood, Wood)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 4-0 win vs Bury St Edmunds 7 (Home)
(Booth 2, Lister, Podd)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-2 loss vs Royston 1 (Away)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-8 loss vs Huntingdon 1 (Home)

With the weather not on our side, Newmarket Ladies 2’s did their best to keep spirits high. The first 10 minutes saw each Newmarket player settling comfortably into their positioning resulting in us gaining possession. Some great one two’s were made between Beau Rolls and Phoebe Peacock but this didn’t prevent Huntingdon from slotting their first goal in. Newmarket continued to keep their heads high with the back four working hard to regain possession to move the ball up the pitch. As half time came around, Jazz Freed and Sam Brookes backed captain Zoe Bailey up giving the team talk into what we needed to do in the second half. This team talk clearly sunk in to Newmarket ladies as they fought extra hard despite many decisions being made against them. Frustration didn’t get the better of them as some superb runs were made either side of the pitch between Hannah Kelly, Hannah Fox and Grace Morris, earning Grace man of the match for her excellent commitment to chase the ball. The score finished 8-0 to Huntingdon, so its onwards and upwards from here for Newmarket Ladies 2’s as next week they are away at Peterborough.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-3 loss vs Cambridge South 2 (Home)

This was a game that was tough from the outset. Playing an experienced side, the back 4 of: Captain Mel Podd, Vicky Benedikz, Jane Dryland and Stef Haslop, had their work cut out for them.
South had an early short corner in their favour, which they received well and slipped left. Mel Podd and keeper Jersey Bennett watched the ball off, only to be taken off guard as it curved and slide into the goal.
At half time the ladies had managed to keep it to 0-1, but the back 4 were taking strain with south hanging high.
The second half of the game saw Newmarket generate a lot more possession and a good few chances in the D, including a few short corner penalties. Plenty of good chances were generated through the midfielders and forwards.
However south were ever ready to take advantage of any small mistakes and managed to put another two in the back of the net, bringing the final score to 0-3.
Both captain and coach Colin Seakins were happy with the teams performance against a strong well drilled side, with plenty of good stuff to work on.
Man of the match was Jane Dryland, who works tirelessly for the team, and generated plenty of the midfield play.
Next week sees the ladies away to take Huntingdon 2s.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 4-1 win vs Cambridge South 3 (Away)
(Fairweather 2, Atherton, Kelly)

Christmas Party 2016/17 – Details Now Available

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Attention all members! The NHC Senior Christmas Party for the 2016/17 season will be at the White Hart Hotel in Newmarket on the 17th December, at 7pm.

This year the event will include a three course meal, dancing after dinner and most importantly fancy dress!

The price is £22 per person and this should be given to Social Secretary Loren Davenport, along with menu choices, ASAP. The menu can be seen in the image below:

Week 3 Fixtures – Men Face Bury St Edmunds

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Newmarket Men’s 1s:  Away to Bury St Edmunds 2 (12:00)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: Home to Bury St Edmunds 3 (13:30)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: Friendly – Home to Bury St Edmunds 7 (15:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: Away to Royston 1 (13:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: Home to Huntingdon 1 (12:00)

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: Home to Cambridge South 2 (10:30)

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: Away to Cambridge South 3 (10:30)

As always, all supporters are welcome!!

Week 2 Results – Victory for Ladies’ 4s in Ely Derby

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 6-7 loss vs Norwich City 4 (Home)
(Wilson 3, Atkinson 2, Shepperson)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 0-5 loss vs Norwich City 5 (Away)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 1-1 draw vs Cambridge South 4 (Away)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-3 loss vs Long Sutton 1 (Away)

A slow start saw Newmarket concede a couple of early goals as Long Sutton put the Newmarket defence under a lot of pressure. Newmarket then got into the game and created a few chances of their own but they couldn’t convert. Sue Bullimore in the Newmarket goal then pulled off a fine save from a penalty flick, but unfortunately she couldn’t stop Long Sutton from scoring their third goal. In the second half Newmarket upped their game with Beth Wombwell setting Lydia Evans up who created space for a shot on goal, only for it to come back off the post. Newmarket then had a few short corners and again they were unlucky not to score. Rebecca Barnes who has moved up into the 1st team played a fantastic game and, as a result, was voted player of the match.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 2-4 loss vs Horncastle 1 (Home)
(Haste, Kelly)

Captain Zoe Bailey was immensely encouraged by the L2s squad that played at home vs Horncastle 1 on Saturday 24/9/16.
They were not deterred by two early opposition goals: flying strikes by unmarked players. Newmarket tightened up their marking and defence linked well with mid field to transfer the ball to Horncastle’s D. With determination Olivia Haste was last to touch the ball before it clipped off a Horncastle defender to put our first goal on the score card.
Horncastle quickly retaliated, earning and scoring from a short corner but once again, Newmarket dug deep and Hannah Kelly brought the scoreline closer 3-2
The rest of first half saw even play, neither team dominated. This was continued for much of the second half too. Sharp marking, good channelling and fast breaks all being features of the game. Newmarket could sense an equaliser but sadly after Jazz Wombwell and Phoebe Peacock both headed to the subs bench with injured feet, Horncastle capitalised with a ball struck with some lift from the top of the D that keeper Jess Boyle couldn’t quite get to.
The final score was 4-2 to Horncastle, Newmarket L2s are gelling together, gaining confidence and keen to improve on this week’s performance.
Next week they face Huntingdon 1, again at home.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 1-3 loss vs Ely City 2 (Away)

This week the Ladies 3s headed to Ely for the second game of the season. With a full squad consisting of goalie Jersey Bennett, Rach Pegg, Jane Dryland, Mel Podd, Steph Haslop, Kayleigh Whitehead, Janie Harrington, Sophie Bell, Laura Exell, Laura Smith and Charlotte Abbersteen – the team had to battle hard throughout the 70 minutes.
With an unlucky first half to the game, the yellows went down 1-0 as Ely managed to get a goal.
At half time it was a time to boost up the energy and try to get back up.
Not long into the second half Ely made it 2-0. With the decision to change formation, this created a better game for Newmarket, with a stronger midfield consisting of 4, Sophie Bell, Laura Smith, Janie Harrington and Kayleigh Whitehead, every individual had an awesome 15 minutes, leading to the two forwards Charlotte Abbersteen and Laura Excell taking the opportunity given and made great play together, Charlotte made the run taking the keeper on, who dived for the ball, however Charlotte managed to get round and hit the ball across to Laura’s stick who was in a great position and smashed it into goal making the score 2-1.
With chances for Newmarket to score again, it just didn’t come together despite the hard work of the team.
Ely then scored again making it 3-1.
Man of the match went to Steph Haslop which was thoroughly deserved, who made great defensive play keeping the back line strong, along with Jane, Mel and Rach, all working as a great team.
Next week the team face Cambridge South 2s at 10:30 at home, all support welcome.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 3-0 win vs Ely City 3 (Home)
(Asker, Atkinson, Le Maire)

After what can only be described as a ‘several bottles of wine consumed’ week, Newmarket played hostess with the mostess on a sunny Saturday morning to local derby rivals Ely City. With the Newmarket 3s also playing Ely away, the girls knew going into the game that there would not be any unfairness with players. After gaining first pushback (2 out of 2), Newmarket dominated possession from the off. Some great work between Ellie Carr, Sophie Kelly and Jess Farrow upfront the ball soon found its way into the attacking 23 and the first short corner of the game soon followed. Unfortunately, Newmarket’s hard fought efforts were unrewarded and Ely soon found possession. Ely’s possession was soon taken back however by some spectacular defending from Millie Howe, Gabi Asker and Milou Ottolini in the midfield, leaving skipper Jess Boyle standing in goal wishing she had bought a newspaper with her to read as yet again Newmarket found their way into the attacking D with another short corner in their midst but yet again, no goal! As things started to become tenser than a gripping episode of Eastenders, the score ended 0-0 as the half time whistle finally blew.
With not much criticism at the half time team talk, Newmarket entered the second half thirsty for at least 1 goal in the half. As soon as the ball left the centre spot, Newmarket were straight on to Ely wanting that ball, and it was won spectacularly! With some great 1-2 passing between Ottolini and Asker, the ball again found its way into the attacking 23. A great send in from Carr scraped past the Ely defenders and snuck its way to an awaiting Asker who finally put the ball where it belonged! 1-0 Newmarket! With the heads of the Newmarket players now held very high, things soon took a turn for the worst as Ely managed to somehow sneak their way past the midfield and the defence of Jess Allen, Helen Atkinson, Vicky Benedikz and James Atkinson towards keeper Boyle. As the ball managed to sneak past Boyle towards the goal, if it wasn’t for Allen getting back onto the post to defend, the score would be a draw. However, some fantastic Man of the Match worthy play from Allen saw the ball go off the sideline instead of in the goal (phew!). Once again as Newmarket found possession through J. Atkinson, a great run down the entire length of the pitch without getting tackled once saw the ball into the attacking 23. A sneaky 1-2 pass between Ottolini and J. Atkinson gave Atkinson his first goal of the season for Newmarket, making the score 2-0! With 15 minutes left to play, supersub Le Maire managed to net the 3rd goal as skipper Boyle whooped for joy at not only her first victory as Ladies 4 captain, but her first home victory as Ladies 4 captain, putting Newmarket Ladies 4’s mid table after just 2 games.
Man of the Match was awarded to Jess Allen for some fantastic defensive work. Next week the Ladies 4’s are away to Cambridge South 3 at 10:30.

Week 1 Results – Winning Starts for M1s, M3s & L1s

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 4-2 win vs Norwich Dragons 2 (Away)
(Wade 2, Dawson, Skelton)

Newmarket Men’s 1s got off to a winning start in their first game in Divison 3NE this week. The team began slowly and soon went a goal down to a soft penalty flick to Dragons, but pulled the score level on the stroke of half time with a magnificent drag flick into the top left hand corner by Ollie Wade on his Town return. Newmarket improved after the break and quickly took the lead with a Josh Dawson strike, before Wade added to the scoreline with a well taken penalty stroke of his own. Dragons hit back from yet another stroke despite the best efforts of Scotland Over 50s International Martin McCourt who made some outstanding saves, but Mike Skelton put the result beyond doubt when he broke into the opposition ‘D’, played the ball off a Dragons stick and into the back of the net. Notable was an excellent performance by Ben Shepperson who also made his Town return, but Man of the Match went to McCourt for his huge contribution between the Newmarket sticks. DOTD was awarded to Simon Harrington – a lesson for all younger players here, if you decide to karate kick an opponent then at least make sure you don’t miss!

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-2 draw vs Norwich Dragons 3 (Home)
(Bell, Hosegood)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 2-0 win vs Felixstowe 4 (Home)
(Evans, H. Frost)

An excellent team performance capped off by a first senior goal for youngster Henry Frost. Man of the Match went to William Frost.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 1-0 win vs Bourne Deeping 1 (Home)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 5-2 loss vs St Ives 2 (Away)
(Fox, Logan)

Newmarket travelled the A14, most of us narrowly missing the traffic chaos from a lorry accident to face St Ives on their ground.

It was in some respects a predictable result: St Ives are always well drilled, ruthless attackers with a sharp eye for a short corner. They scored quickly and Newmarket were forced to make positional changes early on, moving Angel Fayers, whose Newmarket years have been “upfront”, deep into defence, to use her vision and powerful strike to release the ball to our waiting forwards. It was from one of these passes that Hannah Fox and Emma Lankfer took the ball up the right flank and used short passes to beat St Ives defence and send in our first league goal of the season, the score sitting at 3-1. However St Ives came straight back and forced Jersey Bennett to test out her new keeping kit for speed and agility and by half time 2 more goals were scored by St Ives.
The customary St Ives second match ball was required. Newmarket had been well directed by Steph Howard and Jazz Wombwell from the back, but an advantage played ball had ended up sky high and in the hedge. Shortly after the new ball was brought into play, Newmarket made a fast break and Jess Logan drove towards the circle, St Ives’ goalie came out strongly, buying her defence some time to run back but Jess retrieved the ball from the goalie’s pads, beat the defenders just off the goal line and saw in Newmarket’s second goal, already a fifth of the total the team scored last season. Captain Zoe Bailey has promised chocolates when last year’s total is surpassed.
Man of the Match votes were shared between Steph Howard, Jess Logan and Jersey Bennett.
Next week Newmarket 2s are at home to Horncastle to continue their quest for points, goals and chocolate.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 3-3 draw vs Cambridge City 5 (Home)
(C. Wombwell 2, Excell)

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 0-4 loss vs St Neots 3 (Away)

Newmarket 4 travelled away for their very first league game ever this week to Longsands to face veterans St Neots 3. With a full team of 11 prised and ready to take up their latest challenge, and a welcome return of Helen and James Atkinson to the helm, Newmarket started game with first pushback. With some great work up front from Ellie Carr, Emily Fairweather, Millie Howe, Gabi Asker, Darcy Keates and Jess Farrow, Newmarket began to find their way into the attacking 23 and with some great passing into the D, unfortunately it was unrewarded as St Neots managed to claw the ball back from Newmarket’s grasp. With the back line of James Atkinson, skipper Jess Boyle, Sarah Ganiford and Jess Allen (making her debut for Newmarket) waiting eagerly for the ball, and goalkeeper Helen Atkinson on her toes ready, unfortunately St Neots managed to sneak a goal in from a reverse flick which should not have belonged in 4NW(S). Saints then also managed to sneak another goal in before half time, leading into the half time whistle 2-0 up.
With some courageous words at half time from Boyle and some helpful tips and advice, Newmarket entered the second half thirsty for a goal or 2! Again with some great passes between the mid and forwards, and some fantastic running from Carr, Newmarket gained full possession in the attacking 23 with at least 3 or 4 attempts on goal which unfortunately couldn’t be put into the back of the net. When St Neots did make a reappearance in the defending 23, keeper Atkinson made some spectacular saves, which considering it was her first game back in god knows how long, were worthy of a bottle of champagne in my eyes! However, St Neots still managed to sneak in another 2 goals before the full time whistle blew, leaving the final score of the first game of the season at a 4-0 loss to Newmarket.
But (and this is a big but) the score line does not reflect on how the girls played one little bit! Everyone fought for their rights to be playing, and everyone played with 110%. For the first league game of a brand new team, I couldn’t be more proud of how the girls played and how dedicated they were to the cause. Man of the match was well won by Emily Fairweather who showed some spectacular play throughout the entire game despite getting walloped on the ankle by a rogue ball. Dick of the day was awarded to Sarah Ganiford for knocking out St Neots star player (so effectively could have been MoM worthy as well!).
Next week Newmarket take on Ely City 3 at Home at 11:00. All support is indeed welcome to help cheer on the first ever home game for the girls. #blueandyellowmachine

Match Teas Update 2016/17 – The Cherry Tree

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Dear Club Member,

We are pleased to announce that with immediate affect, the Club has a new arrangement for post match teas. They are from now on to be held at The Cherry Tree pub.

Address: 117 Exning Road, Newmarket, CB8 0EL
Tel No: 01638 495051

The pub is a couple of blocks from the leisure centre and will be putting on teas after our matches. They have a private room that we will be using for this purpose.

As this is a new partnership, we would really appreciate it if all of our members could lend this their support and make an effort to go to teas. In general, members are expected to attend teas anyway, so please let your Captain know if you are unable to come.

For Captains: Please do not pay The Cherry Tree for teas as they will be paid directly by the Club Treasurer.

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Membership for 2016/17 Season

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Newmarket Hockey Club bids you a very warm welcome to the 2016/17 season!!

Training is well under way for both the Men’s and Ladies’ sections.

Please see the Welcome Pack for the up-coming season here: This contains lots of useful info, so please do give it a read.

It’s now time for the paperwork and fees bit. Please can all members complete a membership form, which you can download here. The form has changed slightly in terms of the information that we need to collect from you. We must have a form for every player, regardless of how long you have been at the club, as an insurance requirement.

Please can you start to get your Subs for the year in too. The details are as follows:

Subs are to be paid to your membership officer. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Newmarket Hockey Club’. Cash in a sealed envelope with your NAME on it please!

Seniors (18 and over): £100.00
Student (Over 18 and in full time education): £75.00
Juniors (13 to U18 yrs): £55.00
Juniors (U13, includes Polo Shirt and Socks): £60.00
Social Membership: Donation

Goalkeepers: Active Goalkeepers who provide their own complete goalkeeping kit will be exempt from subscription for the year, at the Club’s discretion.
New Players: All new players have 4 weeks to pay the relevant subscriptions, but cannot play league games for the Club until they have joined the Club.
New members who wish to play in the men’s or women’s teams will also be subject to a one-time sponsorship subsidised fee of £40 to cover the cost of playing kit. This amount should be added to the total subs fee due.
Players who do not pay their subscriptions on time will be subject to an additional £20 fee. We therefore urge all members to pay on time to avoid this penalty. Seniors who wish to attend training on a regular basis but not play matches are still obliged to pay their full yearly membership subscription fee.

Kit: Order forms for kit and payments are also to be handed into the membership officer. A kit order form will be made available shortly.

Mel will be at Ladies’ training every week, and also at the start and end of Men’s training weekly. Mel will also be at the games this Saturday and at the Club Open Day on Sunday 11th September. If you could please print and complete your membership form and put this in an envelope with your Subs and your name on it, that would be greatly appreciated. The deadline to have your subs in by is 30th September.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.