Week 20 Results – Spate of Postponements Sees L4s Shine

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Men’s 1s: P-P vs Norwich Dragons 2 (Away)
(Match postponed due to frozen pitch)

Men’s 2s: 1-3 loss vs Watton 1 (Home)

The hour came, Watton at home; your correspondent’s favourite game of the season, two teams toe-to-toe in the best of spirits; and the game was to turn on chances taken and those 50-50 balls. Watton won on both counts; their cheers and their faces at the final whistle conveying flattery to broken Newmarket hearts. Newmarket 1 – Watton 3.
But back to it lads, the very next day; the destination of the champions slot still in our hands.
Oh Monday’s blues come early; succumbing to old hands with old tricks…. stop, look, pass. And they did it well. Newmarket’s equalising goal at the end was justice to some, mercy to others, when mercy seasons justice perhaps (as some merchant once said). And either way, it changed little; the leaders brought down. Young’uns Atkinson in goal and Frost on the left get special mention for their battling parts. Newmarket 3 – Bury St Edmunds 3.
Ne’er mind fellas. Heads on; promotion’s call still loud and clear.
M2s: marchons!

Men’s 3s: 0-3 loss vs Harleston Magpies 6 (Home)

Newmarket Men’s 3s went down by three goals to nil in their home clash with Harleston this Saturday. Town started strongly and were unfortunate not to take the lead after youngster Ollie Brown was put clean through on goal, but suffered a nasty collision with the visiting keeper and the ball rolled just wide. Harleston went straight up the other end and forced a fine save from Town’s makeshift stopper Louis Hrebeniak, before eventually capitalising from the resulting long corner – the ball sneaking in under Hrebeniak’s foot.

Newmarket continued to look bright throughout the first half but were unable to find the final ball, Charlie Cummins and Henry Frost both going close but were unrewarded for their efforts. After some tactical changes at half time, the home side continued to press, but disaster struck from a short corner as the ball was squared to the far post and struck home despite good defending from skipper John Benedikz.

Town heads soon began to droop and Harleston grabbed a third from another short corner, eventually consigning the home side to a 0-3 defeat that could so easily have been different had the first half performance continued into the second.

Ladies’ 1s: P-P vs Lowestoft Ladies 1 (Away)
(Match postponed due to frozen pitch)

Ladies’ 2s: 0-9 loss vs Royston Ladies 2 (Away)

Ladies’ 3s: P-P vs Ely City 3 (Home)
(Match postponed due to frozen pitch)

Ladies’ 4s: 2-1 win vs St Ives 4 (Away)


Men’s 2s: 3-3 draw vs Bury St Edmunds 4 (Away)
(Wood 2, Harrington)

Week 20 Fixtures – L4s Face St Ives at 5

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Newmarket Men’s 1s vs. Norwich Dragons 2s (Away) – 11:45am
Newmarket Men’s 2s vs. Watton 1s (Home) – 1:00pm
Newmarket Men’s 3s vs. Harleston Magpies 6s (Home) – 3:00pm

Newmarket Ladies 1s vs. Lowestoft Ladies 1s (Away) – 11:30am
Newmarket Ladies 2s vs. Royston Ladies 2s (Away) – 11:30am
Newmarket Ladies 3s vs. Ely City 3s (Home) – 11:00am
Newmarket Ladies 4s vs. St Ives 4s (Away) – 5:00pm

Week 19 Results – Comeback for Men’s 2s as M1 Impress on Sunday

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Men’s 1s: 2-2 draw vs Bury St Edmunds 2 (Home)
(Blades, Green)

Newmarket Men’s 1s battled to a 2-2 draw at home to Bury St Edmunds 2s on Saturday. Often a fiery affair, this derby clash did not disappoint as Town went behind early before clawing back level through Lee Blades to send both teams into the break at 1-1.

It was the home side that struck first come the second period, a swift and devastating counter attack following a short corner clinically dispatched by the excellent Rob Green. However, Bury bit back with not long to go, as a probing attack down the Newmarket left was bundled home, ensuring both teams went home with a point apiece.

Men’s 2s: 3-2 win vs UEA 3 (Away)
(Wood 2, Harrington)

Champions are hailed in the spotlight of a final act of triumph. But champions are fashioned far from the spotlight’s gaze, when no one is watching, and players have none but themselves to turn to.
When the story, nay legend, of this season (this club) is told, this game, fought in a corner of Norwich, in the cold and the wet, will whisper triumph like few others.
0-2 down at half time, and Newmarket faced a 2nd half against a student team full of youthful energy and pace; but lion hearts, oh lion hearts – hungry hearts and composed to boot.
And do not underestimate the impact of this win. Watton – smashing all before them – come to Newmarket next weekend, and they will now know that no matter the result, top of the table remains in Newmarket’s hands.
And so remember these names, for they are the true champions, the men where the rest are boys, the lions who stood when the chips were down (and no ketchup), and if champions is to be the cry, it is they who will the greatest credit claim: Wood, Baker, Harrington, Trent, Atkinson (Ben), Atkinson (James GK), Prentice, Podd, Landshoff, Frost, Sargeant, and Atkinson (Grey Beard)
UEA 2 – Newmarket 3 (Wood 2, Harrington 1); and hear the whispers…. this bunch could win the league.
M2s march on.

Men’s 3s: 0-7 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 5 (Away)

Ladies’ 1s: 2-2 draw vs Wisbech Town 1 (Home)
(Andreou, McDonnell)

Ladies’ 2s: 1-2 loss vs Cambridge South 2 (Home)
(L. Evans)

Ladies’ 3s: 1-1 draw vs St Neots 4 (Away)

Ladies’ 4s: 0-4 loss vs Cambridge South 4 (Home)


Men’s 1s: 3-0 win vs Norwich City 3 (Home)
(Green, Skelton, Wilson)

Ladies’ 3s: 6-2 win vs Newmarket 4 (Home)
(Excell 3, Hansgate, Atkinson, Kelly)

Ladies’ 4s: 2-6 loss vs Newmarket 3 (Away)
(Benedikz, Jones)

Week 19 Fixtures – Busy Weekend for NHC Sees M1s in Derby Action

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Men’s 1s vs. Bury St Edmunds 2s (Home) – 3:00pm
Men’s 2s vs. UEA 3s (Away) – 2:30pm
Men’s 3s vs. Bury St Edmunds 5s (Away) – 4:00pm

Ladies 1s vs. Wisbech Town 1s (Home) – 1:15pm
Ladies 2s vs. Cambridge South 2s (Home) – 11:30am
Ladies 3s vs. St Neots 4s (Away) – 10:00am
Ladies 4s vs. Cambridge South 4s (Home) – 10:00am


Men’s 1s vs. Norwich City 3s (Home) – 12:00pm

Ladies 3s vs. Newmarket Ladies 4s (Home) – 10.30am
Ladies 4s vs. Newmarket Ladies 3s (Away) – 10:30am

Week 18 Results – Resounding Win for Ladies’ 2s

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Men’s 1s: 2-5 loss vs I-ES 3 (Away)
(Bell, Blades)

Men’s 2s: 5-2 win vs Felixstowe 3 (Home)
(Harrington 2, Beardon, Bunker, Trent)

Whether defection or demotion (one man’s this, another man’s that) some younger legs to M1 flew, leaving room for a festival of nuanced skills. We called it a strengthened spine, albeit using experienced drift more than darting incision. The combined age of some of those goals (not to mention some of those pictures) is clue to why the ball seemed to do all the talking. Felixstowe battled; heads stayed up; but Newmarket were too strong at the back – Worrell and Baker, Magic Mike, Rory The Young’un, and Grey Beard – and were never really worried. Table-watchers from the other clubs will have to look to themselves if they want to trouble this lot.
Beardon 1; Trent 1; Bunker 1; Harrington 2: Newmarket 5 – Felixstowe 2. M2s march on.

Men’s 3s: 5-1 win vs Felixstowe 4 (Away)
(Benedikz 2, Atkinson, Brown, Walker)

M3 win 5v1 over Felixstowe 4s. A dire 1st half showing saw us 0v1 down, before Ollie Brown’s second goal of the season levelled things up early in the second half. After that it was more or less 1 way traffic with goals from Jordan Walker, Ben Atkinson and a brace for John Benedikz securing victory.

Ladies’ 1s: 1-1 draw vs St Neots 1 (Away)

Ladies’ 2s: 10-1 win vs Wisbech Town 3 (Away)
(Tydeman 4, Fox 3, Rolls, Russell-Price, Swann)

Travel to Wisbech during Welney floods is always eventful.
DoD went to Vicky Beeton whose satnav resolutely took her to the floods and forced her to phone for non-digital directions.
MoM was Hayley Tydeman for a ubiquitous performance resulting in a greedy 4 goals, putting her in close competition with last year’s trophy winner Hannah Fox (who also notched 3 this week). Georgia Beau Rolls added one each to the score line from a determined tussle on the keeper’s pads. Lucie Swann made her debut L2 goal but was eclipsed by the most momentous goal of the match from Welshy who having lost track of her proper stick, struck home with her spare to end this season’s scoresheet dearth. Dilemma now arises within L2s as to whether the “it’s all about the assists” stick should return or the season be played out with the “did I mention Welshy scored?” understudy stick.
Captain Zoe Bailey was especially pleased with the way the team rolled their own subs this week, tight 5 minute rotations which could have left the team bewildered by each other’s positions but served to prove how versatile the whole squad is and that 2v1s can translate and occur anywhere on pitch.

Ladies’ 3s: 0-3 loss vs Royston 3 (Home)

Ladies’ 4s: 0-18 loss vs St Neots 4 (Home)

Week 18 Fixtures – Early Pushbacks Order of the Day

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Newmarket Men’s 1s vs. I-ES 3s (Away) – 11:30am
Newmarket Men’s 2s vs. Felixstowe 3s (Home) – 1:00pm
Newmarket Men’s 3s vs. Bury St Edmunds 6 (Away) – 10:00am

Newmarket Ladies 1s vs. St Neots 1s (Away) – 1:00pm
Newmarket Ladies 2s vs. Wisbech Town 3s (Away) – 10:30am
Newmarket Ladies 3s vs. Royston 3s (Home) – 11:00am
Newmarket Ladies 4s vs. St Neots 4s (Home) – 12:00pm

Week 17 Results – Clean Sheet Victories for L3s and L4s

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Men’s 1s: 3-3 draw vs UEA 2 (Home)
(Donald, Pears, Skelton)

Newmarket Men’s 1s battled to a creditable 3-3 draw in a match that saw them go 2-0 down inside the first 10 minutes. The injury-depleted home side was buoyed by the addition of Andy Baker, Simon Donald, Will Hosegood and Lee Blades and their introduction told when Donald struck back for Town.

Although not enjoying the larger quantity of possession, Newmarket began to solidify at the back and began to play some superb one-touch break hockey – Mike Skelton levelling things up just before half time. Heading into the second period, it was the home side that rattled the backboard again as Mark Pears took advantage of the ginger connection and found the target. However, UEA had the final say as they sneaked an equaliser following a great save from Iain Robinson – a short corner struck the home keeper’s pads, resulting in pinball in the ‘D’ and the number 9 sliding home after creeping in behind left postman Louis Hrebeniak.

Men’s 2s: P-P vs Bury St Edmunds 4 (Away)
(Match postponed due to frozen pitch)

What scenery England brings as winter sun shines on. The crack of stick on ball makes hearts swell, this game from ancient origins…. etc. Sweeping moves from D to D. Beautiful passing, accurate and pacey. Backboard choir in good voice, not an average goal in site; and special mention to the defence, whose wall was up again. Oh how the beer tasted good.
But sadly that was in our dreams, as Bury called off because the pitch was unplayable, allowing one of their ladies teams to play their game on it instead. Yes really.
How do you spell ‘scaredy cats’?
See you next week.

Men’s 3s: 0-6 loss vs Sudbury 3 (Away)

Ladies’ 1s: 1-3 loss vs Bedford 2 (Home)

Ladies’ 2s: 0-0 draw vs Ely City 2 (Home)

Ladies’ 3s: 2-0 win vs Cambridge South 4 (Away)
(Excell, Plumb)

Ladies’ 4s: 1-0 win vs Bury St Edmunds 4 (Home)

Week 17 Fixtures – Four Teams in Action at Home

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Newmarket Men’s 1s vs. UEA 2s (Home) – 3:00pm
Newmarket Men’s 2s vs. Bury St Edmunds 4s (Away) – 10:00am
Newmarket Men’s 3s vs. Sudbury 3s (Away) – 3:30pm

Newmarket Ladies 1s vs. Bedford 2s (Home) – 1:15pm
Newmarket Ladies 2s vs. Ely City 2s (Home) – 11:30am
Newmarket Ladies 3s vs. Cambridge South 4s (Away) – 10:30am
Newmarket Ladies 4s vs. Bury St Edmunds 4s (Home) – 10:00am