10 October 2011

- Second Victory Against Local Rivals

Ladies 1’s: Won 8-1 against Cambridge South 1’s.
Having already beaten Cambs South in the cup competition Newmarket were keen to repeat this outcome in their first league showdown.
It took just two minutes for Town to capitalise – Di Thomas hitting from top D. With a free flowing game Claire McDonnell was able to weave her way through to sneak a shot home. Thomas took advantage of a gap in midfield and deflected from close range; she was able to do the same minutes later, nipping in front of the keeper to get her hattrick and taking Newmarket to 4-0 at half time.
Cambs South came back out more organised and immediately took the ball to the Town D and slammed in a goal. This shocked Newmarket into getting tighter on their opposition, Tania Fisher, Gail McDonnell and Kat Burrell all executing perfectly timed tackles. Plenty of round the back passing was on show from Newmarket and this gave space for the forward to push on. Isabel Hooley took advantage of this to sweep in from top D scoring her second goal for Newmarket in ten years. Her celebration was worthy of an Oscar!
Stirling work from Jazz Wombwell ensured the forwards could commit to 50/50 balls without worry. Jenny Richards nearly capitalised after a poor D clearance from Cambridge South. Lydia Evans also came close with a right of D shot. Hayley Stoneman was next to create space for herself in midfield and hammered a ball impressively home to give Town 6. Thomas was keen to pounce again and fired a cross goalwards only for the defender to mis-handle the ball taking it into her own goal.
Newmarket went through a tired patch and this left Sue Bullimore with some clear up work in goal but Claire McDonnell combined well with Martha Crowhurst to get her second of the game – a reverse stick sweep. This was to be the last goal of the game to give Newmarket another convincing win.

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3 October 2011

- Town Pip Peterborough in the Cup

Ladies 1’s v’s Peterborough 6’s: 4-3 win to Newmarket
Newmarket’s second cup game of the season proved a very tough contest.
After a very fast initial 10 minutes a Peterborough foot stopped a ball on the goal line for Town. Claire McDonnell took the opportunity to put a penalty flick away to give Newmarket the lead.

The play was very even with gaps appearing in midfield. Town’s second goal came from a through ball from McDonnell that Di Thomas deflected past the keeper’s reach.

Peterborough battled on and Tania Fisher was available to sweep the ball clear of the Newmarket goalmouth in the nick of time.

The second half for Newmarket began spritely with Newcomer Martha Crowhurst showing great speed on the wing. Peterborough seemed to change attitude and pushed hard on goal – they were rewarded with two shots hitting the backboards in quick succession making it even. The Newmarket players were not fazed and Lucy Brown broke free from the half way line to ping a shot from top D into goal. Zoe Bailey was on back up duty the other end as she stopped a Peterborough sure strike.

Newmarket keen to secure a further lead drove on and in similar fashion to her first Thomas picked up a through ball from McDonnell to slot under the keeper’s legs. With moments left to play Peterborough scored another from close range but thankfully Town held on to win 4-3.

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26 September 2011

- Ladies Battle Hard For Three Points

Newmarket Ladies 1st v’s St Ives 2’s: 1-0 win to Newmarket

Newmarket travelled to St Ives for their third league clash of the season.
St Ives were quick to get into stride putting Newmarket on to the back foot. Jess Boyle stood strong in goal with some early shots creeping through to her.
Newmarket were gaining confidence in new position sand began to distribute more evenly allowing Gail McDonnell and Jazz Wombwell opportunity to push forward. Chances were falling for Town, Hayley Stoneman and Claire McDonnell only being denied goals by the agile keeper.
A switch around in positions seemed to settle Town. Angel Fayers worked well on the left, interlinking with Jenny Richards; both driving forward and putting pressure on the defence. The first half remained goalless. Newmarket opening the second were keen to dominate the play and with a mixture of skill and determination Newmarket kept the ball out of their defending half for a good 10 minutes.
A ball found it’s way through via Isabel Hooley to Stoneman. She released to Di Thomas who passed forward to Becca Swift on the wing. Swift dummied the ball leaving it for Claire McDonnell who drove to the line and crossed sweetly to Lucy Brown who met the ball superbly, deflecting the ball into goal. With renewed passion, Town were playing at their strongest but despite this St Ives did not give up and a goal-line save from Zoe Bailey kept Newmarket in front. The play moved from end to end and fitness began to show with all players wilting. Neither side could hit the target and Newmarket came away with a hard fought 3 points.

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3 September 2011

- Ladies 1’s Start As They Mean To Go On!

Newmarket Ladies 1’s vs Cambridge South 1’s (League CUP Game) 8-1 win to Newmarket.

Facing local opposition Cambridge South; Newmarket Ladies 1st team notched up a convincing victory for their first contest of the season which happened to be a league cup match.

The new look squad, now coached by Chris Evans, looked sharp and fit as they swarmed their opposition’s defending half throughout the game. It took Newmarket just 5 minutes to capitalise through Vice Captain Claire McDonnell who swept a ball in from a left hand cross. McDonnell went on to get a further 2 to gain a ha-trick in the first half – one from close range and the other from a top of the D, thunderous shot.

On form Hayley Stoneman looked hungry for goals throughout the match and after collecting a quick hit, flicked the ball beyond the keeper’s reach. Her second goal was an artful reverse side shot into the right hand corner and her third ha-trick goal came from a deflection mid D in the second half. Stoneman managed to get a fourth in the final minutes of the game, a solid shot from open play.

Jasmine Wombwell who usually is a defencive player made a timely run into the D to volley home a cross from the right hand side – that goal being her third ever for Newmarket and with it only being the first game of the season suggests there could be many more for her to come.

Cambridge South played on gallantly and managed to slot a ball past unsighted town keeper Jess Boyle in the first half but they could not break the solid back line.

With a full 15 player squad, Newmarket were able to rotate and substitute players which had a positive effect on the side who could have struggled to cope in the heat of the sun.

The finally goal tally was 8-1 to Newmarket and they are aiming to continue in this fashion to assist with their quest to return to the East league next season.

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7 April 2011


It’s Summer League Time again, but this year, with a difference, you choose your own teams. Each team must consist of a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 8 players to include at least 2 Ladies II’s players and 2 Ladies III’s players.


  1. Teams must be 7-a-side including a goalkeeper.
  2. Each team must provide an umpire for the game.
  3. There must be a minimum of 4 Ladies on the pitch at all times of which must include at least one player from each of the Ladies II’s and III’s team. (This can include the goalkeeper)
  4. First strike at a short corner must be female and there must be at least 2 ladies defending (not including the goalkeeper).
  5. Each team must appoint a captain to liaise with Team Chris for fixture times etc.
  6. Each player must pay their subs on or before the first game.
  7. Games will push back at 7:30 promptly.
  8. Captains will be responsible for ensuring an umpire is provided for all games or the captain will umpire.
  9. All teams must play in the colour they are allocated.
  10. All players under 16 years of age must wear shin pads and mouthguards.

It is your responsibility to submit your team to either Chris Evans (ce1964@btinternet.com) or Chris Leggett (leggett14@hotmail.co.uk) by the 7th June. The tournament will start on the 14th June and last approximately 8 weeks depending on number of teams entered. Cost per player will be £20.00 to cover pitch hire. Once a team has been entered, they will be given a team colour of which they will play their matches in. Team Chris’s decision is final on all outcomes.

Team Chris

Chris Evans        07969 546372

Chris Leggett     07920 745822




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4 April 2011

- Sad End To Promising Season

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Bourne Ladies 1’s: 2-0 win to Bourne
The final fixture of the season for Newmarket Ladies first team was an occasion that would shape their league future as the result determined whether they or their opposition – Bourne would be relegated from the East Division Two League.

With a slight change in formation Town were looking a little hesitant to begin with but were hoping to get some early goals to settle the nerves. The game started sprightly and both teams were keen to attack. The umpires who were promoting advantage play focused on fouls in the D and awarded a questionable penalty flick to Bourne. An outstanding save from Sue Bullimore brought relief to the Newmarket team camp. This spurred Town on and they began to gel more through midfield.
Working hard out wide Tracy Cockerill took on the play and found Claire McDonnell. With a shimmy in the D she lost her marker – her shot narrowly missing goal. This was to be Newmarket’s main chance of the half and then the luck swung Bourne’s way. A string of short corners were to follow for the opposition but due to lightning defending from Newmarket, Bourne were unable to get any promising shots away.

With the pressure building, the second half looked even shakier for both teams than the first. With 35 minutes left to ensure their league survival every player had to display maximum concentration and effort. Bourne were the first to make an impact and through a pelting shot took a 1-0 lead. The luck seemed against Newmarket as every decision and 50/50 ball seemed to go Bourne’s way.

Still with all to play for Newmarket galvanised their efforts. Great work from Jenny Richards and Rebecca Swift gave Town the propulsion towards goal that created disarray in the Bourne defence. It was now Newmarket’s chance to capitalise from a flurry of short corners but they were unable to convert.
With a quick break, Town were left stranded and despite the final effort being cut out by the defence another penalty flick was awarded to Bourne. This time the shot was unstoppable taking the score to 2-0. Hopes were fading fast and time running out for a couple of glory goals but Newmarket continued to battle right up until the final whistle.

Looking back on a season of highs and lows Newmarket were incredibly unfortunate not to remain in the East league but look to gain strength from their experiences and strive to reach the same level again.

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28 March 2011

- Peterborough Bag Crucial Points In Penaultimate Game

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Peterborough Ladies 1’s: 6-0 win to Peterborough.

The penultimate league game for Newmarket ladies first team proved a tough challenge as they faced an on form Peterborough 1’s side.

Barely 2 minutes had passed and Peterborough were gifted with an opportunity to score through a penalty stroke. The striker hit low and fast to take Peterborough ahead.

Newmarket were struggling to gain possession and they had very few attacking chances in the whole of the first half. Peterborough utilised quick passing to drive forward at speed.

After 17 minutes Peterborough hit the backboards again from the far left of the D causing a wave of unrest through the Newmarket team. Town looked to communicate more clearly in order to try and gain better control of the game.

Peterborough showed no mercy as they swarmed the Newmarket half and scored twice more before the half time whistle.
Now with all to play for and nothing to lose – Newmarket were determined to take positive action and began to match Peterborough in midfield and the defence looked solid as they greeted their opponents with early tackles.

Newmarket were pressing on the Peterborough back line and from sideline set plays Newmarket were able to get some shots away causing Peterborough to examine their methods.

Despite a positive second half Peterborough added another 2 goals in quick succession in the last 5 minutes. This leaves Town 4th from bottom in the league table and only a win next weekend against Bourne will keep them safe from relegation. Both teams are fighting for league survival and the stage is set for a truly feisty contest.

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20 March 2011

- Incredible Comeback Rewarded

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Cambridge University 2’s: 7-7 draw

An incredible 70 minutes between Cambridge University and Newmarket ladies produced 14 goals. The game was action packed and hard fought, as each player battled with their opponent and the unseasonal hot weather.

Cambridge University were looking to match their previous score against Newmarket which was 7-0 and the game looked to be heading that way to start with. Cambridge were looking confident as they switched the ball around the back and played a clever, intricate passing game. It only took them just over a minute to capitalise – a shot from the far right of D finding it’s way through the defence. Cambridge were growing in strength and pushed forward. They scored another in similar fashion, and again from a mid D clip. Concerns were growing from the crowd and Newmarket players as it looked like the opposition were going to hit a cricket score against Town. Newmarket fought back and what was to follow could never have been predicted.

Newmarket playing without fear or disappointment started a wave of electric play. They showed strength and might in midfield through Hayley Stoneman, Claire McDonnell and Jenny Richards. Positive clearances from Lorna Freeman, Isabel Hooley and Jazz Wombwell in defence gave room for the forwards to charge towards goal. Finally the chance came for Newmarket to hit home from this momentum. A short corner was awarded and with a sweep from the left post – Jenny Richards got a goal back for the home side, bang on 15 minutes. Fully rejuvenated; Newmarket were now beating Cambridge to the ball on all parts of the field.

A storming run on the left of field from Claire McDonnell gave Di Thomas opportunity to deflect a shot home to make the score 3-2. Cambridge now in crisis were not so sure of their passing as Newmarket began to read their tactics. Nevertheless Cambridge broke free and narrowly put a shot past Sue Bullimore in goal to take the score to 4-2. Feeling hard done by Newmarket looked to generate more chances, and from another short corner Richards was on hand to meet a shot on the left post again. Determined to dominate – Cambridge struck back again with another right side shot.

With five minutes left to play in the first half Newmarket had to get cracking to level the score and in true Hollywood fashion they passed this task – Thomas getting her second through a reverse stick flick from the edge of the D and Louise Downs coming on with fresh legs curled an amazing shot from the right back line to make the score 5-5. Unfortunately this was the last bit of action Downs was to see as she gained an injury just before half time.

The stage was set for either team to take the spotlight. Both teams flagging due to the heat would mean quick breakaways were going to be the key to dominating the game. It was Cambridge who hit the target first after 14 minutes and again in the 21st minute. Far from being beaten – Town rallied again. A quick release from Sam Brooke through Clodie Rolph, gave Tracy Cockerill a chance to fire on goal – hitting the post Zoe Bailey was perfectly poised to punch the ball across the line. Newmarket, hungry for more battled on. The final shot coming from Newmarket – another short corner expertly deflected in by Richards to get her hatrick.

A fantastic game that produced an unexpected draw, and will go down in history as one of the team’s greatest come backs.

Man of match (joint) Jenny Richards & Di Thomas.

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14 March 2011

- Louth Keeps Town In Drop Zone

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Louth 1’s: 4-2 win to Louth

Travelling away to Louth; Newmarket were keen to get some goals and points against their mid table rivals.

With an even paced game – Newmarket’s skills looked a little rusty to begin with and it seemed as though Louth were going to capitalise from this. As the game went on Newmarket began to find their feet and play began to build towards goal.

A quick break set a Louth player up to slot a ball into goal from a reverse stick sweep. This seemed to be the wake up call that Newmarket needed and Town began to win the possession battle in midfield. The first half remained 1-0.

The second half was far more exciting with a mixture of fortunes for both teams. Louth hit the target again though a penalty flick – a controversial decision that left Newmarket with a massive mountain to climb to level the score.

With true fighting spirit Town worked tirelessly to match their rivals and Hayley Stoneman combined excellently with Claire McDonnell who slammed in a shot to make the score 2-1.

Sensing they were still in with a chance to get some points from the match – Newmarket stepped up a gear again. McDonnell scored another effortlessly to get her brace which kept Town’s hopes alive of a point.

Unfazed, Louth battled back and scored another from close range, and soon after hit the backboards once more to trample Town’s hopes of gaining any points from their long trip to Lincolnshire.

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7 March 2011

- Stunning Display Earns Unexpected Points

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Long Sutton: 2-1 win to Newmarket

Newmarket ladies 1st team put on the display of the season as they outplayed Long Sutton on all areas of the pitch last Saturday. Despite 5 league positions separating the two teams – their abilities were evenly matched, and although the first meeting between the pair ended a convincing victory to Long Sutton; on this occasion Newmarket always looked to have the upper hand.

A full strength Newmarket team opened the game and immediately took the play to the Long Sutton defence. A brilliant display of one touch passing between Jenny Richards and Tracy Cockerill meant the play was motoring down the left wing giving opportunity for Hayley Stoneman and Louise Downs to push high.

Looking solid at the back – Jasmine Wombwell, Isabel Hooley, Lorna Freeman and Clodie Rolph used excellent communication to channel any Long Sutton frontline attacks. Tremendous links up throughout the field meant Long Sutton struggled to track Newmarket’s game which was fast paced and free flowing.

Town’s first goal came from a surging drive up field from Claire McDonnell. Zoe Bailey drew her player wide allowing Stoneman to continue the run. With a flick of her stick she hit the backboards after 15 minutes.

Long Sutton were now looking for payback and stepped up a gear forcing Sue Bullimore into action in goal. She confidently kicked many a ball wide towards Kat Burrell, which allowed quick breaks from Hooley and Cockerill. Despite the strength of Town; Long Sutton pulled the score level again – a rebound ball lifted high into the net.

Undeterred Newmarket marched on and looked even more threatening in the second half. They once again took control of the game and a second goal looked imminent. After a few near chances Stoneman broke free out to the right of the D. A smooth cross found Di Thomas who managed to get a fine touch on the ball, causing it to spin past the keeper’s feet for Town’s second.

The tempo of the game upped again as Newmarket could now feel an unexpected three points heading their way. Long Sutton did not look beaten though and made waves on the right wing – keeping Newmarket tight on their opposition. As the final whistle blew Newmarket players and spectators alike could breathe a sigh of relief and were elated to have beaten top opposition in such a stylish way.

Player of the match: Hayley Stoneman

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