Week 10 Results – Games Postponed as L2s Beat City

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Men’s 1s: 6-1 win vs Lowestoft Railway 1 (Away)
(Wade 3, Dawson, Leggett, Skelton)

Newmarket travelled to Lowestoft and won 6-1. A hat-trick from Ollie Wade and goals from Michael Skelton, Josh Dawson and Chris Leggett secured all three points.

Men’s 2s: 1-3 loss vs Harleston Magpies 4 (Home)

Harleston Magpies 4s made their way to Newmarket this Saturday and caught the Men’s 2s indulging in an extensive warm up. However this warm up did not seem to be completely effective against the icy wind blowing across the pitch. Un-phased the magpies let loose a series of relentless attacks which as the logic of probability would have it lead to some results on the score sheet. The first goal came from a short corner which was bobbled over the keeper in a chaotic fluke. Another of the goals came from a one v one with the keeper which could be argued if the young skilful upfront player had not had previous experience with the keeper, wouldn’t have gone in. The opposing side was 2-0 within the first quarter of the game which inspired Newmarket to focus and make an intimidating run into the magpie’s area, utilizing the midfield duo of James McTaggart and Simon Donald who worked well together being backed up by kingpin Simon Harrington who managed to get the ball onto the oppositions backboard but unfortunately after a whistle was blown for a foul meaning the goal was disallowed however did prove to everyone on pitch that is was possible to find a gab in the constantly advancing magpies. The ball was jostled for by both teams with players such as Greg Cummins who was graciously accepted onto the pitch sporting the old school quarters shirt and Andy Baker making contributions to the defensive line making a great effort. Newmarket held their own well despite not quite playing like their usual selves but let in another goal towards the end of the first half making it 3-0 at halftime. It was brought to attention that Newmarket were definitely not playing to the best of their ability however they did find it difficult to flourish under the constant pressure of the Harleston team, especially the fast quick witted opposition attackers. With the well needed break Newmarket set back onto the pitch as an almost completely different side. Ben Atkinson made great runs down the right wing taking on and coming out on top of players twice his size (and age) who created opportunities for a finish in the area. Finally Newmarket set up an attacking short to let the previously rehearsed and effective proven short corner routine come into play. The ball was beautifully injected onto captain Drew Wood’s stick leaving a dead still ball to be slipped right to Andy. B by Harrington who then received it again on the P-spot to place it into the bottom left corner of the goal to bring the Newmarket score off the nil mark for 3-1. Despite both sides best efforts no more goals were scored in that half leaving it a 1-0 to Newmarket and 3-1 for the final score. From the last few weeks it shows that the Men’s 2s side perform best after a 35min warm up in the first half as yet again the opposition did not score in the second half. Perhaps a last goal wins policy should be adopted for next match.

Men’s 3s: 5-3 win vs Norwich Dragons 6 (Home)
(Booth 2, Bunker 2, Walker)

Ladies’ 2s: 3-1 win vs Cambridge City 4 (Away)
(Russell, Stoneman, Unc.)

We Won! WE WON! We Won!
All the hard work of the entire squad has finally paid off, our improving (apart from last week’s encounter with top of league) trend throughout this season has ended our 51 week losing streak with a magnificent team performance. The venue allowed some of our emerging players, who have to juggle school and club commitments, to field and whatever everyone else ate for lunch should be compulsory on match days.
There was communication, a genuine desire to meet the ball before the opposition, there was tidy passing, there was confidence on the ball and space making off the ball, everything that coach Chris Evans and Captain Zoe Bailey have ever asked for and it resulted in a goal struck from just inside the D after 20 mins by Hayley Stoneman, this clipped the inside of the post and physics worked in Newmarket’s favour sending the ball to the opposite corner of the goal and putting us ahead, dizzily, categorically, ahead in the first half.
City fought back, there was attack and counter attack, lots of mid field action calling Man of the Match Grace Morris to chase down and channel players on to the waiting sticks of Jazz Freed, Helen Hansgate and Steph Heslop.
The sweets at half time did not compare to the sweet feeling of being ahead, with a clean sheet for keeper Jersey Bennett who’d not had a quiet game. More of the same please.
City came back from half time with more link play and a definite charge on our D, winning short corners and scoring from one of these by drilling a strike to the lower right corner which beat keeper and two post defenders at full stretch. The moment was caught on camera.
Newmarket could have lost their command of the game at this point but the teamwork truly kicked in. Some positional substitutions were made, placing Angel Fayers back on the forward line that she so enjoys and working with Hannah Kelly, blistering runs were made up the right side of the pitch, placing Katie Russell in perfect position to score Newmarket’s 2nd goal. Newmarket were not content and there followed attacks on the left flank and centrally, no-one is really sure who struck the ball that glanced off a City stick to bring the score-line to Newmarket 3- Camb City 1.
Next week the team aim to do something not seen since the glorious season of 2014-5: two wins in a row. Support at this home match, 1pm push back, would be greatly appreciated.

The Ladies’ 1s, 3s & 4s games were postponed this week due to adverse weather conditions making the earlier games unplayable. The following games will be replayed at a later date yet to be confirmed:

Ladies’ 1s: Home to St Neots 1

Ladies’ 3s: Away to Haverhill Ladies 2

Ladies’ 4s: Home to Huntingdon 2


Junior Update – Matches vs Cambridge Nomads

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Great morning with the juniors playing their second matches of the season against Cambridge Nomads. Over 25 children representing the club in U13 age groups and winning some of their matches, well done to them all and thanks to all the coaches and helpers. If anyone fancies giving hockey a try then it’s on Sunday morning 10.10-11.30 for the juniors, Ladies are Tuesday 7.30 – 9pm and Men are 7-8.30pm at the leisure centre.

Week 9 Results – Tremendous Comeback for Men’s 2s

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Men’s 1s: 5-2 win vs I-ES 3 (Away)
(Holden, Pears, Skelton, Wade, Wilson)


Newmarket got back to winning ways with a deserved 5-2 victory over IES, who were yet to loose at home this season!

This record was also set to continue as the hosts took the lead in the 10th minute after Jordan Newnes, who for a second time in two weeks, suicidally past the ball onto the strikers stick leaving him with a one on one situation with veteran keeper Martin McCourt who unfortunately was unable to stop IES from putting the ball into the net. They should of added another moments later, but their short corner drag flick was kept out by Darren Jenkins’s excellent save on the line with the reverse side of his stick.

Knowing that pressure was building Newmarket managed to win a short corner down the other end which Ollie Wade converted down the bottom left corner to equalise. However, IES replied immediately with a short corner of their own just minutes later taking a slight deflection before hitting the back board. 2-1 to IES.

Newmarket threatened again though, when Louis Hrebeniak crossed to Chris Leggett whose mis-hit shot squared Mark Pears to smash the ball into the net and equalise for a second time. The visitors finally moved ahead late in the first half, as Pears was released by Skelton, who slipped the ball to Matthew Holden, to score his second goal of the season.

The visitors remained on top after the break, with Wade forcing the opposition keeper to tip over a deflected shot while Skelton volleyed just wide. Newmarket were creating chances now, and further extended their lead with a sweet Skelton strike. The in-form striker reacted quickest to a loose ball, feeding a quick one-two to Jonny ‘Smokey’ Bunker, to strike home.

IES went desperately close late in the second half, having beaten McCourt, but Newnes’s diving tackle, which got the slightest of touches on a fierce shot, managed to divert the ball onto the post.

Newmarket eventually made the game safe deep into the game when Wilson converted another fine short corner down the bottom right corner.

Men’s 2s: 4-3 win vs Ipswich Cranes 1 (Home)
(Harrington 2, J. Atkinson, Trent)

After two losses Newmarket went onto the pitch expecting  a positive result, having played cranes in the pre-season and lost Newmarket were again hoping for a different result.  Ipswich cranes firsts were third in the table before coming to Newmarket so were expecting at least a draw.  Ipswich attached quickly from the whistle and scored from a short corner within the first five minutes and then again from another 1v1 with the Keeper. Bearing in mind the 2-0 scoreline was within the first 10 minutes of the game Newmarket heads were clearly not in the right place to play a game of hockey.  However these early two goals were the 3pm wake up call that Newmarket needed forming a counter attack which left the opposition backboard singing but nothing more as their goal was disallowed.  Cranes fast and determined upfront players continued to put the yellows defence under pressure and yielded yet another goal bringing the score to 3-0. This only provoked Newmarket further and after a great attack consisting of some quality straightforward simple passes that found their way through the Cranes defense and onto James Atkinson’s stick who placed it onto the oppositions backboard resulting this time in both the sound and the mark on the scoreboard bringing it to 3-1. Both Ipswich and Newmarket continued to contest for the ball both making a variety of errors in their play but the half went to the Cranes both in performance and points due to their never ending pressure on the regular 4 defenders (Matt Smith, Simon Harrington, Andrew Baker and Adrian Atkinson) who were often assisted by Andrew Beardon who did a great job of smothering the Cranes attacks and forwarding the ball through to the likes of James McTaggart and captain Drew Wood who also both had a decent game. The ball equally contested for until Newmarket found another break that resulted in an attacking short. The previously rehearsed routine came into action as the ball was injected onto Drew’s stick who stopped it dead to allow Harrington to slip it right to Andy Baker who then passes it once again back to Harrington around the p-spot area who finished it off with a strike past the goalkeeper and into the goal. The score was now 3-2 and Newmarket still held their own against Cranes as the first half came to an end with Ipswich 1sts still 3-2 up. At halftime it was brought to attention that despite having scored a goal the home side were not playing to their usual high standard of hockey  and after couple changes were made to the position of players Newmarket set themselves up for the second half. Cranes did not let up on their ferocious attacks and continued to make quick runs into Newmarket’s half and area only to be stopped largely by the likes of the two Andrews and Harrington not to mention the other defenders. On the Newmarket attack players such as Ollie Trent, James Atkinson and Ben Atkinson did well making runs into the oppositions half to receive the ball fired from a defensive stick. The keeper also managed to play his part of the game and control his area of the pitch clearing balls out to Newmarket players instead of the ever present Ipswich forwards. In a lapse of pressure from Cranes the home side found themselves once again in the oppositions area and setting up for another attacking short corner. The attacking short was played exactly the same as last time as “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and was played through like clockwork as the equalising goal was scored once again by Harrington. From an aggressive change in play you could tell that Ipswich were not happy with the new score, but increased aggression caused the previously tight Cranes play to leave an opportunity for newmarket to exploit, which they did through great determination from Ben Atkinson running down the right wing to put the ball into the area via multiple short passes and eventually onto Ollie Trent’s reverse stick resulting in another Newmarket goal and a score of 4-3 in the closing end of the second half. Cheers of relief were let out from the yellow team after the high intensity finishing minutes came to an end and the realisation that they not let in a single goal in the second half resulting in an amazing comeback from 3-2 in the first half to 3-4 in the second. A great show of determination and composure from the home team in the second half that proved that the Men’s 2s were a force to be reckoned with.

Men’s 3s: 1-1 draw vs UEA 4 (Away)

A second half goal from Jordan Walker salvaged a 1v1 draw for Newmarket Men’s 3s in a hard fought game away to UEA 4s.

Ladies’ 1s: 0-0 draw vs Cambridge Nomads 1 (Away)

Ladies’ 2s: 1-7 loss vs Cambridge South 1 (Home)

Predictably beaten by top of the league team Cambridge South 1, Newmarket Ladies 2s should not feel too disheartened by their performance this week: there were moments of inspired, glorious hockey; solid defending of short corners meaning that South’s routines did not score directly, neat passes engineered from midfielder Emma Russell-Price who linked so well with all the team, a stunning goal from Man of the Match Hannah Fox who had received a full pelt pass from defender Angel Fayers, ran into the D and sank the ball into the bottom left corner. There were near misses from Charlie Wombwell and attacks which seemed to take the opposition by surprise but lacked the finish to overturn the score in our favour.
There were also moments that we’d rather close our eyes and forget: 2 defensive short corners played without a goalie due to injury, balls that hit opposition posts and pads, weather to make a penguin want a warm bath.
The final score was 7-1 to the visitors and though Newmarket remain at the bottom end of the table, the team’s hockey is improving week on week and the goal tally is creeping up. Captain Zoe Bailey is sure the team can prove themselves worthy of this league by pulling themselves out of the relegation zone before the Christmas break.

Ladies’ 3s: 5-2 win vs Cambridge South 3 (Home)
(Podd 2, Carr, Farrow, Haste)

Despite horrible weather conditions Newmarket, relentless pouring rain, the Ladies 3s were in it for the long game and secured a win.

Unfortunately an early break from Cambridge saw them go one up yet Newmarket bounced back and secured a quick leveller with a strong stroke at the top of the D from Mel Podd during a short corner.
Newmarket continued to pressure the Cambridge defence and secured another goal from Ellie Carr. although Cambridge levelled the score at half time with a lucky deflection in the wet conditions.
After half time Newmarket came out strong with some opportunist pick ups by the defence and midfield, feeding it into the circle well. It wasn’t long before another short corner set play saw Mel score another convincing goal to go 3-2 up.
Goals from Jess/Olivia took the score to 5-2 at the final whistle. In spite of the rain, it was a great performance for the team with some equally positive individual performances too.
Credit to MoM: Ellie Carr
Next week sees the ladies away to take on Haverhill 2s.

Ladies’ 4s: 0-3 loss vs Cambridge South 2 (Away)

Week 8 Results – Comeback Victory for Ladies’ 1s as L3s Win Big

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Men’s 1s: 1-2 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 1 (Home)


Bury St Edmunds ended Newmarkets winning run in Division 3NE with a dramatic 2-1 win.

The game started at a very high tempo as both teams were keen to add to their promising league campaign. The hosts struggled against a resolute defence early on, and were kept largely at bay. But Newmarket were trying to carve Bury St Edmunds open, every time they went forward, but the visiting keeper was alert to block several efforts. However, Bury also carried a constant threat of their own and opened the scoring during a well worked short corner routine, slotting home a tame shot from close range.

The home side found it hard to get back into the game, having three players carded and leave the pitch; 1. Louis Hrebeniak – for breathing, 2. Oliver Wade – for blinking, 3. Michael Skelton – for scratching his chest. Further cards followed unnecessarily several minutes later for things such as coughing and running etc. bringing a miserable first half to an end.

As the second half got under way, Newmarket were huffing and puffing for an equaliser, as Skelton deflected a ball just wide and Atkinson flicking over the bar. However, hope was restored as Newmarket were awarded a penalty flick after seeing a short corner strike stopped on the line by the opposition defender. William Wilson stepped up and, despite the pressurised situation, kept his cool to fire powerfully into the net.

Unfortunately Newmarket were punished in the closing stages of the game, after Bury managed to burst into the D and rattle the back of the net with a fierce strike.

The result means that Newmarket stay in 3rd, 3 points adrift of second placed Bury St Edmunds, looking to get back to winning ways next weekend away to IES.

Men’s 2s: 3-6 loss vs UEA 2 (Away)
(Harrington 3)

After lunch as a team in Red lodge, a race against the clock began to reach the pitch to play UEA 2s. Newmarket made it just in time to have a 10 minute warm up and then begin the match. The warm UEA side set off with blistering pace as if happy hour had just been announced at their local boozer. Newmarket did not seem prepared for this level of energy as UEA attacked Newmarket’s area and after a nimble player partially dodged the sliding Newmarket keeper, scored from a penalty flick seeing Newmarket’s heads drop in the opening minutes of the game. After some more young-legged attacks that left Newmarket’s (let’s say experienced) traditional trio of defenders (who you should all know by now) a little out of breath and some monumentally stupid mistakes from the goalkeeper whose warm up consisted of the first 15 minutes of the game, who let in far more balls than he ever should have, to let the score increase from 1-0 to 2-0 to 3-0 with effective ease from the UEA attackers. However, it is noted that none were scored from the number of penalty corners they had gained. At this point Newmarket had had enough and with some great midfield work from James McTaggart and line-running from left winger and Captain Drew Wood, the Men’s 2s had earned a short corner. Newmarket had clearly prepared a lesson plan for UEA as Simon Harrington showed them how to actually convert a short corner bringing the score up to 3-1. The university team clearly disliked being taught outside of lessons and showed their distaste through more attacks and runs onto balls that Newmarket thought were far gone over the base or side lines. Some more crafty connections and sly skills lead to yet another goal to UEA. Out from no-one knows where Newmarket managed to find a crack in UEAs defence and made a break for a strike on goal, however UEA put an end to it with a monster fowl in their area meaning Newmarket had the opportunity for a goal from a penalty flick. This flick was beautifully converted by Professor Simon Harrington who launched the ball into the top left corner giving the goalkeeper no time to react or even blink as the score went to 4-2. UEAs persisting attacks resulted in yet another goal bringing it to 5-2 and tirelessly continued make runs up until the halftime whistle blew. Some of Newmarket’s players walked to the halftime talk with tails between their legs with the three consecutive goals scored against them still vivid in their minds but set up again after the 11 spoke over what needed to be done with clear vision on what to do, despite the wind and rain trying its best to limit visibility to half the pitch. The now warm (although wet and cold) Newmarket started the second half as if they were a completely different, not to mention better team, with better passes, stronger tackles especially from the likes of Ollie Trent, Oscar Kenny and Ben Atkinson that complemented the defensive backline consisting of Matt “too new for me to risk a nickname yet” Smith, Andy “punch bag” Baker, Simon “prof” Harrington and Adrian “look at my steps” Atkinson who held a much stronger line than in the first half. Seth Bailey also managed to find his head, put his helmet on and get it back in the game and finally make some much needed saves. The change in team and increase of moral eventually saw some attacks on UEA’s area and after a huge slide from the keeper that Tag managed to survive with all limbs still intact and full working order gave Newmarket another chance to score from a penalty flick. Once again Prof Harrington stepped up and released the ball onto the left post which sang with admiration as the ball reached the top corner of the goal once again making it 5-3. With only 2 goals between them UEA decided that yet more attacking play was required which lead to some drama in Newmarket’s area. After the ball was cleared from a slide from the keeper which left both a UEA player on the floor and the already injured Andy Baker on the goal line it re-found itself on a UEA stick at the top of the D. The thought that crossed everyone’s mind was something along the lines of “Andy’s on the floor, he’s got to pull his shot or at least dribble with it until he’s up” but the UEA player (completely invisible to the Newmarket keeper due to the kafuffle in the area) followed through with his strike which hit the backboard and luckily not the Newmarket defender. 6-3 was the concluded score at the end of the game, with only a 1-1 score in the second half. Newmarket left the pitch beaten on the score sheet but not defeated in spirt as the teams overall game was genuinely very good and UEA’s performance was definitely the best we have seen all season. With a decent warm up, decent conditions and time to let lunch go down Newmarket will unquestionably stand a fighting chance for a win next time the teams meet.

Men’s 3s: 3-0 win vs Bury St Edmunds 6 (Home)
(Benedikz, Lister, Walker)

Another impressive display saw Newmarket 3s move up to second in 7NE with a 3v0 win against Bury 6s. Goals from Matt Lister, John Benedikz and Jordan Walker coupled with a first clean sheet, helped Newmarket move up to 2nd in the league 1 point behind the league leaders with 2 games in hand.

Ladies’ 1s: 2-1 win vs City of Peterborough 2 (Home)
(G. Evans, Stoneman)


A last minute strike from Hayley Stoneman sealed a 2-1 win for Newmarket against Peterborough on Saturday afternoon. It was a frantic opening five minutes to the game, with Grace Evans posing the most danger with her pace and movement and the young striker played a wonderful reverse pass into the path of Claire McDonnell but she was unable to make the most of it and blasted wide. Down the other end, Peterborough were also hoping to continue their early season form, finding one of their wingers out wide who turned superbly before passing to an unmarked striker, but could only hit a stinging shot to warm the palms of keeper Sue Bullimore. Despite Newmarket’s bright start, they were soon rocked in the 25th minute against the run of play. Peterborough taking a long corner early, driving the ball to the top of the D and hitting it straight at Bullimore, who unfortunately deflected it into the path of a Peterborough striker to calmly slot home. Knowing they needed to improve in the second half, the home side came out, determined to reduce the deficit and get back into the game. The introduction of Di Thomas was giving the visiting defence something different to think about, chasing down every ball, and providing support for midfielders Lydia Evans, Claire McDonnell, Steph Howard and Kerry Alderson. The hosts eventually started to settle into the second half, and it was them who were controlling possession now. With 5 minutes left on the clock, Newmarket were finally rewarded, winning a free hit just outside the D. This time Hayley Stoneman hitting the ball straight towards the keeper and Grace Evans deflecting the ball into the bottom left corner, 1-1. With only minutes left, Newmarket managed to win a short corner. Calli Cannon pushed the ball to Faye Andreou, who stopped it for Stoneman to hit a rasping shot straight towards the left corner, taking a slight touch on the way, and to hit the back board, sealing all three points for the home side. The win sees Newmarket go fourth in Division 2NW looking carry on their impressive form away to Cambridge Nomads.

Ladies’ 2s: 1-3 loss vs Ely City 1 (Away)

Spirits were high in the Newmarket Ladies 2s team, having supported our Ladies 3s at the same venue to their emphatic win; they were excited to get started, despite feeling near frozen due to Ely-Specific-Wind-Chill-Factor. Newmarket’s forwards consisting of Hannah Fox, Hannah Kelly and Zoe Bailey, began to put pressure on Ely from the onset of the game but this didn’t stop Ely from making an early break through to score a goal giving them the lead.
However, Newmarket were eager to level so the midfield, consisting of Emma Lankfer, newly positioned Angel Fayers, Helen Hansgate and Grace Morris continued to work the ball up the pitch, gaining possession of the ball further. Lankfer making a lovely run down the wing, crossing the ball into a perfectly positioned Hannah Fox who slotted the ball firmly into the goal with her one touch hit to put the score 1-1. A significant goal in Newmarket L2’s 2016-7 season as it equalled their entire goal total for 2015-6.
The goal put Newmarket in a determined mind-set despite some confusing decisions being made from the Ely umpires, motivating Newmarket to score more goals. The Newmarket defence; Jazz Freed, Steph Heslop, Phoebe Peacock and Sam Brooke; worked hard to feed the ball out to the midfields but were unsuccessful resulting in two more goals being scored by Ely – ending the first half at 3-1 to Ely.
The half time talk consisted of customary sweets, celebratory chocolates and a motivational speech from coach Chris, Newmarket went into the second half wanting to score. More runs were made down the wings by Bailey, Morris and Kelly but were stopped by the Ely defence therefore not reaching Fox in time who was perfectly positioned once again. Newmarket continued to try and gain possession back from Ely, keeping the second half to 0-0 and felt unfortunate to end the game at 3-1.
Man of the Match went to a draw between Phoebe Peacock, Emma Lankfer and Steph Heslop for their excellent determination in the game. DoD went to Hannah Kelly for her flying tumbles with two of the Ely players. With an equal amount of goals scored last season in the first 3 months of this season, the only way is up for Newmarket, with a tough game ahead next weekend at home. If the weather continues in the same vain, Captain Zoe Bailey is tempted to bring a giant flask of hot chocolate to keep subs warm when not on pitch.

Ladies’ 3s: 5-0 win vs Ely City 3 (Away)
(Benedikz, Farrow, Haste, Poe, Smith)

Ladies’ 4s: 0-4 loss vs Ely City 2 (Home)

Week 7 Results – 1st Teams Grab Wins on the Road

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Men’s 1s: 5-1 win vs North Norfolk 1 (Away)
(J. Atkinson 3, Wade 2)


Slick Newmarket kept pace with the top of Division 3NE with a thrilling 5-1 victory over North Norfolk on Saturday afternoon.

It only took 45 seconds for the game to burst into life. James Atkinson was the first to strike after some fantastic Newmarket passing play, with Chris Leggett playing in Josh Dawson on the right of the D. He took one touch to put the ball into the path of Atkinson who fired home. Despite the scoreline, North Norfolk’s keeper did well under plenty of Newmarket pressure, pushing a fierce Matthew Holden strike out for a long corner.

Newmarket went further ahead 20 minutes later as Atkinson nabbed his second goal in style. Darren Jenkins and Holden exchanging a clever one-two pass, to feed Atkinson at the top of the D, finding himself completely unmarked, to under-cut a looping ball over the keeper and bringing the first half to an end.

Although the home side came out after half-time looking for a response, they weren’t able to breach the organised back-line of Hrebeniak, Newnes, Wilson and Jenkins. They also drove several shots just wide with the home side growing in frustration.

It took the Blue and Yellows a while to grow into the second half, but the away side – who had not lost a game in four matches prior to the trip to Cromer – found their spark in the 55th minute. Debutant Matt Lister was deliberately brought down just behind the 23 meter line forcing the umpire to issue a short corner, which Wade converted. This time Leggett pushed the ball out to Wilson, who found Wade in a lot of space in a training-ground routine, only to see his strike rattle the back board to further extend their lead.

North Norfolk did manage to take advantage of some shambolic defending by Jordan Newnes (it wasn’t quite that bad -L), as he cleared the ball onto the stick of the opposition striker who calmly flicked over Martin McCourt. Newnes however, atoned for his mistake just 5 minutes later, as he drilled the ball across half the pitch to find Wade. He managed to dance past two defenders and reverse hit the ball powerfully into the far right hand corner and for his second of the game.

Atkinson sealed the victory with minutes left. Harry Bell picked out Holden at the top of the D with a sublime through ball, and the former Prem A star had his shot palmed away, but Atkinson collected the ball and put it over the outcoming keeper to add the fifth and to complete his hat-trick.

Men’s 2s: 1-2 loss vs Norwich Dragons 4 (Home)

Norwich Dragons were Newmarket’s Men’s 2s opponents this week. With similar points to Newmarket and after the Men’s 2s past games the home side was ready to try to add another win to their name. Newmarket were the first to achieve a short corner, within the first 5 minutes, but unfortunately yielded few results other than the gained knowledge that it was possible to work their way into the dragons den. Throughout the first half Newmarket did not venture into the den often. Norwich were quick to retaliate from the short corner, regularly using their upfront players to put pressure on men’s 2s defensive line consisting again of John B. and the Three Amigos, Simon Acosar-ington, Andrew Panadero and Ayuda Atkinson (other translation services are available) backed up by keeper Seth Bailey who kept out a couple shots from attacking short corners. Unfortunately for the match report the first half of hockey was rather uneventful so it is therefore difficult to present in an exciting manner but like the previous games of the season great connections were made from the defence through to Simon Donald and then again to Jonny (had-his-warm-up-cigarette) Smokey Bunker, Mark-the-set-up-king “Arsenal” Pears. After more short corners from both sides that resulted in no mark on the score sheet, the first half finished at 0-0. Newmarket knew that they had made multiple opportunities to score and after a few daft punk lyrics “harder, better, faster, stronger” they were ready to start the second half. A few more minutes of humdrum hockey passed and finally Newmarket made a break that was worth something. Using a combination of Bunker’s pace, Trent’s positioning and Arsenal’s modest assisting ability the ball made it over the Dragons goal line after a casual tap off Ollie Trent’s stick making it 1-0 to Newmarket. This angered the Dragons who dug their claws into the astro and launched forward attacking more frequently and as the rules of probability would have it they finally found a gap in Newmarket’s fatiguing defence and scored the levelling goal. Both teams continued to contest for the ball, with special commitment from Captain Drew Wood who made his signature diving shot to the bottom left corner that unluckily missed the goal by inches. It must have been the sun in Newmarket’s eyes that saw another of Norwich’s balls slip past the defence and onto the backboard making it 2-1 towards the end of the second half. Although disheartened, Newmarket continued to fight for the ball making some good runs using the left and right channels up until the final whistle. The home side walked off the pitch feeling the weight of a defeat much greater than a 1 goal difference, disappointed in their performance and determined to rise phoenix like at the Dragon’s own den in the new year.

Ladies’ 1s: 2-1 win vs Wisbech Town 2 (Away)
(G. Evans, Kelly)

Newmarket travelled to the fens with a depleted team due to injury and holidays. Newmarket however where confident that they kept their shape and concentration that they could beat Wisbech who were sitting several places below them in the table.

The first half started of with Wisbech pressing hard. Newmarket took the pressure well not panicing but keeping their shape and by 10mins in where pushing back and started to consistently penetrate the Wisbech half. Some good passes between Hayley Stoneman and Tania Fisher in midfield allowed the forwards to create the space in the d. Newmarket had several chances and it was only a matter of time before an attack resulted in a goal by a perfectly angled shot from Hannah Kelly on her debut for the 1’s.  The goal settled Newmarket who began to push well as a whole team with Faye Andreou leading from the back giving some solid passes to create some great attacking moves. With the score 1 – 0 at halftime Newmarket knew a win was on the cards if they could continue the second half with the same pace and commitment.

The second half opened with Wisbech scoring within the first 5mins after a break from their 23 caught the Newmarket defence off guard. The goal prompted Newmarket to up their work rate and they soon consistently  found themselves in the Wisbech D winning half a dozen short corners. Unable to convert the corners it was to take some great passes and some patience before Grace Evans added herself to the score sheet. Newmarket knew if they could close ranks and keep the formation tight the game was theirs. Newmarket kept their heads and some solid work from all meant the final score of 2-1 gave Newmarket the points they deserved.

Newmarket now sit comfortably, exactly mid table and go into next weeks game at home against  City of Peter bough who sit 2pts above them in the tables with a positivity and ready for their next win.

Ladies’ 2s: 2-4 loss vs Pelicans 1 (Home)
(Cannon, Lankfer)

Newmarket L2s took a bite of the victory cake this weekend, chewed it and somehow spat it out. It is apparent that our taste buds still need a little education…
Pelicans were the visitors to Newmarket home pitch this weekend and from their first push back, Newmarket won the 50:50 balls and were on the attack. Certainly not the afternoon nap which had been so disastrous last week. Working the ball up the right side of the pitch, Bea Jones passed to Calli Cannon who shot the ball so hard that though the goalie got a pad to the ball, it still crossed the line and Hannah Fox who had been ready on the back post could celebrate Newmarket taking a lead 1-0. Scoring before the opposition? Unheard of, as yet, this season.
Pelicans’ coach exhorted them to hunt in pairs and they did. Newmarket just kept digging deeper and through neat passing perplexed their opposition, making another break and from the top of the D another shot was successfully deflected by Pelicans’ keeper but Emma Lankfer swooped onto the rebound and saw it home.
Pelicans’ feathers thoroughly ruffled, they showed they were capable of fast breaks too and with all of Newmarket’s defence the wrong side of the D, were 3-on-1 with Newmarket’s keeper. Jersey Bennett saved the day and Captain Zoe Bailey hugged the young guardian of the score line for showing her mettle in a two stage save.
Newmarket’s concentration lapsed a little and the next time Pelicans made a break, they were able to beat all 11 players. Nevertheless Newmarket entered half time break from the giddy heights of 2-1 up. It bears repeating: 2-1 UP
Coach Chris Evans said it was the best hockey he has seen the 2s play for a couple of seasons, “just keep it up”
Pelicans’ coach must have used the half time break to metamorphose his players from Pelicans to velociraptors. In the second half, not a single ball was released from a home free hit as they pounced on Newmarket’s every attempt, hunting not only in pairs but triads. They equalised by blocking a 16yd hit and transferring quickly within their triplicity to score.
Newmarket continued to show skills, individually and as a team. Grace Morris ran in all directions without flagging, cutting passes, hassling attackers, channelling and tackling in a way which won her joint Man of the Match with Jersey.
At 2-3 down after a successful Pelicans penalty corner came a Newmarket break into the sunny end of the pitch but left the team wondering what a beautiful thing advantage is when a decisive umpire was faster than Zoe Bailey to assess a foot foul and the sweep that guided the ball into the bottom left hand corner was disallowed. The foot foul resulted in a penalty corner but the shot was released from outside the D, did not meet the post attacker, bounced off the post and the corner was judged to be finished; sadly marking the end of Newmarket’s attack for the day.
A last goal came from Pelicans fitter side but Newmarket L2s can hold their heads high: another reduction in their match goal difference, 90% of last season’s goal tally under their belts and promising improvements to areas of their play that will see a win before long.

Ladies’ 3s: 1-0 win vs St Neots 3 (Home)

The ladies’ 3s faced St Neots 3rd team on Saturday morning. Newmarket started strong with plenty of good joined up play between the mids and forwards. While St Neots made quick work of circling back, Newmarket’s defence and goalie were on top form, and efforts proved unfruitful for them. Newmarket found themselves with quite a few attacking short corners. Newmarket were to be rewarded for their efforts as Sam Brooke took the ball along the base line to slot into the goal between the keepers legs.
Half time saw the girls 1-0 up and feeling strong and buoyed by their performance.
During the second half there was plenty of attempts from both sides to add some goals, but attempts on both sides proved futile. St Neots became increasingly frustrated as shot after shot was either blocked by Newmarket’s defence or goalie.
The game ended as a 1-0 win for Newmarket’s ladies, which they were delighted with, and one of the ladies strongest performances for the season so far. Goalie Jersey Bennett took man of the match for a flawless performance.
Next week sees the ladies take on Ely 3s at Ely.

Ladies’ 4s: 0-5 loss vs Cambridge City 5 (Away)

After the potential of this game being conceded during the week due to lack of players, Newmarket scraped a team of 11 together to venture off to the lovely grounds at Wilberforce Road to face Cambridge City 5. With thanks to Mel Podd and Charlie Wombwell for playing 2 games to make sure Newmarket had the 11 they need, the girls started off strong wanting to win the game. With some great work from Emily Fairweather, Milly Howe, Milou Ottolini and Sophie Kelly in the midfield, City had to work hard to get past them into the defence. With constructive shouting from skipper Jess Boyle in the goal (yes she went back to her roots this week) the defence of Sarah Gainford, Helen Atkinson, Mel Podd and Jess Allen were more than a match for City’s forwards. Unfortunately however, City managed to slot a goal past Boyle and went 1-0 up. Things got a little shaky towards the half time whistle with City getting a lot of shots towards the goal. A final short corner awarded to City left Newmarket fighting to stop another goal going in. And fight they did! A spectacular performance from Allen on the post stopped the ball from fully crossing the line, and luckily enough the umpire didn’t see it hit her foot on the line either otherwise a full blown crisis of a penalty flick would have had to be saved… Crisis averted!!
With a appraising team talk at half time from Boyle, and a couple of added extra pointers from coach Twm Wade, Newmarket entered the second half thirsty for a goal or two! Some great play down the widths from Atkinson in defence saw Wombwell and Kelly attacking the oppositions 23 pretty quickly, but alas no goal found. Some interception work from Howe found Brooke Le Maire awaiting the ball down the right hand side but again no goal found (bugger!). City managed to gain 4 goals in the second half, one of which should never have been allowed as it was a dangerous reverse in the defending D but never mind. The girls held their head high and look forward to going into next week’s game rearing to go.
Man of the match was closely awarded by just 1 vote by Sarah Ganiford who had a phenomenal game in defence. Dick of the day was awarded for a second time to Emily Fairweather for walking out her house and forgetting her stick… Again! Next week Newmarket face Ely City 2 at home at 10:30. All spectators welcome to cheer on the ever growing ladies 4 team.

Week 6 Results – First Home Win for Men’s 3s

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 5-0 win vs Sudbury 2 (Home)
(J. Atkinson, Holden, Jenkins, Wade, Wilson)


Newmarket continued their domestic swagger and made it 4 games unbeaten with a comfortable 5-0 victory over Sudbury on Saturday. The home side worked quickly into their stride with Michael Skelton forcing the first save of the game with a clean strike down the keeper’s left hand side. Josh Dawson was next to put pressure on the visitors, seeing his shot go wide. However, Newmarket continued to move the ball about at pace and finally saw their efforts rewarded as Skelton fed the ball to Matthew Holden, who drove it into the D to score the opener on his third attempt, having watched his first two shots saved. A quarter of an hour later and Newmarket had doubled their lead from a short corner that saw William Wilson’s first shot at goal parry straight back to him to flick into the the right hand side of the goal.

An unchanged defence of Louis Hrebeniak, Jordan Newnes, Wilson and Darren Jenkins successfully set up to frustrate the opposition strikers as they kept goalkeeper Martin McCourt to single save in the first half. Captain Holden was also able to hand Ollie Wade, who came on as a substitute against Pelicans the previous weekend, a starting berth in place of Chris Leggett.

Half time was fast approaching but the Blue & Yellows did manage to find a third. This time Sudbury lost possession of the ball deep in Newmarket’s half, allowing Skelton to break forward and find Wade, whose clever pass released the marauding Holden. He then fed Josh Dawson down the inside right channel, before a lovely crossed ball was collected and struck home by James Atkinson.

Chances were few and far between in the opening 15 minutes of the second half but Newnes did manage to drive forward, flashing a cross across the D and just out of the reach of Atkinson. However, the frustration did continue for Sudbury, as Ollie Wade got forward, and with a bit of smart skill, put the ball past the keeper to make it 4-0. Newmarket should have grabbed a fifth goal 10 minutes later, with Harry Bell squaring the ball to Atkinson, but he rifled his strike over the goal having slipped over a piece of Broccoli. Then, with 5 minutes remaining, Skelton, who was a thorn in the Sudbury side all game, found space to run into and pass to fullback Darren Jenkins to slot home from close range for his first senior goal.

The result sees Newmarket stay in third spot, tied on points with Bury St Edmunds after picking up 15 from six games.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-2 draw vs I-ES 4 (Away)
(Lister, Trent)

Newmarket Men’s 2s were away at Ipswich to play against IES 4s. It is fair to mention that IES 4s team’s average age is slightly lower than the Men’s 2s but Newmarket’s more than make up for it in superior experience and class.  From the start whistle IES reacted quickly on the attack and were fast to claim their first (of many) short corners. Newmarket effortlessly defended the attack and gained possession of the ball, holding onto it like a favourite soft toy as they shared it around the players attempting to find a gap in IES’ fresh legged defence. After a couple more short corners (and an old school bully off taken by Harrington, who taught a lesson to the younger player that went against him) Newmarket poked a gap in the oppositions defence and after a lightning pass from the set up king Mark “Arsenal” Pears the ball was tucked into the inside of the bottom left post by Matt Lister. 1-0 to Newmarket. The rest of the game remained 50/50 in possession and effort,  a few more short corners and some impressive, not to mention important diving saves from the keeper, the first half ended at 1-0 to Newmarket.  The team talk consisted of compliments to Jonny “Smokey” Bunker, Ollie Trent and Matt Lister along with the comment from Simon Harrington that drew attention to “how long Seth has gone without doing something monumentally stupid”.  The second half was played very much on Newmarket’s side of the pitch allowing the experienced back line consisting of John Benna…Benndiktc…Benedicctsz…  B-E-N-E-D-I-K-Z and the reappearing Simon Harrington, Andrew Baker and Adrian Atkinson forming the Density’s child defensive line, who did a good job smothering IES’ repetitive attacks and having the goalkeeper’s back after he made some sliding saves that put him too far from the goal. However the keeper did also make some decent single, double and even triple saves that left him being pulled up by the helmet and exonerated as if he had just jumped on an exploding grenade. Eventually due to the rules of probability IES finally managed to score a levelling goal through an unorthodox short corner routine that bounced off the previously flawless goalkeeper’s foot and into the goal, spilling ink onto his well-maintained clean sheet. The shouts from the opposition clearly illustrated the achievement of getting a ball over the line especially considering the amount of attempts they had, a couple of which got tantalizingly close to the goal line only to be stopped by the a-flame keeper. Newmarket retaliated and after a surprising turn in Smokey Bunker’s ball pace and speed, he put a ball through to Ollie Trent who put the ball tactically on the reverse to place it into the taken aback keeper who was still trying to process the speed at which the attack had come at him. 2-1 in the latter part of the second half and IES did not like this one bit. The home side continued to bombard Newmarket’s defence and in the end fired a powerful shot into the backboard bringing it to 2-2 in the last third of the second half, it was at this point that the goalkeeper’s enjoyment of the game decreased slightly and all of Newmarket’s heads seemed to go down. The rest of the half showed some great play by Captain Drew Wood, spinning round the opposition like a South African leopard crossed with a Tasmanian devil passing the ball through to Ben Barclay who showed that, for him, hockey is not too dissimilar to walking. Unfortunately the game finished with a 2-2 draw but IES were definitely the beaten side, with an unbelievable 27 short corners in their favour but converting one on the score board. Now, I’ve done the math and that is a 3.7% success rate or for Newmarket a 96.3% chance of saving. Looking at those numbers you can now see why every person on the hockey pitch, including the oppo keeper,  congratulated the Newmarket keeper Seth Bailey who earned himself man of the match and another “fine” into the kitty. Newmarket were fairly evenly matched against IES and now have a good idea on all of the possible ways to give away a short corner, Density’s child could maybe write a dummies’ guide on how to award the opposition with one.

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 6-1 win vs Felixstowe 4 (Home)
(B. Atkinson 2, H. Frost 2, Andreou, Podd)

Newmarket Men’s 3s comprehensively beat Felixstowe 4s 6v1 in their first home league game. In front of a partisan home crowd, 2 goals apiece from Henry Frost and Ben Atkinson with further goals from Alex Andreou and Rory Podd were too much for Felixstowe as the 3s played their best hockey of the season.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 3-4 loss vs Alford & District 1 (Home)
(G. Evans 2, Thomas)

Having won two games on the bounce the Newmarket Ladies 1st team were feeling confident as they faced league levellers Alford & District 1s.

However the opening 10 minutes were the oppositions with 2 goals hitting the Newmarket backboards, showing the visitors were not afraid to travel.

Leading the retaliation charge-Grace Evans, Town’s in form striker swept a ball into the net from mid D with no hesitation.

Newmarket still looked a little loose on the ball and were not picking out teammates cleanly.

Battling commenced and Claire McDonnell made a swift run down the right wing. She found Di Thomas prowling the back line who then turned, passed 3 players and unleashed a shot the keeper could not reach.

This score line remained until five minutes in to the second half where Grace Evans finished superbly again – a move initiated by a confident defensive display from Gail Parkins, Faye Andreou, Rebecca Barnes and Stef Howard.

Emma Russell-Price, Lydia Evans, Calli Cannon and Hayley Stoneman worked hard to create forward momentum but Alford were able to break and force an equaliser.

The game failing to flow; particularly in the second half and produced as much a mental test as physical. It was Alford who got the final chalk on the board after intercepting in midfield and firing in from close range. This was enough to take away all 3 points and the opportunity of Newmarket sitting top three in the table.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 3-6 loss vs Haverhill 1 (Away)
(Bailey, Fox, Jones)

Newsflash! 3 goals in one match. 3! Goals! In one match!
Ok, so the opposition insisted on scoring more but only 3 more. That’s our best goal difference all season!
It seems L2s have remembered how it feels to hear ball against back board. Long may it continue!
If exclamation marks are rationed, I may be in trouble. One very happy captain (!!!!!)
Haverhill did, quite frankly catch Newmarket blinking, let alone napping and scored within seconds of pushback. For the first half, every loose ball was met by a Haverhill player, forcing Newmarket’s back 4 (realistically 3, we had a fidget) to defend hard. Some attacks were met outside circle, a fair few dealt with in the D but sometimes crowding Keeper Jersey Bennett so clear saves could not be made. It was one such attack which led to Haverhill’s second goal as the ball, initially blocked, was put in on a rebound and rose off a stick above the defender and dropped just under the cross bar and out of Jersey’s reach.
Haverhill’s players circled our hit outs well, capitalising on a short stop and scoring once more. Steph Heslop and Jazz Wombwell persisted in attempting to release the ball from defence and from one such release, Hannah Kelly worked the ball up the right side of the pitch, passing to Bea Jones, who just inside the D, struck the ball keenly between Haverhill’s keeper’s pads bring the score to 3-1 just before half time.
Newmarket emerged from their half time talk like a different team: determined, feisty, communicating, passing, moving, supporting. Must have been the previous night’s partying wearing off for some or a really special batch of sweets. Special mention must go to Emily Russell who was a dynamo in centre of attack, chasing back when Haverhill broke our attack, putting herself in prime positions and placing the ball for her team mates, Hannah Fox was first to use this assistance, seeing home a ball from the penalty spot.
Newmarket found a new liking for the opposition’s D and though Haverhill did break and score twice more: Newmarket L2s did not give up. Helen Hansgate owned midfield, intercepting Haverhill cross-pitch passes and finding Emily Russell who took the ball back up the field, passing and receiving from Lydia Willmott on the edge of the D and feeding the ball again to the penalty spot, where Newmarket attackers and Haverhill defenders pinballed until Captain Zoe Bailey, with her back to the GK dropped low to guide the ball under her left elbow in a forceful spinning push. Time stood still and then Newmarket cheers erupted as the score-line improved to 5-3.
Haverhill retaliated with one last goal but the fact remains L2s have now scored 70% of their last season’s goal tally, have a top goal scorer (streaking ahead with 2) and have reduced their match goal difference for another week running. Onwards and upwards.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 1-1 draw vs Royston 2 (Away)

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s drew 1v1 with Royston 2s. After an even first half Royston took the lead with a rapid counter attack. From this point on Newmarket dominated both possession and chances with their efforts rewarded with an equaliser from Laura Excell.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 1-9 loss vs Cambridge Nomads 2 (Home)

After an unfortunate away loss to Bury last week, Newmarket ventured into this week’s home game against Cambridge Nomads with their heads held high. Still sitting mid table, Newmarket knew that losing this game would cost valuable points which they did not want! After losing regulars Gabi Asker, Emily Fairweather and Gerogia Atherton for multiple reasons, taking the team to just 11 players, it was time for Darcy Keates and newbie Anne Romanivk to make their mark on the ever progressing ladies 4s team.
After gaining first pushback, Newmarket dominated the first 15 minutes. With some great midfield work from Millie Howe, Milou Ottolini, Darcy Keates and Anne Romanivk, Newmarket began to find their way into the attacking 23. Unfortunately however, the Nomads defence were just as strong and managed to claim composure and venture their way right back up the pitch into the watchful eyes of the back 4 of Jess Allen, Janie Harrington, captain Jess Boyle and Helen Atkinson, plus the ever eager eyed James Atkinson, whose sole purpose of the game was to try and take out as many if not more players than he did at Bury last week (3 in counting if I’m not mistaken!). Nomads managed to sneak in an early goal against Newmarket, but this was soon counteracted from a superb 16 yard hit out from Boyle which managed to deflect not only off a Newmarket stick but a Nomads stick into the awaiting path of Sophie Kelly who had a clear run on her own up towards the keeper. Her shot on goal thwarted by the Nomads goalkeeper but rebounded spectacularly off Howe making the score 1-1 with roughly 10 minutes to go before half time. Nomads managed to score another before the half time whistle making the score 2-1 but a lot of scrappiness and captains overruling umpires decisions (no not Newmarket captain obviously!) lead to this goal being given.
After a productive half time team talk by skipper Boyle, and a goalie change seeing Helen Atkinson don the kit, Newmarket held their heads high hoping they could at least scrape a goal back to draw and potentially even win. This however was not the case! As Newmarket struggled on with all 11 players blowing so hard they could knock down the 3 little pigs house made of bricks, Nomads managed to thwart each and every single player and stick another 7 goals past H. Atkinson in the second half, leaving the final score 9-1 loss to Newmarket.
Man of the Match went to Sophie Kelly for some spectacular play! Dick of the Day was awarded to Helen Atkinson for a cracking dive towards the goal which could only be described as leaving her like a turtle on its back.  Next week the ladies 4’s face Cambridge City away at 3:00.

Week 5 Results – Wins All Round for Men as Ladies 1s Upstage Uni

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 7-3 win vs Pelicans 2 (Away)
(Atkinson 2, Dawson 2, Shepperson, Skelton, Wilson)


Unchanged Newmarket ran Pelicans ragged in Kings Lynn, keeping them within touching distance of top spot, with a 7-3 away win. Pelicans went into the game with a great balance of youth and experience, but that positive vibe was extremely short-lived, with Ben Shepperson turning home the opener inside two minutes after a deflection of the keepers pads. Things went from bad to worse for the home side five minutes later, as William Wilson slammed the ball into the D, which deflected off a Pelicans stick into the air, that was then collected by James Atkinson who, with a sweet strike, made it 2-0. However, Pelicans did manage to score against the run of play, as attack broke down in the middle of the pitch, opening up lots of space for an opposition player to push past keeper Martin McCourt. It was a lifeline for the home side, but they never looked like getting back afloat, with Josh Dawson restoring Newmarket’s two goal advantage on the 20 minute mark with a team goal of the season contender. The ball was played out of defence by Jordan Newnes, picking out Shepperson on the wing, who with a quick one-two pass with Michael Skelton gave the ball to Atkinson on the move, and then square the ball past the keeper to Dawson to fire into an open net. 3-1 to the visitors. Confidence was growing with every minute as Wilson saw a trademark short corner rattle into the bottom right hand corner to make it 4-1. Newmarket were made to sweat again however, as the hosts added another goal, picking out a free running player at the left side of the post who casually slotted the ball in. After exchanging passes with Atkinson for the third goal, it was now Dawson to return the favour. A beautiful counter attack was executed, as Chris Leggett got the ball in midfield and gave it to Dawson, driving it into the D and playing a diagonal pass past the keeper for Atkinson, who ghosted into the area unmarked, to sweep home and bringing the first half to an end. The second half got under way but Pelicans struggled to claw their way back into the game as Newmarket started exactly as they did in the first half. This time Ollie Wade taking the short corner, with a perfectly weighted pass for Dawson to nip in and score his second of the game. Newmarket’s dominance shone throughout the game and shortly after the 6th came the 7th goal, this time captain Matt Holden hitting the ball into the D and Skelton deflecting it into the roof of the net. Ben Shepperson was then shown a red card for a cynical challenge, bringing play to a short halt with both teams getting out their handbags during a fiery encounter. It left Newmarket hanging on in the last 20 minutes as the hosts pulled one back, but the visiting side held firm to move up to third in the league, level on points with second.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 7-3 win vs Pelicans 3 (Home)
(Hosegood 2, Pears 2, Bunker, Trent, Wood)

Due to the sheer quality of the game and the role played by the match reporter before he knew he would be match reporter this week, please forgive historical inaccuracies and any under playing of the gloriousness of goals. Safe to say this match was thoroughly enjoyed by all the team and all the goals and saves were genuinely impressive.

This weekend Newmarket Men’s 2s lined up against Pelicans 2s and started like the horses out the gates at the local races. The Pelicans where clearly not prepared for the amazing start that caught all of the 11 opposing players on the back foot. Taking advantage of this, Newmarket quickly moved the ball between the attacking players, around the dazed Pelican defenders and onto William “Windmill” Hosegood’s stick who fired a killer shot straight into and almost through the goal. Newmarket were 1-0 up within the first (counted) 35 seconds. Yes that is 35 seconds, which is 8 seconds faster than the 400m world record set in the 2016 Olympics. Pelicans had no time to recover from the lightning first goal as Newmarket were back at it again, with fast passes and some quality team work the ball found itself hitting Pelicans backboard again after only 2 minutes from the starting whistle, this time shot from Ollie Trent, his first senior goal for the club.

An amazing effort from Newmarket with all players seeming to be tuned into the same victorious radio channel, soon it was birthday boy Mark “Arsenal” Pears’ turn to make an appearance on the score sheet with an incredible reverse stick shot placed into the opposition’s goal, 3 goals past the Pelican’s goal-keeper in the first 12minutes of the game. The rest of the half consisted of some great play from Trent, Beardon , and Simon Donald who worked well with the defensive backline, again made up of the Good the Bad and the Ugly; Harrington, Baker and the unusually quiet Atkinson (who’s who can be fought out by amongst said three). Matt Smith did a great job of suppressing Pelicans attacks down the right wing. Despite Newmarket’s incredible play the Pelicans found a break and after they managed to dodge the defensive lunges made by Newmarket’s backline leaving the keeper with a two on one situation, which he would like to mention are ridiculously difficult to save. As you would expect from a two on one, a goal was converted in the closing minutes of the first half after the keeper made the arguably wrong decision to stay and try to block the shot instead of closing the player down. The score stayed at 3-1 to Newmarket thorough till half time despite Pelicans efforts through attacking shot corners which were blocked by the keeper gaining himself a slice of redemption and compliments from a Pelicans player.

The halftime team talk consisted of nothing but adulation for the superior team and their admirable play made as they took their well-deserved break to prepare themselves for the next half of exceptional hockey.

Newmarket’s second half mirrored the quality of the first, however Pelicans must have received one extensive talking-to at half time as they managed to score another goal bringing it to 3-2 through an impressive volley shot after 3 air touches in the D. Newmarket’s fatigued keeper removed his hand pads and applauded. Play immediately transferred to the inspired Captain Drew Wood and he finally made his bottom right corner goal (3 matches in the making) to bring the score to 4-2 but unfortunately this goal marked the beginning of Newmarket’s down period of play and another Pelican break into the area and Pelican goal bringing it to 4-3. The Pelicans continued their aggressive attacks and drove another ball into Newmarket’s area and after a save which left Newmarket’s keeper down and out, an opposing player lined up the killer shot to score the levelling goal. Against all odds, wonder man Andrew Baker made it back in time to hook the attackers descending stick, preventing the goal. An initial short corner was given but after a discussion between the umpires a penalty flick was awarded. All eyes were turned to the keeper as he placed himself on the line and prepared himself for the incoming ball. The full weight of Newmarket’s expectation to keep them in the game felt as he centralised on the goal line, he read the book of body language that the Pelicans flicker had presented him with and with cat like reflexes, greeted the flying ball with his left hand deflecting it towards the stampede of yellow that embraced the exhilarated keeper. This was the turning point of the game, giving new fire to Newmarket’s bellies that saw another 3 goals scored, all of which had an involvement from the birthday boy Arsenal, first by Jonny (not-so-Smokey-as-he-forgot-his-warm-up-cigarette-which-definitely-has-an-effect-on-his-game) Bunker whose speedy running and slipping in of Arsenal’s cross saved Trent from DoD, making it look like a plan to miss an easy goal and wrong-foot the keeper for 5-3. With that Pelicans retaliated and weaselled their 4th and final ball over the Newmarket goal line. But this only provoked Newmarket’s onslaught of attacks with another ball rocketed from Arsenal to Windmill Hosegood bringing the score to 6-4, and then the final icing on the birthday cake was Arsenal’s finishing goal to make the score 7-4 in the last few minutes of the game.

Newmarket Men’s 2s gave an Olympian like performance with all players worthy of a Man of Match vote but in the end it went to Keeper Seth Bailey for amongst other things, the flick save which turned the tables of the game. DOD went to Andrew Baker for his foul that awarded the flick but did save what would have been the equalizing goal. Some say that it was Arsenal’s birthday wish that won the game but one certain thing is the fact that some of Newmarket’s Men’s 2s had just played the best game of their hockey career and together the Men’s 2s team played best game of this season so far.

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 2-1 win vs Ipswich Cranes 2 (Away)
(Lister, Walker)

Newmarket travelled away for the second week in a row, this time to the ever beautiful and sun-bathed town of Ipswich, famous of course for The Tractor Boys and …….…. Tractors……..maybe.

Anyway this week’s game promised to be good as Newmarket had raised a full team and even managed a couple of subs, with an even mix of age and experience and youth and enthusiasm.

After an initial panic on the fact that apparently Cranes also play in yellow, I have to thank Gainsborough Leisure Centre for digging up 13 non yellow bibs for us to use.

The first half began with Cranes on the front foot and Newmarket looked very shaky and stand in keeper Jack Rossiter was called into action on several occasions. Newmarket had some possession but gave it away far too easily. The first goal arrived in a way I have been trying to get us to attack all season, Cranes got in around the back of Newmarket’s defence and rather than pulling the ball back slotted home at the near post. To say this goal galvanised Newmarket to greater efforts would be an over statement as for one day only Newmarket looked tired from the first to the last minute. Fortunately what Newmarket do have is lots of players willing to take on defenders and when Matt Lister was switched from midfield to upfront, he repaid the move with a winding run past 4 or 5 defenders before striking the ball sweetly into the bottom corner of the goal from 10 yards out. 1v1 against the overall run of play definitely, but who cares about that. There was just enough time left for Dunc Freed to pick up his first card on his return to playing after 34 minutes for probably dissent.

Half time 1v1

After a half time feast of Jelly Babies and water Newmarket came out and still looked knackered. Honestly what do teenage boys get up to tire themselves out so much? The game was quite stretched from the start and the backline (at varying times) of W. Frost, Benedikz, Prentice and Everitt alongside the returning legend that is Freed soaked up a lot of pressure minimising the amount of work that keeper Rossiter had to do. As the game wore on Cranes did us a big favour and got tired, this allowed Jordan Walker to score – no idea how, but I am sure it was quite special.

2v1 to Newmarket with 20 minutes to go and the game became very end to end with Cranes having the better of the possession, but Newmarket looked more likely to score. Wide midfielders Atkinson and H Frost continually drove the ball at the Cranes defence and the centre mid of Kenny and Booth provided both a shield for the defence and depth to the attacks.

At the final whistle Newmarket had held out for their first ever league win and points. It is a good sign when a team can play below its best and still come away with a win and truth be told Cranes may have deserved a point, so long as we don’t do that every week.

Man of the Match: Matt Lister for terrifying the Cranes defence with his mazy runs and a goal.

Captains Pick: Oscar Kenny – Who in game where all his colleagues looked knackered from start to finish, injected some much needed energy into midfield for 70 mins.

DoD – Rory Podd, not sure why he got this other than having the back problems of a 70 year old at 15. I feel I dodged a bullet on this after the mix up with the shirts.

Team: Jack Rossiter, John Benedikz, Will Frost, Simon Everitt, Duncan Freed, Mungo Prentice, Rory Podd, Henry Frost, Peter Booth, Oscar Kenny, Ben Atkinson, Matt Lister, Jordan Walker.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 4-1 win vs Cambridge University 3 (Away)
(G. Evans 2, Stoneman, Thomas)

This week saw Newmarket ladies 1st team away to currently bottom of the league Cambridge university ladies 3’s. Newmarket were keen not to let the Cambridge teams table position effect their preparation for this game, as it was clear from the start, this opposition team were going to be quick off the mark with great fitness, showing up with a full squad of 16.

The first half the match saw Newmarket make some great breaks down the pitch with crucial play from captain Lydia Evans, Hayley Stoneman and Claire McDonnell using both Emma Russell and Jess Logan out on their wings. Newmarket managed several attempts in the D this half but the Uni team were quick to react; saving and redistributing everything Newmarket threw at them. Newmarket showing their strengths managed to gain multiple short corners from these confrontations. Unfortunately The Uni girls managed to put the dampers on any celebrations the Newmarket ladies may have been aiming for. Through determination a few plays later Newmarket ladies persistence paid off and they managed to win themselves another short corner. The well worked short saw a strong injection form Faye Andreou to Hayley Stoneman who fired the ball straight passed the keepers reach into the bottom left hand corner.

This week’s game also put the Newmarket defence and goalkeeper to the test. With this young agile team on the break Newmarket defence had to communicate well and play a strong back line, pressuring the Uni ladies when they gained entry within the Newmarket 25’. When The Uni girls were able to make a shot on goal, keeper Sue Bullimore was on the money blocking every attempt they made. Including a lift shot at goal, in which she leapt through the air to take out the ball with her left hand.

With half time to reflect on the great game Newmarket were having and a moment to catch their breath from this very young and fast paced team. Newmarket came out strong ready to increase their goal lead. Newmarket’s second goal of the game come from a free hit from Gail McDonnell, down the pitch to Claire McDonnell who drew the ball across the pitch to the corner, drawing with her the Uni defence. A quick and targeted ball through the defence into the D, allowing Grace Evans to slip the ball straight passed the keeper.

With The University girls now more determined than ever, Newmarket’s fitness was really put to the test with Uni making breaks down the pitch; Once again gunning for Sue Bullimore’s goal. Great defensive play from Rebecca Barnes, meant she was able to get in on action, interrupting their link pay and redistributing the ball back down the pitch to the rest of the team who were eagerly waiting.

With Kerry Alderson running the ball along the back line weaving around the opposition, she slipped the ball through to Di Thomas who received it and with a reverse stick, flicked the ball in to the back of the net; giving Newmarket a 3-0 lead. Cambridge University were not going to let Newmarket get off quite so lightly, moving the ball down the pitch, and winning themselves a short corner. Which they were able to convert skimming the ball just past the Newmarket keeper.

With around 9 minutes left in the game, Cambridge Uni were on the break when Faye Andreou went in with a strong tackle, but unfortunately fouling the Uni player, who went down with a tumble and twisted on her landing. Game play was stopped for the Uni team to see to their injury.

With only these crucial minutes left in the game, Newmarket were reluctant to let the university end the game with the last goal being theirs. Lydia Evans firing a strike from outside of the Uni 25 yard line, straight to Grace Evans who was in a great position just to the left of the goal, she was able to deflect Lydia’s shot straight across the keeper and in to the back of the university net.

Now with only minutes to go Newmarket stood strong and controlled the rest of the game. To ensure they kept their score line.

Man of the match went to Jess Logan.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-5 loss vs Spalding 2 (Home)

Spalding scored.

Spalding scored.

There was a time when it looked like Spalding wouldn’t score again.

Spalding scored.

Spalding scored.

Half time involved lots of talking, a resolve made to defend harder, work with more structure, be more creative off the ball to make space and give more support to the player with the ball and to stop making keeper Jersey Bennett have to work so hard.

Spalding only scored once more.

Sam Brooke and Bea Jones started to work well up the right side of the pitch, Tania Parker slotted well into the squad, Angel Fayers won Man of the Match for consistently tackling solidly, staying calm under pressure and distributing the ball well. If there had been another 2 halves, Newmarket may well converted Spalding‘s keeper’s yells about players in her D into actual goals rather than thwarted attempts.

Welcoming back their coach, Newmarket Ladies 2s have made further improvements this week: less goal difference is definitely the trend. If this can continue, then an outstanding win and the chocolates for scoring more goals than last season will be achieved before the club Christmas do.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-4 loss vs St Ives 3 (Home)

Half Time Score 0-2

Full Time Score 0-4

Men of the Match – Callie Plumb and Sarah Ganiford.

Lemon of the Match – Rach Pegg – Although there were many candidates for the falling over dramatically award, including Laura Excell and Janie Harrington, Rach Pegg secured the award by – 1) falling over the keeper and kneeing her in the head, 2) falling over and 3) for a grand finale falling over and using her face to break the fall (sadly after which she was lost from the game).

After a disappointing and frustrating match last Saturday Newmarket L3s needed to come out positive against a strong St Ives 3s.

The first half was only 5 minutes old when St Ives struck and only 10 when the made it 2. After this Newmarket dug in and adopted a defence in depth style with the midfield of Mel Podd, Laura Curtis and Janie Harrington needing to sit deeper and aim to offload the ball quickly. Rapid counter attacks from Charlotte Wombwell, Laura Smith, Georgia Rolls and Laura Excell kept the St Ives defence on their toes.  This stifled St Ives and Newmarket slowly grew in confidence as the half progressed. Goals however still proved hard to come by for Newmarket.

Half time: 0v2

The second half continued in much the same mould as the first St Ives pressure and Newmarket counter attacking when possible. The back line of Rach Pegg, Vicky Benedikz, Callie Plumb, Sarah Ganiford and keeper Bennett were kept busy throughout the half, a hi-light of which was when a St Ives attack broke into the D the always vigilant Bennett hunted down the striker and when the St Ives player took her shot the ball ricocheted off her helmet and was looking goal bound until Sarah Ganiford appeared on the line to nonchalantly take the ball down from shoulder height and clear it away.

St Ives scored 2 more goals as the game wore on to make the final score 4v0 but truth be told Newmarket matched St Ives for long periods of this game and against lessor opposition could well have come away with a more positive result. Newmarket soaked up a lot of pressure and struck quickly and directly on the counter attack.

Team – Mel Podd (C), Jersey Bennett (GK), Vicky Benedikz, Rach Pegg, Callie Plumb, Sarah Ganiford, Laura Smith, Laura Curtis, Janie Harrington, Charlotte Wombwell, Laura Excell and Georgia Rolls.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 0-4 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 3 (Away)

So after a pretty impressive run of games, the 4’s hit the game against the current top of the league team. An omnious feeling was brewing as they warmed up military-style next to us. Despite this- a pre-match chat from Atherton focused the team and we started the first half storming. Although quite dominant in our defensive area- Bury started to get stressed and messy as they realised we’d brought our game. 50/50 possession and neat little passes saw us giving the top team a run for their subs. An unfortunate end to the first half with a 2-0 down score, after very undeserved and messy goals. A very stressed, tired and panicky Bury team regrouped as the 4’s were praised during halftime. Undeterred from the score line, the L4’s yellow and blue machines came back again with everything we had and worked incredibly as a team. Bury had picked up the pace and unfortunately sent another 2 goals into the backboard- but not without a fight from us. Man of the match was Atkinson for an incredible defensive first half on the pitch and some astounding saves second half, in goal. ‘Teddy’ went to Atherton, for showing up in Rowley’s kit and (as always) sliding around on the Astro. An incredibly well gelled team gave it their all – and despite the score line, should be massively proud. An underserved win for Bury, but an incredible performance from the machines.

In other news this week, congratulations to our very own Darren ‘Dazzler’ Jenkins of the Men’s 1st Team on announcing his engagement to Emma Gray! Best wishes for the future to you both from everyone at the club.

Week 4 Results – Men’s 1s Stun Ipswich as Ladies Outclass Spalding

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 3-2 win vs Ipswich 2 (Home)
(Skelton 2, Shepperson)

Newmarket inflicted Ipswich’s first defeat of the season as they moved up to third in the table, and within three points off the top, with a scintillating 3-2 victory on Saturday.
Newmarket looked very confident in the opening 15 minutes, exchange some simple but effective passes, rolling back the years to the famous Revolution. They continued to harass and hound the Ipswich defence and they got their rewards shortly after as Michael Skelton reverse hit from short distance to put the hosts in front. The home side utilised both full backs Louis Hrebeniak and Darren Jenkins well, opening up spaces and finding the wingers with ease. They were pressing for a second goal but it was proving difficult to find another breakthrough.
Darren Jenkins unfortunately got himself green carded for a silly stick tackle and for arguing the decision with the Umpire. Ipswich managed to capitalise with the extra man and squeezed an equaliser past Martin McCourt, who for large parts of the game had been a spectator, by forcing themselves past the midfielders and through to the top of the D, unmarked, and striking powerfully into the roof of the net.
Newmarket started the second period intent on not letting an Ipswich side, who were yet to loose a game in Division 3NE, back into the contest. Matthew Holden ensured the opposition goalkeeper was alert by hitting a rasping shot just wide, but the visitors remained a threat also and saw an effort hit the side netting. Stand-in centre back William Wilson found man of the match Hrebeniak on the wing, who drove the ball just outside the D and found Skelton with pinpoint accuracy to deflect the ball into left hand corner. 2-1 to the home side.
The defence looked well organised, with Wilson and Jordan Newnes spreading the ball confidently to midfielders Josh Dawson, Chris Leggett and forwards James Atkinson, Ben Shepperson and Holden. However, on the rare occasion, they were breached once more as a mistimed tackle allowed an Ipswich striker to slot home and level for a second time.
With minutes left on the clock, Newmarket got the short corner they needed to put the game to bed. Mr Happy – Chris Leggett pushed the ball out to striker Shepperson, who brilliantly drag flicked the ball into the bottom right hand corner to seal all three points for the hosts.
Next week sees Newmarket travel to Kings Lynn for a 1pm push back, looking to tighten the gap for top spot in the league.

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-3 loss vs Felixstowe 2 (Away)
(Pears 2)

This week NHC Men’s 2s ventured to face Felixstowe HC Men’s 2s side who have just been relegated from the division above and are currently sitting at the top of the DIV4 NE table. In the pre-match team talk Captain Drew Wood mentioned to the faithful 10 before him how they were an unbeaten side with multiple goals to their name, with only a couple being scored against them. Un-phased by this information Newmarket started the game pushing out hard against the opposition; Simon Harrington however found the time to fondle with his crystal ball and make sure that his predictions for the game were staying true. When Harrington received the ball with which the game was being played he lifted it into the air, letting it soar over the heads of the amazed opposition straight onto the receiving end of the one and only Mark ‘Arsenal’ Pears’ stick. With a relaxed dribble into Felixstowe’s area he let fly a casual strike which was placed with such carefree precision into the top left corner of the goal that it left the opposition’s keeper in a state of bewilderment and disbelief as the score went to 1-0 for Newmarket within the first 5 minutes.  As Newmarket reset themselves for the game to restart a smug grin was found to appear on Harrington’s face for his predictions had come true, perhaps he would predict himself chips for tea tonight.  After the incredible first goal from Arsenal, Felixstowe retaliated making a break into Newmarket’s half only to face a triple threat of Newmarket’s heavyweight defenders consisting of the infamous Andrew Baker, Adrian Atkinson and Harrington along with the new addition of Matt Smith forming a backline that greeted Felixstowe’s attacks with aura similar to that of an aggressive brick wall. The first half of the game consisted of some of the best hockey that the Men’s 2s had played all season, owning the phrase “the best form of offense is a good defence” and Newmarket’s defence was the piece de resistance of defence backlines, only occasionally exhibiting the skills of their goalkeeper. With great balls being played through to Simon Donald from behind, he found his key place in the midfield, creating space and forwarding balls through to Ollie Trent and Jonny ‘Smokey’ Bunker who made some impressive runs down the right channel. Donald, although not new to Newmarket hockey club, was making a return after a long time at another less important club and gained himself man of the match for his work in the middle of the pitch. Newmarket’s great team work and sportsmanship started to irritate the opposition and attacks became more frequent but yielding few results. Felixstowe eventually claimed their first attacking short corner which required a second attempt before a ball was finally scrapped into the top corner of Newmarket’s goal bringing the score to 1-1 close to the end of the first half. The last couple of minutes of the first half remained 50/50 in possession and skill level with both teams holding strong till the half time whistle blew. The halftime talk consisted of little criticism of one of the best first half’s of hockey Newmarket Men’s 2s had played all season. Leaving them wondering what all the fuss was about and with a little insight into why Felixstowe may have been relegated.
In the second half Felixstowe went all out and continued to attack hard in an attempt to show Newmarket what all the fuss was indeed about, but Newmarket’s defensive tactics held strong, as trying to run through a brick wall can only end one way. However Felixstowe persisted and eventually managed to weasel their way behind the defence and score through a one-on-one with the keeper bringing the score to 2-1. The shouts of relieved accomplishment of the opposition told Newmarket all they needed to know about the way they had played so far against the leading team. Thus ensued some incredibly intense hockey as the full time whistle approached on the horizon with Newmarket aggressively attacking Felixstowe’s half and earned themselves a short corner in the last 5 minutes of the game. Tensions were similar to that of a Stephen King film as Newmarket set up their attacking short; the ball was injected to the top of the area to meet Harry Bell who tactically fired the ball at the opposition’s keeper allowing it to rebound onto quick thinking top goal scorer Arsenal’s stick, who placed it just inside of an unmarked post evening out the score to make it 2-2. Newmarket’s attackers jogged back with a skip in their step knowing they had just levelled the top of table team with only a couple hundred seconds remaining on the clock. In the last minutes of the game both teams frantically contested the ball with attacks and counter attacks from both sides. As the clock dwindled down, Newmarket held their collective breath in an effort to not curse their draw with the highest team in the table. But someone must have let theirs go in the final 30 seconds when Felixstowe made their final attacking run into Newmarket’s area and managed to clip a foot, gaining them a short corner.  The furious 5 arranged themselves on the line, with the thought of the multiple short corners they had kept out throughout the game present in their minds, right next to the hint of doubt and uncertainty for Felixstowe’s final attack. The ball was released to the top of the area and Andy Baker charged out to meet it at the top, but the ball was slipped out to the right and after what felt like an eternity, was painfully tipped into the bottom right hand corner. 3-2 to Felixstowe in the last 30 seconds. Newmarket shuffled off the pitch feeling the full weight of the unfortunate defeat, wondering how Felixstowe were perched at the top of the division table when table underdogs game such a great fight.

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 1-4 loss vs Norfolk Nomads 2 (Away)

Newmarket travelled to Norwich off the back of an unbeaten pre-season, with high hopes and fine weather. There were however a couple of small clouds on the horizon; 1) in all our previous games we had a regular goalkeeper and 2) in our previous games we had 11 players rather than 9. Still with the talent in the 3s hopes were high of obtaining something from the game.
With Captain John Benedikz donning the keeper’s pads Newmarket took to the field in the much under used 3-4-1 formation, Will Frost, Simon Everitt, Rory Podd formed the back line, Henry Frost, Peter Booth, Oscar Kenny and Jack Rossiter the midfield and Ben Atkinson providing the fire power upfront.
A tricky start saw Newmarket go quickly 2 behind and the formation change to 4-4-0 as we looked to gain some control on the experienced Nomads attacks. Gradually Newmarket found their way into the game and the pace of the youngsters in midfield clearly frightened their opposite numbers, even then chances were still hard to come by for Newmarket.
Half time: 2v0 to Nomads
Newmarket’s control of the game in the run up to half time encouraged Benedikz to shake off the keeper’s pads and step on to the pitch for the second half as a kicking back, allowing Newmarket to play  4-4-1 with Ben Atkinson back to providing the focal point for the attacks.
10 minutes into the second half Newmarket got what their courage so far had deserved. Rory Podd counter-attacked down the right wing outpacing the Nomads defence and getting around the back, pulling the ball back to Atkinson who dinked the ball home from close range for his first for the club. This led to one of the more acrobatic goal celebrations of recent years as he dropped his stick and produced some gymnastic tumbling worthy of Max Whitlock.
At 2v1 Nomads were rattled. There was still ebb and flow but Newmarket pushed forward with a real edge to their game. Their best chance to equalise came after an hour when the Nomads keeper pulled off three top class saves from a Newmarket short corner in the space of 15 seconds.
As the game drew to a close, legs inevitably grew tired amongst the Newmarket players and gaps appeared at the back, 2 late goals for Nomads gave the score line a gloss they barely deserved.
Final Score: Nomads 2s 4 v 1 Newmarket 3s
Man of match: The whole team.

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 2-0 win vs Spalding 1 (Home)
(G. Evans, McDonnell)

A tense game playing top of the table, Spalding… the game started well however Spalding had the upper hand wining several short corners in succession. Spalding could not break the defense of Bullimore, Andreou, Parkins, Barnes and Bunning. The tension build, both sides pushing forward creating chances but to no avail. Cracks appeared and arguments with the umpire began… Thankfully the halftime whistle went allowing Newmarket to calm the game down and start to take control. Newmarket pushed Spalding back in their own half with great work from the midfield and forwards, however they could not convert their chances. Spalding had a few breaks, putting pressure on Newmarket’s defence, but they held strong. In the last 10 minutes Newmarket pushed, switching play and working up the pitch. McDonnell got her first goal of the season, breaking the stalemate. It was followed minutes later by a great goal from Grace Evans, after her sister (Lydia) put a fantastic ball through. Newmarket held strong to win 2-0 at fulltime.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-7 loss vs City of Peterborough 3 (Away)

Newmarket L2s went to Peterborough for dinner: a 4pm pushback at Bretton Gate usually heralds the need to don skins and leggings but unusually warm as it has been, few gloves or extra layers were needed.
Everyone was aware how hard they could work knowing the one and only SuperSub, Angel Fayers, would give 5 minute rolling substitutions for all positions.
Newmarket were put straight into defensive mode by Peterborough’s young very keen team, 50:50 balls were initially met by red shirts not yellow and all players were pulled to mark a very communicative opposition. However, Newmarket held strong and when Peterborough did break through the 10, GK Jersey Bennett showed her mettle, blocking various strikes gymnastically throughout the first half. Only 2 shots got past her. Shortly before the end of the first half, one of Newmarket’s classic fast breaks got them into Peterborough’s D, earning a short corner. We suspect Peterborough had not expected this, as time had to be stopped to collect masks. Newmarket were not able to capitalise on this opportunity but shortly after, Angel sent a fast pass to Zoe Bailey in the D. Just a matter of shoulder angle and the ball would have sunk the right side of the goal post by the inches it went wide but this gave Newmarket hope.
This week’s half time sweet talk resulted in better attacking hockey, Lydia Willmott combining well with Hannah Kelly, Hannah Fox on the right to create passes to beat Peterborough’s midfield. Jess Logan was solid in defence and attack on the Left, seemingly passing to herself in cartoon style, speed streaks behind her. Somehow, and without the wisdom of coach Chris Evans, we are unsure how, Peterborough scored another 5 times.
With the proximity of A & E, and a track record at that pitch of broken feet, cheek bones and foreheads, the team yesterday were chuffed to escape with one elbow-bashed nose, a ball-brace fat lip situation and less goal difference than last week. Peterborough 3s and umpires were good natured, the bar staff provided ice and Zoe Bailey looks forward to the return match being more first half than 2nd.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-2 loss vs Huntingdon 2 (Away)

Despite the long drive and the rain, Newmarket’s 3rd ladies team arrived in Sharnbrook in high spirits.  The game got off to a good start, with plenty of good strong play, and possession in the midfield.  Early breaks for Newmarket including good team play between Sophie Bell, Laura Excell and Georgia Rolls.  While the girls had plenty of time in the opposition’s D, half time saw the teams even at 0-0.

The second half started off pretty much the same as the first half, although tensions seem to increase, as it was clear that neither team was inclined to come away with anything less than a win for the day.  The ladies were disappointed to be awarded a short corner, which was subsequently over-ruled.   Newmarket’s eagerness to end the goal drought saw them pushing forward, leading to being caught out of play by a run-away Hunts play, who took the ball into the D and converted for Hunts.  Newmarket’s disappointment and frustration was evident as barely 2 minutes later, another hunts player similarly broke away.  As she kicked the ball, Newmarket were sure that this would be awarded their way, how-ever, it wasn’t and the second goal went in.

Although the score line was of great disappointment to the team, captain and coach, it was one of the better outings for the side, with lots of positives to work on going forward.

Man of the Match was Gabi Asker for her fantastic performance on the right hand side.  Jane Dryland picked up the teddy award for falling over twice during the game.

Next week sees the ladies take on St Ives 3s at home at 11am.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: Game Conceded – 5-0 win vs Haverhill Ladies 2 (Away)

In other news this week, a huge well done from everyone at the club to our very own David Worrall and Jordan Newnes for passing their Level 1 Assessment in umpiring.

Week 3 Results – Shepperson Hat-trick Sees M1s Victorious

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 3-2 win vs Bury St Edmunds 2 (Away)
(Shepperson 3)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 2-5 loss vs Bury St Edmunds 3 (Home)
(Hosegood, Wood)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 4-0 win vs Bury St Edmunds 7 (Home)
(Booth 2, Lister, Podd)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-2 loss vs Royston 1 (Away)

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 0-8 loss vs Huntingdon 1 (Home)

With the weather not on our side, Newmarket Ladies 2’s did their best to keep spirits high. The first 10 minutes saw each Newmarket player settling comfortably into their positioning resulting in us gaining possession. Some great one two’s were made between Beau Rolls and Phoebe Peacock but this didn’t prevent Huntingdon from slotting their first goal in. Newmarket continued to keep their heads high with the back four working hard to regain possession to move the ball up the pitch. As half time came around, Jazz Freed and Sam Brookes backed captain Zoe Bailey up giving the team talk into what we needed to do in the second half. This team talk clearly sunk in to Newmarket ladies as they fought extra hard despite many decisions being made against them. Frustration didn’t get the better of them as some superb runs were made either side of the pitch between Hannah Kelly, Hannah Fox and Grace Morris, earning Grace man of the match for her excellent commitment to chase the ball. The score finished 8-0 to Huntingdon, so its onwards and upwards from here for Newmarket Ladies 2’s as next week they are away at Peterborough.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 0-3 loss vs Cambridge South 2 (Home)

This was a game that was tough from the outset. Playing an experienced side, the back 4 of: Captain Mel Podd, Vicky Benedikz, Jane Dryland and Stef Haslop, had their work cut out for them.
South had an early short corner in their favour, which they received well and slipped left. Mel Podd and keeper Jersey Bennett watched the ball off, only to be taken off guard as it curved and slide into the goal.
At half time the ladies had managed to keep it to 0-1, but the back 4 were taking strain with south hanging high.
The second half of the game saw Newmarket generate a lot more possession and a good few chances in the D, including a few short corner penalties. Plenty of good chances were generated through the midfielders and forwards.
However south were ever ready to take advantage of any small mistakes and managed to put another two in the back of the net, bringing the final score to 0-3.
Both captain and coach Colin Seakins were happy with the teams performance against a strong well drilled side, with plenty of good stuff to work on.
Man of the match was Jane Dryland, who works tirelessly for the team, and generated plenty of the midfield play.
Next week sees the ladies away to take Huntingdon 2s.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 4-1 win vs Cambridge South 3 (Away)
(Fairweather 2, Atherton, Kelly)

Week 2 Results – Victory for Ladies’ 4s in Ely Derby

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Newmarket Men’s 1s: 6-7 loss vs Norwich City 4 (Home)
(Wilson 3, Atkinson 2, Shepperson)

Newmarket Men’s 2s: 0-5 loss vs Norwich City 5 (Away)

Newmarket Men’s 3s: 1-1 draw vs Cambridge South 4 (Away)

Newmarket Ladies’ 1s: 0-3 loss vs Long Sutton 1 (Away)

A slow start saw Newmarket concede a couple of early goals as Long Sutton put the Newmarket defence under a lot of pressure. Newmarket then got into the game and created a few chances of their own but they couldn’t convert. Sue Bullimore in the Newmarket goal then pulled off a fine save from a penalty flick, but unfortunately she couldn’t stop Long Sutton from scoring their third goal. In the second half Newmarket upped their game with Beth Wombwell setting Lydia Evans up who created space for a shot on goal, only for it to come back off the post. Newmarket then had a few short corners and again they were unlucky not to score. Rebecca Barnes who has moved up into the 1st team played a fantastic game and, as a result, was voted player of the match.

Newmarket Ladies’ 2s: 2-4 loss vs Horncastle 1 (Home)
(Haste, Kelly)

Captain Zoe Bailey was immensely encouraged by the L2s squad that played at home vs Horncastle 1 on Saturday 24/9/16.
They were not deterred by two early opposition goals: flying strikes by unmarked players. Newmarket tightened up their marking and defence linked well with mid field to transfer the ball to Horncastle’s D. With determination Olivia Haste was last to touch the ball before it clipped off a Horncastle defender to put our first goal on the score card.
Horncastle quickly retaliated, earning and scoring from a short corner but once again, Newmarket dug deep and Hannah Kelly brought the scoreline closer 3-2
The rest of first half saw even play, neither team dominated. This was continued for much of the second half too. Sharp marking, good channelling and fast breaks all being features of the game. Newmarket could sense an equaliser but sadly after Jazz Wombwell and Phoebe Peacock both headed to the subs bench with injured feet, Horncastle capitalised with a ball struck with some lift from the top of the D that keeper Jess Boyle couldn’t quite get to.
The final score was 4-2 to Horncastle, Newmarket L2s are gelling together, gaining confidence and keen to improve on this week’s performance.
Next week they face Huntingdon 1, again at home.

Newmarket Ladies’ 3s: 1-3 loss vs Ely City 2 (Away)

This week the Ladies 3s headed to Ely for the second game of the season. With a full squad consisting of goalie Jersey Bennett, Rach Pegg, Jane Dryland, Mel Podd, Steph Haslop, Kayleigh Whitehead, Janie Harrington, Sophie Bell, Laura Exell, Laura Smith and Charlotte Abbersteen – the team had to battle hard throughout the 70 minutes.
With an unlucky first half to the game, the yellows went down 1-0 as Ely managed to get a goal.
At half time it was a time to boost up the energy and try to get back up.
Not long into the second half Ely made it 2-0. With the decision to change formation, this created a better game for Newmarket, with a stronger midfield consisting of 4, Sophie Bell, Laura Smith, Janie Harrington and Kayleigh Whitehead, every individual had an awesome 15 minutes, leading to the two forwards Charlotte Abbersteen and Laura Excell taking the opportunity given and made great play together, Charlotte made the run taking the keeper on, who dived for the ball, however Charlotte managed to get round and hit the ball across to Laura’s stick who was in a great position and smashed it into goal making the score 2-1.
With chances for Newmarket to score again, it just didn’t come together despite the hard work of the team.
Ely then scored again making it 3-1.
Man of the match went to Steph Haslop which was thoroughly deserved, who made great defensive play keeping the back line strong, along with Jane, Mel and Rach, all working as a great team.
Next week the team face Cambridge South 2s at 10:30 at home, all support welcome.

Newmarket Ladies’ 4s: 3-0 win vs Ely City 3 (Home)
(Asker, Atkinson, Le Maire)

After what can only be described as a ‘several bottles of wine consumed’ week, Newmarket played hostess with the mostess on a sunny Saturday morning to local derby rivals Ely City. With the Newmarket 3s also playing Ely away, the girls knew going into the game that there would not be any unfairness with players. After gaining first pushback (2 out of 2), Newmarket dominated possession from the off. Some great work between Ellie Carr, Sophie Kelly and Jess Farrow upfront the ball soon found its way into the attacking 23 and the first short corner of the game soon followed. Unfortunately, Newmarket’s hard fought efforts were unrewarded and Ely soon found possession. Ely’s possession was soon taken back however by some spectacular defending from Millie Howe, Gabi Asker and Milou Ottolini in the midfield, leaving skipper Jess Boyle standing in goal wishing she had bought a newspaper with her to read as yet again Newmarket found their way into the attacking D with another short corner in their midst but yet again, no goal! As things started to become tenser than a gripping episode of Eastenders, the score ended 0-0 as the half time whistle finally blew.
With not much criticism at the half time team talk, Newmarket entered the second half thirsty for at least 1 goal in the half. As soon as the ball left the centre spot, Newmarket were straight on to Ely wanting that ball, and it was won spectacularly! With some great 1-2 passing between Ottolini and Asker, the ball again found its way into the attacking 23. A great send in from Carr scraped past the Ely defenders and snuck its way to an awaiting Asker who finally put the ball where it belonged! 1-0 Newmarket! With the heads of the Newmarket players now held very high, things soon took a turn for the worst as Ely managed to somehow sneak their way past the midfield and the defence of Jess Allen, Helen Atkinson, Vicky Benedikz and James Atkinson towards keeper Boyle. As the ball managed to sneak past Boyle towards the goal, if it wasn’t for Allen getting back onto the post to defend, the score would be a draw. However, some fantastic Man of the Match worthy play from Allen saw the ball go off the sideline instead of in the goal (phew!). Once again as Newmarket found possession through J. Atkinson, a great run down the entire length of the pitch without getting tackled once saw the ball into the attacking 23. A sneaky 1-2 pass between Ottolini and J. Atkinson gave Atkinson his first goal of the season for Newmarket, making the score 2-0! With 15 minutes left to play, supersub Le Maire managed to net the 3rd goal as skipper Boyle whooped for joy at not only her first victory as Ladies 4 captain, but her first home victory as Ladies 4 captain, putting Newmarket Ladies 4’s mid table after just 2 games.
Man of the Match was awarded to Jess Allen for some fantastic defensive work. Next week the Ladies 4’s are away to Cambridge South 3 at 10:30.