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Fixtures for the ladies’ 1s and the men’s 1s are now up on the website!!

The ladies, promoted last year, are now in the East league Division 2 NW. Their opening matches is against Arch-rivals Ely City 1s – should prove to be a great opener!! They’ll also be up against Cambridge Nomads 1s, Cambridge University 2s and St. Neots 1s among others…

The men were close to being relegated last year from Div 5NW, but should be confident of a good season this year providing the lads give a little more commitment to the team. Their opening fixture is against City of Peterborough 7s. Ely who finished 3rd last year move up to Div 4.

Team Of The Year 2009/10

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The Ladies’ 1s won Team of the Year 2009/10 winning the Cambs Ladies Premier Division and returning to the East league!
Team Pos TOTW PLD W D L F A +/- Pts
Ladies’ 1s 1 9.5 17 11 5 2 49 24 25 38
Men’s 1s 2 7 22 8 2 12 44 64 -20 26
Ladies’ 2s C. 3 2 17 4 1 12 24 84 -60 13
Ladies’ 2s S. 4 3.5 17 3 3 11 24 78 -54 12
2008/09 winners – the ladies’ 2s Cambs.

Clarification of teams for 2010

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How many teams, what leagues etc.

No of teams to remain as in 2009-2010 i.e. 3 ladies’ and 1 men’s team.  Ladies structure to be a first, second and third team instead of the current first team, Suffolk second team and Cambs second team.


Men – East (as last season)

Ladies 1st – East

Ladies 2nd – Suffolk Division 1 (were Cambs Div 1 last season)

Ladies 3rd – Cambs Division 1 (were Suffolk Div 1 last season)

The reason for swapping the 2nd and 3rd teams is to allow maximum movement of players between the 3 teams, to encourage player progression and ensure that all players can get a game where possible at a appropriate level to their skill. It’s likely to be a difficult season for all three teams, but we believe it’ll be more beneficial in the longer term.

Coaches for 2010-2011

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Who will coach which teams, what is expected of the coaches re attendance, buying in coaching time etc.

Chris Evans will coach the men, Colin the ladies 1st team, Chris Evans the ladies 2nd team and Twm the ladies 3rd team.

To make this work changes will also be made to training times, discussed later.

As for expectations for coaches, all teams need a coach not only on Tuesdays, but on Saturdays too. All coaches have agreed to be present on Tuesdays and Saturdays as much as possible. 95% of the time was suggested at the meeting and coaches agreed. In the event of a coach being unable to attend a game, the other coaches will shift up to fill in the gaps (this applies mostly to the ladies). So, if Colin can’t make a game, Chris would take his place and Twm would fill in for Chris. One of the more experienced players or other coaches would fill in for Twm to prevent the 3rd team from losing out too much.

Pre-season team selections

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What we want from them and who will run them

Colin will run the selections. The coaches will allocate players to one of the three teams but this will not prevent movement of players between teams when player-progression or circumstances require it.  Players can expect to play for the designated team most of the time and can go to that team captain with queries.

Players will be put through a range of exercises to assess their skills and abilities followed by some games. Selections will be held over a few weeks, and each player will be assessed by at least 2 coaches.

The aim of selections is to have 3 separate teams that will train and improve together, as a team. This will also give greater transparency to players, who will know exactly what is expected and what the course of progression is.

Selections will be held on the 20th and 27th July and the 3rd August (subject to pitch booking being confirmed). Once teams have been selected, appropriate team captains will be elected.

Weekly training sessions

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Expansion from current Tuesday training (subject to confirmation of pitch bookings)

Men and ladies will have separate sessions, both 90 minutes long. Both sessions will be held on a Tuesday. All 3 ladies teams will train from 19:00-20:30 (on a full pitch) and the men will train from 20:30-22:00 (on half a pitch). This gives the ladies (1st team in particular) some extra time for additional work e.g. short corners if required and if it doesn’t interfere with the men’s session. The second session i.e. the men’s session will only be on half the pitch in order to keep pitch costs as low as possible.

Movement of players between teams/subs

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Agreement on how this is expected to work so all players are treated equally

The final decision on who plays, who subs and when, is down to the coaches, BUT they must be consistent and players must be kept well informed at all times.

Captains and coaches must be informed if players are unable to make a training session. Consistent absence from training without a good reason (e.g. work, family commitments, out of town etc are good reasons, “I don’t enjoy training” is not…) will not be tolerated. If the reasons are deemed not good enough by the coaches, that player will either be a sub, or asked to play for a lower team. If the player in question is a starred player, they simply won’t get a game and will eventually be dropped from the team altogether. This may seem harsh, but as mentioned it is going to be a difficult season for all teams, and the club really needs all players to attend training wherever possible.

Coaches and captains will have a quick get together at training (while the final games are being played for example) to discuss team selection for the next match, taking into account absent players.