Ladies 1’s shaken by Shefford

Newmarket 1’s v’s Shefford & Sandy 1’s: 4-1 win to Shefford & Sandy

Travelling away to Shefford and Sandy; Newmarket depleted in numbers due to sickness knew a tough challenge lay ahead of them.

Shefford and Sandy opened the scoring after a quick break down the right side after just 2 minutes. Newmarket feeling frustrated started to hit long chance balls to no positive effect. Captain Gail McDonnell rallied her side although Newmarket began to step off the ball and allowed Shefford and Sandy to convert again in the 15th minute. Five minutes later a stop before goal from a Newmarket player was deemed a foul and a penalty flick was awarded. The ball narrowly escaped the clutches of keeper Sue Bullimore to give Shefford and Sandy a 3-0 lead going into half time.

After the break Newmarket began to gel more as a team and in defence Isabel Hooley worked well with first team newcomer Lorna Freeman to gain momentum towards the wings. With calmer attitudes Newmarket began to push on their opposition’s defence creating a short corner. On target, Tracy Cockerill hit to Di Thomas waiting top D, she slipped to Louise Downs who struck the ball into the depths of the Shefford and Sandy goal.

Now matching their opposition in midfield Newmarket looked sharper. This created unrest for Shefford and after a spell of interference, one of their players were awarded a green card. Newmarket gained strength as the match continued with Hayley Stoneman and Claire McDonnell providing numerous goal scoring chances for Town. Despite the final score ending in favour of Shefford and Sandy the second half was a very evenly matched and the team will draw the positives from the match to develop their game play further.