Quality shone through in the end

Newmarket men started there second game with great expectation after the first league game of the season last week. They came across a very solid stubborn Cambridge South 3rd team who frustrated Newmarket for the whole first half. This was in part due to Newmarket’s wastefulness, they squandered many attacking short corners and were fortunate that the defence of Magnus Magnusson, Adrian Atkinson, Duncan Freed, Pete Boyle and Jordan Newnes were able to deal with everything that the opposition could throw at them.

At half time Captain William Wilson and coach Chris Evans had some stern word about the teams desire and effort. In the second half the game became more stretched man of the match Ollie Wade started to give the opposing right back a torrid time and more opportunities began to present themselves. With about 15 minutes to go Wilson, picked the ball up on the 25 and fed Dawson in the D who swept the ball in first time, Mark Pears soon added a second and then a third in the last few minutes.

If Newmarket are serious about winning this league they have to remember that they have to earn the right to beat teams by at least matching their level of effort, just turning up isn’t enough!