Town Triumph Over Peterborough

Nemwarket Ladies 1st Team v’s Peterborough Ladies 2nd Team: 4-0 win to Newmarket

A fast flowing game saw a change of form for the ladies first team as they produced a smooth victory against Peterborough 2nd team.

After recent team performances Newmarket looked to improve their luck and Coach Colin Seakins delivered a tactical and inspiring speech before the off.

Immediate positive possession and well connected movement gave Town the upper hand and a swift move down the centre resulted in a precision pass finding Tracy Cockerill who pounced on the left post and deflected into goal.

With a few scary moment and opposition short corners the defence of Clodie Rolph, Jazz Wombwell, Lorna Freeman and Gail McDonnell were cool under pressure. Sue Bullimore showed superb agility diving for any loose balls heading goal-wards.

Quick midfield distribution and tactical substitutions allowed Isabel Hooley, Claire McDonnell and Jenny Richards to release the ball to the weaving forward players.

The next shot on target came from a textbook move involving Georgie Kerr, Hayley Stoneman and Di Thomas; ending with Louise Downs firing the ball into back of goal after 14 minutes.

Despite Peterborough maintaining their positive attitude there were no more goal scoring attempts and as the game continued after the break there was little change and Newmarket looked to score further in order to better their league goal difference.

It took just 4 minutes for Town to strike again but this time through a penalty flick. A defender blocked a definite goal scoring opportunity and Di Thomas strode up to the P spot to convert – hitting the bottom left corner.

The remainder of the game was free flowing although Clodie Rolph had to leave the pitch due to injury leaving Newmarket to re-shuffle. Town capitalised further after Zoe Bailey drove the ball down the right hand side and passed to Louise Downs and before the defenders had time to react she struck the ball into back of goal. Players of the match were Captain Gail McDonnell and Georgie Kerr.

Next week will be a competitive visit to Ely Town.