Missed Chances Leave Ladies With Regret

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Louth 1’s: 3-1 win to Louth

Newmarket ladies 1st team were left feeling numb after an even match as they failed to convert early chances, although they performed well against a team who have been notching up high scoring victories.

With their opposition travelling a good distance Newmarket were hoping that Louth would be slow out of the starting blocks and in fact this proved true as Newmarket began to link up incredibly well and the forwards were able to connect. Despite this; strong, early chances were wasted by Newmarket which left Louth with some breathing space and time to settle.

Consistent with every other game this season; Town allowed their opposition to score within 5 minutes through open play. Facing the challenge of levelling the score again Newmarket looked to reach the ball before Louth. Unfortunately Town came unstuck again as a shot was deflected into the goal roof from a right driving attack just 3 minutes after the first.

Ruing early chances that were missed Newmarket regained their composure and started to string some one touch moves particularly down the left hand side through Tracy Cockerill who linked well with Hayley Stoneman and Claire McDonnell. Town were unable to find the final killer pass to convert their chances.

Again, as in recent weeks Newmarket let a goal slip past them within 5 minutes after the break and they were also left without top notch defender Louise Downs as she was clumsily struck down by a Louth player. Mixed fortunes continued as the game was fought in both opposition’s scoring zones. With a Louth defender being brought down in the Newmarket D Sue Bullimore kept her cool and blocked a weak shot away effortlessly. An event in the game which surely contributed to her Player Of The Match award.

With all players looking a little tired and jaded by the cold weather, the game looked a shadow of its former quality. Town were not convinced they had lost yet and on their 4th short corner of the game Claire McDonnell smacked the ball into the D where a lurking defender unknowingly deflected the ball in to make the score 3-1.

With little time left for any further goal scoring chances Isabel Hooley and Jazz Wombwell mopped up any loose balls and carried the play forward. The score was sealed and unfortunately did not reflect the even abilities of the teams and equal goal scoring chances.