Martket Deeping III 3 – 4 Newmarket I

Newmarket travelled to Peterorough for their first match in 7 weeks with a full squad of 16 players. They came up against a Market Deeping side who were far stronger than their league position suggests! Newmarket started very slowly, getting out numbered in midfield and allowing their opposition to play through them with ease, Market deeping scored twice in the opening 20 minutes. The first goal was a result of poor marking and the second a mistake from the centre back.

From the sidelines, coach Chris Evans reshuffled the formation, changing from a 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1 and bringing on Andrew Bearden in midfield, Newmarket began to pick up their men and cut out the long through ball to the centre forward, as the first half progressed Newmaket began to create some chances and won their first penalty corner which Newnes put just wide. Soon after Wilson hit the bar with a reverse stick shot. before he scored from a direct strike from the next short corner. The half time whistle went and Town went in 2-1 down.

The second half started with Newmarket well on top, Pete Boyle and Will Balding marked tightly at full back and used the ball intelligently, Ollie Wade and Josh Dawson started to beat their men with ease on the wings. Andrew Bearden, Chris Leggett and Ben Shepperson dominated midfield. It wasn’t long before Newmarket turned this possession into goals. The second came from Newmarket’s third penalty corner of the came, Mark Pears deflecting at the near post.

The third goal came from the following penalty corner, the ball was slipped to Ollie Wade, who found Ben Shepperson on the far post for a tap in. Newmarket were now rampant, Leggett came close after a marauding run, before Mark Pears span his man, slipped in Shepperson to emphatically scored the fourth goal. With a few minute left Market Deeping scored a consolation goal after the umpire missed the attackers foot and awarded a penalty corner, goal keeper Warren saved the first strike with his chest, but the umpire failed to stop the game and a forward forced in a rebound.

Newmarket welcomed back Ben Coupe after spending 6 months in New Zealand who put in a solid performance, joint men of the match were Jordan Newnes and Andrew Bearden.