Newmarket Hopes Trampled By March

Newmarket v’s March: 4-1 win to March
Newmarket 3’s faced a slight change in line up, with Cassie Ayms coming back after having a baby and the Newmarket juniors coming up through the ranks. Newmarket played a good pass and move game and there were great link ups between Bev Rolph, Fran Haynes and April Atkinson. Newmarket moved the ball well up the pitch but found they kept meeting a strong March defence. As Newmarket found no way of getting through their opponents, it gave March the counter attacks they needed, and with a bit of luck they were able to score all four of their goals in the first half.

After a boosting team talk by stand in coach Chris Evans, Newmarket went out into the second half ready to pull something back. Anna Cole made some great clearances on the defencive line and from then on Town were able to build promising attacks but still nothing would come from the chances the team created. There were some great runs up the wing from Verity MacMahon but before the cross could be made – the defending tackles were delivered.

The second half was very evenly spread, both teams playing well and creating chances. It was not until Newmarket won a short corner that a goal was finally scored. Cassie Ayms unleashing a beautiful strike that nestled sweetly in the back of the net. Despite late effort, time soon ran out for Newmarket, leaving the score at a 4-1 loss.