Winning Form Continues

Peterborough Ladies 2’s V’s Newmarket Ladies 1’s: 3-1 win to Newmarket

Newmarket ladies were back to full strength this week against Peterborough 2nd team. With both sides sitting near the bottom of the table a win was crucial to Newmarket’s chances of remaining out of the relegation zone.

Newmarket opened the game at electric pace using a lot of one touch moves. Working hard in midfield Claire McDonnell and Hayley Stoneman were beating their markers and releasing to Jenny Richards and Tracy Cockerill on the left. The play continued to develop on the left side of the field leaving the right wing exposed and with one swift move and a switch of the ball, McDonnell found Louise Downs who was making her centre forward debut. With no hesitation she plotted a path to find the back of goal.

Peterborough rallied hard and were able to stray away from Newmarket players, and the pace of the game increased yet again. The play continuing down one side of the field giving an uneven structure to the movement of both teams. Peterborough broke through the Newmarket midfield line and headed goalwards but Sue Bullimore slid to deflect a pinpoint shot – keeping Town in front.

Moments later it was Newmarket who were on the counter attack. A beautiful release ball from Clodie Rolph sent Jenny Richards on the move; she passed centrally to Stoneman who crossed to Cockerill. With a first time touch, the left winger netted to take it to 2-0.

The pace of the game started to flag and both team’s concentration began to waver due to the erratic start of the game. Manoeuvring right, Peterborough found a route to goal; with one player drawing the defence wide; she was then able to cross to her static, central teammate who tapped home to make the score 2-1.

Early drama hit the second half as Newmarket Captain Gail McDonnell got struck in the face with the ball as a Peterborough player tried to hit a cross. Obviously she was unable to continue; therefore Newmarket had to re-shuffle the defence. Her teammates now filled with extra drive to get a win out of the game for their Captain, stood solid.

Despite a few moments where Peterborough looked dangerous in attack, Newmarket were dominating the second half. Town’s third goal was the result of a short corner. Richards pushed out to McDonnell who smacked the ball goalwards. Her shot rebounded off the keeper and Downs was on hand to sweep the ball past an on-post defender to get her brace.

Little was to change in the game as again the play looked a little rugged. Newmarket remained strong to claim a well earned victory and 3 points to keep them out of the drop zone.