Peterborough Bag Crucial Points In Penaultimate Game

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Peterborough Ladies 1’s: 6-0 win to Peterborough.

The penultimate league game for Newmarket ladies first team proved a tough challenge as they faced an on form Peterborough 1’s side.

Barely 2 minutes had passed and Peterborough were gifted with an opportunity to score through a penalty stroke. The striker hit low and fast to take Peterborough ahead.

Newmarket were struggling to gain possession and they had very few attacking chances in the whole of the first half. Peterborough utilised quick passing to drive forward at speed.

After 17 minutes Peterborough hit the backboards again from the far left of the D causing a wave of unrest through the Newmarket team. Town looked to communicate more clearly in order to try and gain better control of the game.

Peterborough showed no mercy as they swarmed the Newmarket half and scored twice more before the half time whistle.
Now with all to play for and nothing to lose – Newmarket were determined to take positive action and began to match Peterborough in midfield and the defence looked solid as they greeted their opponents with early tackles.

Newmarket were pressing on the Peterborough back line and from sideline set plays Newmarket were able to get some shots away causing Peterborough to examine their methods.

Despite a positive second half Peterborough added another 2 goals in quick succession in the last 5 minutes. This leaves Town 4th from bottom in the league table and only a win next weekend against Bourne will keep them safe from relegation. Both teams are fighting for league survival and the stage is set for a truly feisty contest.