Stunning Display Earns Unexpected Points

Newmarket Ladies 1’s v’s Long Sutton: 2-1 win to Newmarket

Newmarket ladies 1st team put on the display of the season as they outplayed Long Sutton on all areas of the pitch last Saturday. Despite 5 league positions separating the two teams – their abilities were evenly matched, and although the first meeting between the pair ended a convincing victory to Long Sutton; on this occasion Newmarket always looked to have the upper hand.

A full strength Newmarket team opened the game and immediately took the play to the Long Sutton defence. A brilliant display of one touch passing between Jenny Richards and Tracy Cockerill meant the play was motoring down the left wing giving opportunity for Hayley Stoneman and Louise Downs to push high.

Looking solid at the back – Jasmine Wombwell, Isabel Hooley, Lorna Freeman and Clodie Rolph used excellent communication to channel any Long Sutton frontline attacks. Tremendous links up throughout the field meant Long Sutton struggled to track Newmarket’s game which was fast paced and free flowing.

Town’s first goal came from a surging drive up field from Claire McDonnell. Zoe Bailey drew her player wide allowing Stoneman to continue the run. With a flick of her stick she hit the backboards after 15 minutes.

Long Sutton were now looking for payback and stepped up a gear forcing Sue Bullimore into action in goal. She confidently kicked many a ball wide towards Kat Burrell, which allowed quick breaks from Hooley and Cockerill. Despite the strength of Town; Long Sutton pulled the score level again – a rebound ball lifted high into the net.

Undeterred Newmarket marched on and looked even more threatening in the second half. They once again took control of the game and a second goal looked imminent. After a few near chances Stoneman broke free out to the right of the D. A smooth cross found Di Thomas who managed to get a fine touch on the ball, causing it to spin past the keeper’s feet for Town’s second.

The tempo of the game upped again as Newmarket could now feel an unexpected three points heading their way. Long Sutton did not look beaten though and made waves on the right wing – keeping Newmarket tight on their opposition. As the final whistle blew Newmarket players and spectators alike could breathe a sigh of relief and were elated to have beaten top opposition in such a stylish way.

Player of the match: Hayley Stoneman