Another Top Of The League Performance!

Newmarket ladies 1’s v’s Sawtry ladies: 4-1 win to Newmarket
With Newmarket sitting pretty at the top of the league table they were hopeful of extending their points advantage when facing 7th placed Sawtry. With the weather being unseasonably warm again Newmarket were looking to let the ball do the work. Unfortunately this put Town on the back foot from the off as Sawtry were driving the ball wide making searing runs into the D. They were first to score from close range leaving Newmarket with plenty of work to do.
Sawtry’s early exertions became evident as the game settled and this was when Newmarket began to gel and play their familiar passing game. As in previous weeks Claire McDonnell was first to hit the target – a beautiful sweep from mid D, lifting high. With a slight shakey moment where Sawtry looked for payback Jazz Wombwell reacted, easily taking the ball from the driving winger.
Now with plenty of space to manoeuvre Newmarket looked slick and Martha Crowhurst used her pace and skill to her advantage on the wing slotting a ball to Di Thomas to end a textbook move for Town with a tap in.
At the other end Sue Bullimore made an outstanding save as she had to stretch to capacity to meet a lifting ball, patting away from goal then expertly cleared by Gail McDonnell. Half time came during a lul in the game and Newmarket were now focused on extending their narrow lead.
Town looked the fresher of the two teams in the second half – particularly Hayley Stoneman who dominated the centre, and was great support to the defence. Sadly Kat Burrell was taken down in the midfield but had shown superb commitment in tackles throughout her time on the field.
Newmarket were eager to break again and Claire McDonnell struck again from mid D giving Town the lift they needed. From this point on Newmarket had the game secured. Another piece of fine teamwork down the right gave Thomas her second of the game – starting with a skillful run from Tania Fisher, linking with Crowhurst who crossed to Thomas who then fired a shot from top D.
The visitors had little to reply with as both teams started to flag from the heat and the game ended with the majority of possession being Newmarket’s, the score being 4-1.