Tough Game For the 3’s

Ladies 3’s v’s Peterborough: Newmarket travelled to Peterborough to meet with this seasons top of the table team and despite a few injuries by half time we were only losing by 2-0. Peterboroughs defending of spaces rather than players was working well for them. An incident in the second half when Holly Woods was hit in the chest with a hockey stick meant a goal went in while her team rallied around here. Towards the end of the match as Peterborough’s mens team gathered for their next game, their taunting of Newmarket’s players and interfering with them umpiring meant that Keeper Sue Buillimore was no able to keep her cool and left the pitch. Defender Anna Parker picked up the Keepers Helmet and became a kicking back, but was unable to stop Peterborough’s final goal making the score 4-0 to Peterborough.