Frosty Reception At Spalding

Ladies 3’s:

Newmarket travelled to Spalding for a cup match on saturday and were met with slippery conditions, however the game continued. The team was missing several of its regular key players, but the game was an opportunity for other players in the team to show what they could do. The match had a promising start and Newmarket seemed to have the edge with many excellent stops by player of the match Maddie Rule keeping play to their advantage. Halfway through the first half Spalding scored after an excellent strike on a short corner which, although intercepted by defender Emma Clarke, was struck with such force that it continued into the air and into the back of the goal. Newmarket immediately retaliated by winning their own short corner and battled the ball into Spalding’s goal with the final touch coming from Donna Keats making the score 1-1. Newmarket started the second half hoping to secure a win but it soon became apparent that Spalding’s stronger players were pushing forward determined to get a win for themselves and the tiring Newmarket players found themselves failing to close them down leaving the final score at 4-1 to Spalding.