‘Peri’ Good Game Despite Not Winning

Newmarket 3’s v Spalding: 3-1 win to Spalding

Newmarket lost no time in rescheduling this cancelled match from last week, and the weather had certainly taken a turn for the better. The match started well with Newmarket pushing towards the Spalding goal. Spalding soon retaliated and the Newmarket defence struggled to get the ball out of the D, before long Spalding scored their first goal and shortly followed it with a second. Newmarket became more determined not to be stuck defending the goal and attacked more vigorously for the rest of the first half, Spalding’s defence prevented most efforts from entering their D. It wasn’t until almost half time that Newmarket player Peri Green carried the ball from one end of the pitch to the other and scored with support from fellow player Nikki Cole. Newmarket started the second half with hope of a recovery, but still the Spalding defence Kept Newmarket away from their goal and even managed another one for themselves half way through the second half . Player of the match was well earned by Peri Green, and promising performances were shown by Fiona Milton a recent newcomer to the club and Jade Atkinson who played goal having only recently turned 13.