Rutland Give 3’s Rough Ride

Newmarket ladies 3’s v Rutland: 7-0 win to Rutland.
Newmarket faced a very young but competent team this week, with a much reduced squad of only eleven players, some of whom had to play out of their normal positions. Rutland managed three goals in the first five minutes while Newmarket found their feet, and before they then started looking for their scoring opportunities.

Some re-organisation of their back four when defending short corners resulted in Newmarket finding they had a talented ‘runner one’ in the form of Fiona Middleton. Defender Anna Cole also adapted to her new position well and put a halt to many of Rutland’s Attacks.

At Half Time despite the bad start the score was still 0 – 3. Rutland changed their formation in the second half and their older players pushed themselves further up the pitch, to increase the pressure of their attack. Play was more end to end but Newmarket kept up with the pace despite having no subs. Several battles were had by the goal line and although not all were lost, Rutland did manage four more goals through the course of the second half, making the final score 7-0 to Rutland.