Fantastic Game For The 3’s

After a run of defeats, Newmarket were expecting a heavy loss against top of the table Peterborough, who have never lost a game and had only 2 draws. The squad decided to honour the fixture and prepared themselves for a tough match. From the start Peterborough were quick to press forward and it wasn’t too long before they were at the edge of the D. Keeper Helen Atkinson, familiar with the high shooting skill of the Peterborough players decided to take on the player rather than wait for the shot a tactic that prevented the first of many of Peterborough’s goals. Play was end to end with both sides pushing for a goal but at half time the score was 0-0 and Newmarket were very pleased with themselves. The second half started at a similar pace to the first but Newmarket eventually broke the deadlock with Rachel Bullingham managing to sweep the ball in during a penalty corner. Peterborough faced with the first possible lost of the season upped the anti and came straight back with a goal, but then play resumed as before and the game finished at 1-1. Player of the match was awarded to the keeper Helen Atkinson.