Promising Start For Mens 2’s


With a new season beginning in a new division, a newly promoted Newmarket Mens 2s where looking forward to starting where they left off last season but with some new faces complimenting the old guard(and in some cases I do mean OLD). 
Newmarket got off to a brisk start and were soon camped in the opposition half where, apart from the odd break- away attack, they would remain for most of the half. After some good work from Adam Gallop, who along with midfield partner Ben Gottfredson bossed the midfield, Will hosegood was put through and rattled the backboard of Nomads goal, 1-0 to Newmarket.
The lead was short lived however, as Nomads broke quickly and where able to score a soft goal despite the efforts of Chris Warren in goal, who would go on to have another superb game between the sticks.
The rest of the game would carry on in similar vein, with Nomads keeper having an absolutely magnificent game. He couldn’t keep out a determined Hosegood however and Newmarket went 2-1 up.
Nomads had no answer to the work rate of Newmarket and were consistently on the back foot, with three defenders,  Boyle, Jenkins and Prentice acting as supplimentary attackers.
Disaster was to strike unfortunately, with 5 mins to go Nomads where awarded a short corner. This was subsequently charged down but another short was awarded, which again was charged down, but in the melee that ensued yet another short was awarded, which Nomads then converted to equal the score.
With the final whistle blowing less than minute after, Newmarket didn’t have time to regain the lead which, considering the way the game went, was a travesty. 
With some good cameos from Chris Evans, debutante Louis Hrebeniak and James Atkinson Newmarket captain Pete Boyle was extremely pleased with the spirit of the team, and with some of the younger team members coming into there own, the season promises to be a good one.