Mens 1’s Beat South 1’s

Who needs Zippy and George, when you have Bungle the brave!

Cambridge South Mens 1st XI 1 – 4 Newmarket Mens 1st XI

Following last weeks defeat of the oppositions second team last week, Newmarket expected a tough game against a team level on points with a superior goal difference. Everyone was in no doubt that this was a must win game and the team didn’t disappoint.

The first half was an even contest with defences on top and both teams rushing themselves when they had the ball conceding possession too cheaply. Most of the game was played in the South half but Newmarket were thankful to keeper Chris Routs for charging from the line and blocking swiftly late one.

The defence of Will Wilson, Simon Harrington, James Wrinch and David Worrall were solid and resolute, breaking down attacks and feeding central midfielder Alex Andreou and Chris Leggett. As the half wore on the Newmarket forwards began to force a few penalty corner, the first couple were wasted, but Harrington reacted first when the third broke down, jabbing away from the defender and finishing crisply into the bottom left corner.

South responded well, pinning Newmarket back, fortunately wide men josh Dawson and Ollie Wade supported their full backs, Newmarket seemed to have repelled the onslaught but as the defence was clearing possession was lost in the middle of the park, South fed and unmarked man in the D and the scores were level.

At half tie coach Nic Thorpe re-emphasised the need to be calm and patience in possession and the team didn’t disappoint second half. Despite their high press and 3 in the middle South were unable to get hold of the middle of the park. Andreou and Leggett dominated, bringing Harry Bell, Mike Skelton and Matt Holden into the game.

After 10 minutes of the second half Newmarket got their rewards, Harry Bell sent Mark Pears down the right wing, he reached the base line and hit a firm cross to Matt Holden who deflected the ball first time into the far corner, Town were back in front and from that point onwards, they didn’t look back.

Holden, Skelton and Dawson continued to win penalty corner, after wasting a couple captain Wilson scored the third with a bullet to the bottom right corner. South did rally again, winning a couple of penalty corner, one which Routs saved and the other which is South trademark back to the injector Worrall tipped the deflection over the bar.

With minutes left on the clock Andreou carried the ball into the far corner to use up the remaining time, after a couple of fouls were conceded most of South midfield had either been drawn in tight or fallen asleep, Andreou spied Leggett on the 25 and played the ball back to him for him to take a touch and rifle into the net for a well deserved goal.

Man of the match was Alex Andreou for a great performance in the middle, Josh Dawson was dick of the day for playing a ball straight into the D, without it travelling 5 years first, at head height.

Next week Newmarket host Peterborough, who were promoted with them last season. Despite sitting low down the table have been unlucky in many of their games this season and should not be underestimated! Centre pass is 3:30 at the Leisure Centre, spectators are always welcome!