Mens 2’s Face Local Rivals Ely

With no regular keeper available to Newmarket due to holidays, the trip to local rivals Ely was always going to be interesting, and so it proved to be. Skipper Peter Boyle took on the task of standing between the sticks for the first time ever and proved to be more than up to the task. With the back four of Chris Evans, Darren Jenkins, Adrian Atkinson and Jordan Newnes providing superb protection for the goalie, Newmarket where able to build some early pressure through the midfield pairing of Adam Gallop and Ben Gottfredson resin Will Hosegood and James Atkinson. This pressure soon resulted in a goal, superbly converted by Hosegood, who yet again proved he has an eye for the goal. The first half continued in the same manner, but Newmarket yet again came up against an in form keeper, who was by far Ely’s best player. Half time came with the score standing at 1-0 to Newmarket.
The second half started as the first ended, with Newmarket dominating through the middle, and with Rob Greene and Matt Cooke creating problems down the flanks it seemed inevitable that another goal was coming. This wasn’t to be the case however, due to good goal keeping and some wayward shooting the s ore remained 1-0. Ely where to punish Newmarket for this, when halfway through the second half they scored a breakaway goal to level the score at 1-1. This temporarily demoralised Newmarket, who for 5 minutes dropped their heads and Ely capitalised with another goal, 2-1 to Ely.
To their credit though Newmarket rallied and started to dominate again but to no avail. Final score ended 2-1 to Ely, despite them being the second best team on the day. With dominant performances like this being Newmarkets stock in trade, skipper Boyle was left pondering when the results will start going the right way. The whole team played with skill and passion, which defies the final result and surely the results will start coming soon.