Ladies 1’s In Contention for League & Cup Double

(Cup) Newmarket Ladies 1’s v Oundle Ladies: 2-1 win to Newmarket
With a 13 strong squad Newmarket took a very early trip to Oundle for their third pool game of the league cup competition.
Town were immediately a force to be reckoned with and shots were on target from the off. Playing some beautiful interlinking play they eased around their opposition finding strikers within 3 pass moves-some of the best all season.
Within about 15 minutes the Oundle D was packed with Newmarket players lining up for shots. Di Thomas passed a square ball to Captain Gail Parkins- with no hesitation top D she struck sweetly into the bottom left corner of goal giving the visitors the lead.
Next to strike was Beth Wombwell and with a skilful deflection-Louise Downs got the final touch to double Town’s score.
The second half saw much of the same however Oundle were very quick on the counter attack and did cause a few problems for Newmarket. In fact they managed to pull a goal back from a well worked short corner routine which was dubiously awarded. This did impact on the game as the confidence of the home side grew. Regardless of this Newmarket kept cool on the ball and continued their pass and move game.
The score remained 2-1 keeping Newmarket at the top spot in their league group-with 2 games left to play against Rutland and Cambridge Uni-their two closest rivals in this group straight after Christmas. The team will look to continue their winning run and once again compete to gain league and cup glory. The team and club wish Isabel Hooley luck at her new club after the Christmas break-we will miss her skills in the first team.