Mens’ 2’s Convincing Victory Against St Ives

After last weeks triumph against Ely, guided by the wise council of Chris Leggett from the coaches area, Newmarket had to travel to St Ives for what promised to be a tough match against a team that was immediately below Newmarket in the league. And with coach Leggett returning to playing duties with the 1s, the trip was promising to be all the more difficult, and so it was proven to be, with St Ives pressing Newmarket right from the start. Newmarkets defence was resilient however, and the central defenders of Adrian Atkinson and Darren Jenkins where equal to the challenge posed by St Ives’ attackers. And it was from a St Ives attack that Newmarket was able to gain their first success. Jenkins and Atkinson broke down another St Ives attack, the ball was played through the central midfield to Rob Green who with great skill ghosted through the St Ives defence and from an almost impossible angle drove the ball into the back of the net. 1-0 Newmarket.
St Ives responded with yet more attacking ferocity and an equaliser looked almost certain, and from this pressure St Ives got a shot on target only for the ball to strike the body of captain Pete Boyle and a penalty flick was awarded. Young goalkeeper Jon-Luke Pegram looked a little shell-shocked at the decision but rose to the challenge, because he deftly saved the flick and this save started the downward slide of St Ives. Newmarket responded with another counter attack, this led to a short corner being awarded to Newmarket and that man Hosegood was on hand to, yet again, fire the ball into the corner of the St Ives goal. 2-0 Newmarket.
Yet again St Ives came back at Newmarket and they where rewarded with a goal, but Newmarket responded to the goal in the best possible way. The ball was played from the back, along the right hand side through a combination of Pete Boyle and James Atkinson, the ball was fired into the “D” and Adam Gallop was on hand to slot the ball home.3-1 Newmarket and the half ended this way.
St Ives started the second half determined to break the Newmarket defence down, but with the Newmarket defence resolutely refusing to give up the lead this task was more difficult than St Ives thought. Unfortunately St Ives did make a breakthrough eventually and despite the efforts of Newmarket they where able to force a second goal. Yet again though, Newmarket where able to respond, yet again from a breakaway attack and yat again Rob Green was able to make sure of his shot to score his secon and Newmarkets fourth. 4-2 Newmarket. St Ives themselves responded with more attacking play and Newmarkets midfield line of Barney Bowens, Adam Gallop, Andrew Beardon and James Atkinson had to work hard to help out the defence. And from this pressure St Ives scored their 3rd goal when Bowens unfortunately turned a cross into his own net. 4-3 Newmarket.
A tense last 10 minutes was on the cards, until Skipper Boyle spotted young James Atkinson coming off his wing and calmly slotted a pinpoint 50yard pass to him, Atkinson was one on one with the St Ives ‘keeper, and with a skill and calmness that belied his youth, chipped the ball over the keeper and became a contender for goal of the season.5-3 Newmarket.
This goal knocked the fight out of St Ives and no more attacks came Newmarkets way, and the game ended with a 5-3 win to Newmarket that demonstrated that they have the skill and heart to win when their backs are against the wall.