Harleston May Day Tournament – Ladies Lift Plate

Newmarket Hockey Club travelled to the home of the Harleston Magpies to compete in their annual May bank holiday tournament. The squad, which was predominantly made up of ladies 1’s and a couple of ladies 2’s knew not what to expect as this was their first entry into this particular event.

Their first game took place on grass, apparently this was all the rage 30 years ago but then again so were VHS recorders. Lowestoft proved worthy opponents and opened up the scoring, play was end to end but Newmarket couldn’t find the back of the net until all the hard work by Beth Wombwell, who looked quite at home playing on grass,  eventually paid off. A ball was fed into the D that bore resemblance to something that had been dropped by 617 squadron and as it bounced, Wombwell made a clean connection and fired the ball across the line to pull off a well earned draw.

The second match, again on grass, was against Diss, this match wasn’t quite so end to end, mostly due to the rugged surface of the playing pitch. The match ended nil nil.

Newmarket’s next 2 games were on the Water Based astro, comparatively speaking, a bit like trading in your Reliant Robin for a Porsche 911 C4S. An excellent game prevailed but neither side could find the back board and for the second game in a row, a scoreless result was recorded.

To reach the Cup play off, Newmarket needed to beat their next opponents and although Beth Wombwell got her second goal of the day, they could only secure a one all draw which meant Newmarket would go through to the play offs where they would compete for the plate.
Newmarket had a bye in the quarter finals and the and a semi final against the hosts, Harleston Magpies was set to push back at 4pm. Newmarket remained true to form and by the end of the match were locked at a draw, penalty flicks were going to be how the game would be decided,  coach Chris Evans selected the five to take the flicks. Newmarket missed the first and the magpies went one up. The next six flicks were we’re thoroughly in Newmarket’s favour, with Jade Atkinson, the Newmarket Goalkeeper, saving all of the Magpies efforts, whilst Newmarket through Angel Fayers, Lydia Evans and Beth Wombwell scored all three of theirs meant Newmarket had secured a place in the plate final.
The final was played on grass but by now Newmarket were buzzing, the opposition didn’t actually get into Newmarket’s half. They came out one nil winners after an excellent deflected goal by April Atkinson earned them the victory they so deserved. A great day was had by all and Lou Milner and Verity MacMahon, both 2nd team players had exceptional matched and certainly proved their worth. April Atkinson won the player of the final. To top the day off, the Men’s team, won the cup final in a thrilling game that ended 2-0 to the boys