Newmarket Suffering Goal Shortage

Newmarket ladies 1’s v Huntingdon ladies 1’s 2-0 win to Newmarket
With just 3 games left till Christmas every point is crucial to the ladies 1’s who are currently top of the table.
As in recent weeks Newmarket struggled to convert promising moves and relaxed too much enabling their opposition to get the the ball first.
The second half was like a different match and after reinforcement that each player needed to put in 100% Newmarket were in control and firing on all cylinders. They also were quicker to react to Huntingdon free hits breaking down counter moves. Strong work from Faye Andreou and Jazz Wombwell created good forward play and there were fantastic runs from Becca Swift and Abbi Pass.
Newmarket were quick to release a free hit and Lydia Evans spotted an early run and pelted a pass to Di Thomas who called to receive on the penalty spot, with a lift of her stick she deflected the ball high past the keeper.
This spurred Newmarket on and they looked fast and dangerous. Fantastic work from Beth Wombwell, Gail Parkins and Zoe Bailey created the next – the final shot coming from Claire McDonnell which was a delightful clip hit bearing the keeper on the right post.
Jade Atkinson in goal was kept alert as Huntingdon found 3 routes goalwards. She read the moves well and stopped any chances finding the backboards.
The next 2 games for town are set to be their hardest but the team are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Ladies 2’s v’s St Ives 2

Saturday 16th November 2013

Newmarket Ladies 2’s hosted St Ives at home for a tough match. Newmarket’s squad were unsettled to start with as there had been several changes in the team, but soon got in the swing of it. St Ives however managed to convert their only corner in the 1st half to go 1-0 up. In the 2nd half both teams were evenly matched, with Newmarket having a couple of shots at goal, however the power of St Ives’s striker managed to score off 3 short corners, to win the game 4-0.